Uncomfortable Truths About Rebirthing

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Yeah, going through the re-birthing process can feel pretty miserable… I’m there with you!

Oh, boy!! Are we ever in the throes of the re-birthing process! I don’t know if you’re feeling it as much as I am, but WOW! Things are being stripped away, and stripped away fast.

You may have noticed if you’re on my email list that I didn’t send anything out since New Year’s Day. Well, I created a post at the New Moon on the 13th with a New Moon activation and discussing the Feminine Leadership I was seeing in the US House of Representatives on Impeachment 2.0 day, but didn’t send it. That gives you an idea of where I have been…

But really it’s all in perfect order. These are the birthing pains of an emerging paradigm (ouch!!). We’ve got a new world on the way.

It’s time to start thinking about:

  • what you want your legacy to be–what will you be known for in the times to come?
  • what living, loving, and professional situations are you keen to create?
  • how you’d like life to be as we rebuild the world?
    • are there shifts in how we educate our young people that are crying out to be made; if so, what will your role be?
    • what kind of government suits you, and what are you willing to do to make sure it happens? (fascism is encroaching in many places, not just the US)
    • what kind of energetic footprint are you willing to make–has it changed over the past year?
    • are you willing to take certain steps so that we live in a more equitable world?
    • are there certain things that you were willing to live with before which you are no longer able to stand?

Alignment and expansion are keys to the new energies of 2021. I urge you to sit with these questions (and more) and to consider how to make big or small changes that will have far-reaching effects, both in your own life and the lives of those around you.

Know that times like these rarely come (usually it’s after the devastation of a war), and we all get to choose to a greater or lesser degree what our experience and the experience of our neighbors or descendants will be right now!

I suggest journaling to work out some of the answers to these questions if they don’t come right away, and also that working in your Akashic Records is a great way to get clear on many things including legacy and what your best next steps (big or small) are to help you create the experience or world you desire.

It would be my honor to transmit the answers to your burning questions. Simply reach out to elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com and we’ll discuss options and see if we’re a good energetic match. I still have my pandemic pricing (40% off Wisdom Portals) going.

At the top of this page (and below, in case it’s easier to expand the image within the page itself), I posted a photo of the altar I’ve been building since the Capricorn New Moon. It was a First House (all about the self–a true rebirth in so many ways) New Moon for me, so I might keep it up for a while. If you’re still on Facebook and we’re friends, you can check it out there.

I’m drawing back the curtain and going granular to show you how I use the tools at my disposal–ritual, crystals, channeling, connecting to the Divine Feminine energy field, card pulls, meditations, and more–to help me reconnect to the Truth (mine, and the grand, overarching, cosmic Truth), especially when I’ve lost the thread.

Indeed, I’m sharing and expanding on the “why” of all the details (some of which I didn’t know myself until I started writing) in the hopes that you will find something grounding, nourishing, inspiring, or sparking.

I have recently been through a Dark Night of the Soul. I’m no stranger to these moments, but I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times my life-force spark has been missing. I felt like I was dying; I really didn’t want to stay on the planet. I had no energy, curiosity or desires; no ability to connect with anything at all, and so the creation of this new altar (to be precise, it was the altering of an altar I was in the process of working on) called in new energies and had amazing therapeutic benefits. The proof–I’m still here! I’m communicating! I’m full of enthusiasm and zest for life again!

I invite you to dive into the death-and-rebirth energies of this altar if it speaks to you. Notice where your eye is drawn. Pay attention to what feelings or memories are called up. There may be some epiphanies in there for you, who knows?

This altar for the unique energies of now started as a simple New Year/New Capricorn Moon altar, and then took off in a startling new direction. Spoiler alert: the wings were added last.

The primary energy here is of the power of women: how our leadership and wise power call the world into being and hold it steady through our wombs, our moon blood, our love for and nurturance of others (our partners, families, neighbors, communities, as well as Nature herself), and our connection to all the earthly and cosmic cycles.

This altar intentionally holds the energy of the maiden-mother-crone. In pride of place is my grandmother’s painting of roses (the bouquet was from my boyfriend at our Junior Prom) created when I was 17 and she was 82.

I created this altar in ritual celebration of the Capricorn New Moon (this was the first New Moon since the Solstice and New Year, when the Sun and Moon were conjunct transformative Pluto at the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction a year ago) which, not coincidentally, was the day the House, led by Nancy Pelosi, impeached the then-still-president for the second time.

Capricorn represents the Crone–wise woman energy, as with the Council of (Indigenous) Grandmothers who decide if a community change is to be allowed by looking at how it might affect the community 7 generations into the future.

This is the energy of the alchemical Cauldron, that crucible where we are tried, tested and “cooked down” to our tender selves. That cauldron where we are born anew, as each New Moon is a rebirth. This one especially so.

This is the energy of life force (energy, life’s blood), connection to something greater than ourselves (generations going forward and back, the cycles of the Moon, the entire Planet Earth and her deep wisdom, the Goddess), the trust that comes from leaning into the cycle, which brings with it the grounded sense that we have what we need and that we will survive whatever trial we are passing through right now.

Living in our current alchemical cauldron and taking the actions that we need to take require courage–the courage of our Lion Hearts. But let us not forget the beauty and the sensuality that we can bring with us through these times of intense rebirthing–of ourselves, of our nation, and of the world.

Right now I’m being asked to give up fresh flowers in order to save money to (find and) move into a new home because where we’ve been living for the past 4 years is–suddenly–about to be sold. I will not give up beauty, sensuality, and the connection to nature and Mother Earth to be cast into a spiral of fear about where we might land. There is so much prosperity all around us at all times, but sometimes, because I’m such a Mistress of Empathy, I catch other vibes in my household and start conforming to their trance of scarcity. Bwhahahaha!

Unpacking some of the features of this altar: the deep red backdrop: sumptuous and luxurious: the maiden-mother-crone painting of the roses.; roses which symbolize all things Venusian: pleasure, beauty, luxury, money, sensuality, partnership, sex.

Both fresh and dried bouquets of roses appear on this altar: the blooming bouquet is sitting under the peacock feathers which have been bleached and represent death/withering, and the dead bouquet is situated with the abundant vase of bright peacock feathers.

To me, the peacock represents transmutation, the ability to survive would-be-lethal toxins.

They are associated with the visionary capacity of the Oracle (thanks to the “eye” on the end of the feathers), and these qualities together carry the promise of aligned new life, much like peacock’s mythic cousin, the phoenix rising from her own ashes.

Peacock feathers speak to beauty, luxury, pleasure, truth. sumptuousness, and even magick. They are forever aligned–for me–with the stone Labradorite (also on this altar many times) and the Aurora Borealis.

There is Magick Afoot.

The mysterious drumbeat of the Divine Feminine and the power of our sex (take that in all the ways you can) is rising up.

We are at a critical moment of scale-tipping, and whereas it might be showing most obviously in the US political situation, this tipping moment is available and calling for action all over the planet–environmentally, technologically, politically.

The dying beast of the Patriarchy has just given itself a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart with the attempted coup at the Capitol, and if we don’t want to fall deeper into the abyss of fascism and environmental desolation, we need to gather our Feminine Forces and hold the line.

Men, you can (and many must) do this, too, of course, as we are all a mix of yin and yang. The Patriarchal Order will only crumble with the participation of our brothers in their–your–own liberation.

Crystals represented on this altar:

Garnet and Ruby for prosperity, the deep blood mysteries of the Mother, and Life Force. (These rubies have Record Keepers on them, bringing back the ancient wisdom that was held within them from a pre-Patriarchal age.)

Dragon’s Eye for magick and manifestation, calling the energy of the Dragon back onto the earth plane to help us defeat the oppressive and disingenuous system of Patriarchy. Other keynotes: fierceness (as of a mother protecting her young), treasure-seeking, eyes on the prize.

Bloodstone for grounding ourselves to our hearts, and having the courage to keep going even though we do not know what lies ahead.

Labradorite for magick, to help us see new possibilities beyond the merely “logical” and seemingly obvious (we are so embedded in these systems we don’t know what we don’t know). Labradorite also carries the energy of the Akashic Records, where all the collected wisdom of all space and time and beyond resides–there are potent answers for us here!

Black Moonstone to represent the New Beginning and the threshold into a new world. There is much mystery in the Black Moonstone and this one is from the very-magickal Madagascar! All Moonstone varieties help us to lean into cycles (of the moon, seasons of the earth, recognizing Divine Timing, etc.) and to ground ourselves to the spiral rather than the straight line–which, on a round planet will always be curved anyway, right?

Black Tourmaline for purification, grounding, smoothing ruffled feathers, and the deep powers of Planet Earth; its protection of living cells from the bombardment of EMF by emitting an unending stream of negative ions may seem like an odd energy to invoke here, but think about all the noxious energies that travel through our phones, TVs, and computers (manipulative content) all day long every day. We can use this protection physically but also psychically and intellectually.

Sheen Obsidian to call in Merlin’s magick and potent protection, a kind of cloak of invisibility and the promise of infinite possibilities.

Clear Quartz for clarity, intention-holding, and massive amplification of all of the above! Both of these are cathedrals, emphasizing the community nature of this work; the one to the right (Madagascar Quartz, slightly pink and palpably loving) is full of portals to the past, future, and different reality streams.

Also on this altar we have the following Goddesses: Isis in her warrior gear, fierce Goddess of Alignment and Love. Also Hestia, holding the Hearth Flame which she guards. If you don’t know her, she is one of the most ancient Greek Goddesses; she stands for creativity, fertility, warmth, nourishment, home, hearth, persistence, endurance–The Mother, in a word–and this flame, carried from the Hestia Temple to all the homes in every village, replenished whenever the life-giving hearth-fire went cold. Her legacy is still present in the Olympic Torch. Artemis or Diana with her bow and deer companion asked to be here (all the Goddesses who wield weapons of protection not aggression) who brings her grace, connection to nature and the Moon to the mix; she’s the Maiden Huntress.

Cauldron + chalice represent the womb, where our creations come to life. Crown (sovereignty) on the skull (a reminder that death may always be right around the corner and THAT IS OKAY because in every new birth death is implied and every death brings with it new birth). Wings, because that’s what I’m all about. And because times like these need to remind us that we each hold hidden gifts that we are not consciously aware of. Now is the time to call on them! If you’re feeling the energy move through you as you read this, it may be time for a conversation, no?

This was FUN. Want to join me? I’ll soon be hosting a masterclass on making altars in my Ritual Space program, starting in March (dates TBA). You can check it out at the above link. It’s a 9-month re-birthing program for women only. I may open registration for altar-creation only to men as a one-off, so let me know if you’re interested.

There’s so much more to say right now–about Imbolc (exact on Thursday 4 February at my Solar Return; I’ll share about an event honoring the Wheel of the Year SOON), about Thursday’s Full Moon in Leo (wow–that’s a whole post; wait to you get a load of the crystals that came for that!!), about Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius that starts 1 February (I’m committed to organizing a small group to help us wing our way through this time that is SO POTENT for deeply connecting with our own Higher Consciousness–details coming soon; also, don’t forget to back up your devices!!) and even about my experiences as an Election Defender for the Georgia Runoffs. As an outsider (a Yankee) and a white person, I saw so much voter suppression, even while I was happy that our Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was holding the line and telling the GOP and the then-president that NO, there was no voter fraud here. Oh, and the attempt to destroy our democracy on the day after the run-offs here also bears mentioning. I may need to do a special channeling on that.

However, I also am working my magick to find us a place to live in the incredible shrinking housing market of Atlanta. Atlantean Time Stretcher, Activate!!!

Dear one, your presence in my life (witnessing, questioning, dancing with me in the ethereal fields) is such a torch. Like Hestia’s Eternal Flame, you keep me warm and nourished, bringing me that spark to keep going even when times are more than challenging.

Deep, deep bow of gratitude for that.

Keep the faith. The times they are a-changing, and our presence and participation are required.

With so much of the world (many of whom I previously looked to for guidance in years past) lost in the dream of Fear and Deep-State manipulation, totally convinced that they are in the right and saving the world rather than feeding it to the dogs, those of us who stand on the solid ground of Love must keep showing up. We have to keep taking a stand for Truth and Alignment, exhausted though we may be. (I’m looking forward to resting just a little, during the Mercury Rx period.)

It really is time for us to be reborn, as the Phoenix, with our new wings intact. I am recently reminded of just how hard it is to go through a death-phase, and so I witness you and am linking arms with you now. We don’t have to go anywhere to defend Truth, because misinformation and a warped sense of Justice are everywhere.

(Note that I’m not blaming people, only ideas; an “us vs. them” attitude is the opposite of what’s called for here. Love everyone, even through the breach of faith.)

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

Tipping point. Tipping point. Tipping point.

May our Radiant Winged Hearts fly ever free, Beloved!

Own Your Magick!