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Welcome to Eclipse Season!
Expect the Unexpected…

At this 11:11:11:11 Taurus New Moon (exact at 2:59 pm ET on Tuesday 11 May, at 21 degrees of Taurus)) we are kicking off a new and exciting Eclipse Season!

Last year we were… let’s call it “spared”… any intense total eclipses, but this year they are back. I am grateful that amidst all of the 2020 intensity that we didn’t have the extra upheaval associated with total eclipses.

The first eclipse of the season is coming up on Wednesday 26 May in the morning, and it’s a Blood Moon: total Lunar Eclipse for the Sag Full Moon.

Beloved, these are the whoppers. My life has turned on a dime on more than one Blood Moon.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all! It’s just big and intense and generally unexpected. Like a surprise party where you are whisked to another chapter in your life with little or no time to collect any artifacts of your previous existence.

If you’re in the direct path—able to see the eclipse itself—it will be all the more intense for you. Here in Atlanta, Moonset occurs about 45 minutes before totality, so I’ll only be able to see it as a partially-eclipsed Moon.

Then, on 10 June, there’s an Annular (forming a ring) Solar Eclipse. The sky doesn’t go totally dark for an annular eclipse, but these are stunning and super potent; this will happen at the Gemini New Moon.

So, yeah. These are big-deal happenings, and we’ve already entered this 6-week “expect the unexpected” period.

And, this Taurus New Moon was loosely conjunct Uranus, which is the “expect the unexpected” planet. Uranus is now at 11 degrees of Taurus, which is one of the 11’s in question. Eclipse season already has a Uranian feel to it, so this one might be especially filled with surprises and breakthroughs,

I made a video about it below, with a special message from my guides who are telling us all to “get real” (the explanation wasn’t what I expected). I was a little embarrassed about this video because things kept going wrong: first I thought that the livestream had stopped (not unusual for me, for sure! Sometimes I have to start over as many as 8 times!), but no–it was still going. Expect the unexpected.

Then 4 minutes in, my lighting system fell off the table with a huge crash! I realized later that this was very Uranian, even though nothing actually broke. LOL.

The message to “get real” with all your selves–because THIS, right now, is the perfect time to become your most aligned self!–feels very much like the next step flowing from my Beltane Passage: Journey of the Sphinx 5/5/5 event.

But more about that in the coming days. There’s so much to say about it.

Finally, Beloved, a reminder that I’m participating in an exciting no-charge event about the Akashic Records! It starts tomorrow (Monday 17 May) and runs through next Sunday the 23rd. I’m looking forward to hearing from my Akashic Records friends including Jen Duchene and Alexis Logan, but also from some really big names in the re-emergence of the Akashic Records in the 21st century. If you’ve enjoyed my flavor of Akashic Records work, you might others’ perspectives on it as well.

Sign up here at no charge, and be sure to invite your friends if it feels aligned. This is the first time so many leaders in the field of Akashic Records have gotten together in one place to hold forth on this magickal realm. My interview is entitled “Akashic Records: Love-Force at the Heart of the Mystery.”

Wishing you the perfect ease as we move into and through this powerful Eclipse Season. I have found recently that a simple (though not always easy) shift in perspective is all it takes to make the most difficult moments more filled with Grace. May we all have the presence of mind to remember it.

May our winged hearts fly ever free!

Own Your Magick,