Aries New Moon 2021

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Take a Deep Breath & Dive Right In to the New Possibilities–We Are Building the Future World Today

The message from my guides for this most potent New Moon of the year in terms of new beginnings is that it’s time to take a deep breath and dive right in to whatever it is we are facing. We are to gird ourselves with all the courage and flexibility (mental and otherwise) that we can muster to face this new world that we are building with our thoughts, words, and actions.

We are getting ready to emerge from over a year of pandemic lockdowns and privations.

Of course there is no business as usual, and no “returning to normal” (whatever that means). It will NOT serve us as individuals nor as inhabitants of Planet Earth if we try to pretend that everything is the same as it was before—it simply is not.

For one, we’ve witnessed millions of human deaths; I pause here to honor all those who have journeyed on, and all those who remain and are grieving.

♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥

Yet we have also seen how, when the chips are down, we CAN change.

This pandemic has brought so much clarity for many—I hope you’re one—about the ways in which the dominant culture has been out of alignment for a long, long time. Out of alignment in the ways we honor the Earth and other humans. I know that we all have internalized the Patriarchal beliefs that have driven the dominant culture for many millennia: the no-longer-quite-so-invisible pyramid scheme of fear and hatred of the Other that leads to racism, sexism, colonialism, war, uneven distribution of resources, and environmental degradation, to name but a few.

And now, we are all presented with an opportunity to turn the page and do things differently. NB: whether we are conscious of it or not, we are currently weaving the new fabric of human society on Earth. Each of us. In every moment. I forget this sometimes myself…

Of course, there are many out there (and I cringe to think how many were those whom I trusted as leaders in the wellness and spirituality community!) who have been turned aside from verifiable truth to embrace a collection of half-truths and conspiracy theories. It’s astonishing.

My sense is that as a human community we are being presented with this situation so that we each do the work to come to terms with our authority and sovereignty, themes that were emphasized by the massive Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius on the December Solstice.

For years I have been saying that the age of Gurus is over, and now it truly is (or probably should be; alas, some are still clinging to others to tell them what is real and how to respond).

And here we are at the first New Moon of the new astrological year—a truly potent moment for new beginnings.

If you know your birth chart, look for where 22 Aries falls. (22 is a Master Number–the Cosmic Architect.) What house is it activating?

If you have any planets or significant points in Aries, they are being rolfed right now by the stellium that’s there at this time: Chiron at 9, Mercury at 14, Sun-Moon at 22, and Venus at 26.

Every month it seems that we have a stellium (a collection of 4 or more planets, combining their energies into a kind of SWAT team assault on the status quo) in the sign of the New Moon. Mercury and Venus just happen to be close to the Sun for an extended period, and each month this gaggle of planets joins at least one other slower-moving planet already installed in that sign.

For Capricorn it was Pluto, for Aquarius it was Saturn and Jupiter, for Pisces it was Neptune, and this month it’s Chiron. April is the final month for a while in which we’ll see the New Moon stellium, despite Uranus’s placement in Taurus. By then Mercury and Venus will have moved on to Gemini and Mercury prepares to go retrograde.

This is highly unusual, which is why I mention it. It’s one more example of how the stars are literally lining up for us in 2020 and 2021.

I want to pause here to say thank you to all of you who are still reading me, and especially to those who wrote back after my “birthing pains” post; I wasn’t really in a place to be able to write back, but I offer you a deep bow of gratitude now. The SO potent December Solstice kicked off my own very intense rebirthing.

And let me be frank, here: it wasn’t pretty.

There were moments when I thought I was losing my mind (probably remnants of my old ways of thinking dying off) and times when I really, truly felt that I wanted to die (I believe it was that parts of me WERE dying, and I was feeling it so viscerally that the acknowledgement “I’m dying” translated in my body as the imperative “I must die!”).

But I’m still here, reborn on wobbly legs. Astonished and wide-eyed. Enjoying the innocence and freshness such rebirth provides.

I have re-birthed myself over and over in this lifetime, and I must say that this one was the hardest: perhaps because Gaia was rebirthing herself –humanity itself was in rebirth—at the same time.

If you’ve been through those death-and-rebirth throes, Beloved, I witness you! And I bless you and honor you wherever you are.

Between 20 December and 20 January, in addition to the massive conjunction and 3-part event at the Solstice, the holidays, and the strangest new year ever, I worked again as a non-partisan Election Defender (ask me about how carefully we were trained not to be electioneering as we handed out water, snacks, and handwarmers to Georgia Senate run-off voters in December), but before we could celebrate, I felt my world unzip itself and fall away at the January 6th failed coup. Then, seemingly out of the blue and right before Biden took office, our landlords told us that we needed to move. For a few days we thought we might have until the end of the school year to find a home, but no: we had until the end of March.

That’s quite a few rugs to be pulled out from under a person all at once. February was much, much worse, with a big ol’ crisis of faith in there, too. We were rejoicing because we thought we had found our perfect home (it was going to heal having had to move into the house that I have never liked in January 2017) but the beautiful homecoming was interrupted: we weren’t approved to move in for reasons which still remain unclear. We appealed but the owners simply removed the home from the market. OUCH!

All of this—facing the prospect of being without a home in the midst of a housing crisis in Atlanta, plus losing my faith for a few torturous weeks, plus the dream home being ripped away, plus the pandemic, plus witnessing all of the political gaslighting that’s going on, plus the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all activating my natal Sun (whew!)—was the backdrop of my death-and-rebirth. I kept wanting to come up for air and say something here (what? “Keep the faith” perhaps) but I just didn’t have it in me.

I’m writing to you from a new home on this New Moon, first of a New Astrological Year. As a family we have gotten rid of so much and are still jettisoning pieces that I never thought I would let go of. It’s impressive—whole trucks full of flotsam, and more to go!

I will say that I am much more optimistic at this New Moon than I was last month or the month before. The Libra Full Moon on the 28th of March (my moving day—like that’s not intense enough) was SO full of magick and promise that anything less than pure delight was burned away under its light. Get this: the star chart of the Full Moon had a star in it!! You can’t make this up!!

[If your eyes glaze over at astrology talk, you can skip the next 2 paragraphs; just know that it’s ultra-rare and very potent. You might also want to think back to what was going on for you two weeks ago at the end of March.]

The chart of the Libra Full Moon, ruled by Venus—who is also the planetary ruler of Sacred Geometries—had her 5-pointed star drawn into it via a Grand Air Trine and 2 oppositions (Sun-Moon and the lunar nodes).

The Full Moon itself was dominated by the number of infinite goodness and abundance, the 8: the Moon was at 8 Libra and the Sun at 8 Aries, along with Venus herself AND Chiron (the wounded healer) both at 8 Aries as well; all three were less than 2/3 of a degree apart.

I’ve tried to draw the star so that you can see it and still see the lines, but if you can’t see everything, here it is explained. If we start with the Moon in Libra (sign of partnership and balance), we follow the Air trine (ease, flow, and luck in the thinking realms) to Saturn at 11 Aquarius (Authority in the sign of genius and egalitarianism), and from there to Mars (drive and instinct) and the North Node (our highest evolutionary pathway) at 14 and 12 degrees of Gemini respectively (Gemini is curious and communicative).

Our first opposition (a tense angle—they’re facing off) is between the North and South Nodes (the latter at 12 Sag, sign of faith, optimism, and higher learning but because of the South Node placement we’re more likely to see the shadows of self-righteousness and fanaticism), and from the South Node (representing our karmic past, a default that we would do better to avoid) another trine to the Sun-Venus-Chiron meet-up in Aries (new beginnings, sign of the Self), before completing the star back at the Moon in Libra. That’s an amazingly potent set of planets activating this star!

There’s even more reason to be optimistic, according to the stars: all of the planets are moving direct. That means that forward motion is strongly supported for the next month. It’s been a long time since that was true, so this Aries New Moon is an ideal one for working with powerful intentions. (The Taurus New Moon is already under the retrograde shadow of Mercury.)

What are you birthing right now?

(That’s not a rhetorical question. I do want to hear back and witness or celebrate you where you are.) The best time to set intentions is before midnight on Tuesday.

You know, I feel like I “should have” known something this big was coming. Back in November I offered what I realized as we got started was going to be my last live Marry Your Intuition journey (now available as a home study).

This was an offering that had revolutionized everything about how I teach, how I see myself, and how I interact with the world. Back in March 2019, the Goddess took me, rolled me, and made me her own in ways that years and indeed lifetimes of priestess training had never done.

Coming into coherence with Marry Your Intuition was a very destabilizing experience. I was being re-made. It was who I am (was) for nearly 2 years, so letting go of it was HUGE.

But I was already starting to hear about my next major offering, called Ritual Space. It’s meant to be a rebirthing program for women leaders (whether they see themselves as that already or not), with a full 9-month gestation and plenty of support in the creation of that space.

Essentially, Ritual Space about reclaiming the world around you AS sacred and holy from all of the forces that have plundered and used her.

Reclaiming not with force or with anger, but with a steady, grounded vibration of Truth and wisdom.

Each wise woman who joins me in Ritual Space will be actively remembering how to emanate, and occupy, a field honoring of the Feminine and the Earth herself, expanding that field out at her own pace to the space around her. Simultaneously she’ll be (re)discovering herself as the authority that her Divine Self knows her to be. A major focus will be owning our own Magick and holding it in a way that doesn’t trespass on anyone else’s divinity and authority. Just putting those words together like that gives me goosebumps!

What’s hilarious to me is that I didn’t see my own accelerated Ritual Space rebirth happening.

While I was in the dark of my chrysalis I was using ritual to keep me sane and connected to the few threads of Truth I was still able to hold onto. And now that I’ve moved into a new home, I’m quite literally building and creating ritual space around me (this part I was conscious of). But I was too deep in my own process to see the depth and breadth of it. It’s only this week with the approach of the New Moon that I have been recognizing that I was in the crucible and alchemizing as part of the process of getting myself into vibrational coherence with and ready to lead this new 9-month rebirthing adventure. I’ve been bursting into peals of laughter about it for days now!

I’m not QUITE ready to unveil Ritual Space, but I hope to do so very soon. The last day I worked on the information page was the morning of day one of my Solstice event: December 20th. Now that I’ve gone through the rebirthing myself, I’m sure there are plenty of shifts and additions that need to be incorporated into Ritual Space based on my lived experience.

I’m not sure I’m 100% “back,” but I am truly happy to have undergone this profound shift (especially now that I’m mostly through the birth canal) and to be able to post here once again. I’ve also still been doing private channelings through my cocoon time, so if you’re wanting soul-aligned answers for your life or your business, now is the time to reach out, before my pandemic pricing ends.

Own Your Magick!

And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free.

P.S.: Two more quick notes about things to watch for in Loceyworld:

Firstly, about a month ago (the same week that we got the keys to the new place and that I traded in my car for a newer one) I channeled a new Coronavirus call: “Pandemic, One Year On.” It talks about vaccines, conspiracy theories, the state of the world, and more; I simply have not had the bandwidth to set up a sales page for it (yet). If you can’t wait, you can send me $20.21 US and I’ll share the link.

Secondly, a “save the date” notice. Beltane is coming up, one of the most famous fertility celebrations in the Wheel of the Year, and by the magick of this year’s star calendar, it’s still in this Aries New Moon lunation (rarely the case).

Traditionally Beltane is celebrated as May Day on the first. However, astrologically speaking, this cross-quarter holy day is meant to mark the midpoint between Equinox and Solstice.

This year that exact day is Wednesday the 5th. If you’d like to join me for a ritual and channeling to help you take full advantage of all the creative fire available on that day, I will be hosting an event open to all on the afternoon of 5/5 Eastern Time—more details coming soon. Incidentally, that’s a triple-5 day since 2021 adds up to 5 as well. Five is already the number of midpoint between initiation (1) and completion (9).

Five is about change: versatility, the pivot point, balance, freedom, movement, connection, alchemy, quintessence, the mystery, and magick.

Wishing you ALL the very best at this potent New Moon and throughout this lunar cycle. XOXOX!