Blood Moon + Moldavite

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Get Ready for the Emotional High-Point of the Past 2 Years (And that’s Saying Something!)

A Blood Moon Is Bearing Down on Us!

Can you feel it? I sure can!! I was detoxing this weekend and sad to be sick until a wise friend asked me what I was releasing.

Eureka! No wonder I was feeling feverish and woosey, like I was standing right at a dimensional shift portal, half-way in and half-way out. LOL—turns out I was.

Total Lunar Eclipses (aka Blood Moons because they turn red) ARE such portals. Eclipse season always brings an energetic upgrade in the form of heightened intuition at a minimum; it could be that your particular upgrade has additional components.

But in order to receive that upgrade, we need to make room for it in our field. Have you been feeling the detox release, too?


This Wednesday’s Full Moon at 5 degrees of Sagittarius is a total Lunar Eclipse—a Blood Moon. It’s also a South Node eclipse, meaning that it’s aligned with our karmic past.

When we’re dealing with the South Node, the shadow of the sign it’s currently in will often dominate. Right now the SN is in Sagittarius.

Sag is one of those signs whose themes are almost all good (it’s ruled by Jupiter, the most positive planet in our system). We’re talking abundance, wisdom, intuition, future orientation, expanding one’s horizons through higher learning and foreign travel, optimism, and faith. What’s not to love?

Shadow Sag (you might recognize this, since the South Node has been here since early 2020) is about intolerance, closed-mindedness, self-righteousness, even fanaticism. Jupiter rules the Third Eye chakra, but shadow Sagittarius can use that fertile imagination to make up conspiracy theories, and then use faith to be convinced (and convince others) those theories are true.

Sound familiar?

South-Node Eclipses are associated with surprises, and also loss or releasing. In the lead-up to this eclipse, what is generally an invitation to let go is not very polite this time: this one is so massive that ready or not, here it comes! We can either notice what’s being released as it goes, or not, but there’s no hanging on.

As I mentioned last time, we need to be expecting the unexpected. Eclipses shine a light on that which has been hidden. These astral events are ALWAYS healing, but they are not always fun in the moment.


This eclipse feels to me like it carries the energy of Moldavite

Moldavite is a powerhouse. It looks innocent enough. (Actually, it looks like green plastic that has been melted in a pan and then a little rumpled up as it was removed with a spatula.)

It’s super-light, also like plastic. But if you hold it, especially if you’re a sensitive—hahaha, if you’re here, who are we kidding?—you might get what’s called the “Moldavite Flush.” It’s a documented response in which you start to feel tingly, light-headed, feverish, and you either turn red or white in the face.

The first time I was in the same space with Moldavite, I was dizzy and felt drunk! I had to keep my head against the wall for over 12 hours. Wow…

Moldavite is a relative newcomer to the crystals world, but you’d never know. Many books have been written about it and its transformative properties. Robert Simmons, author of the Book of Stones, had a potent awakening experience with Moldavite, and calls it one of the “stones of the new consciousness.”

Here’s why this stone is amazing: If you invite Moldavite into your world, it will quickly move things that are not on your highest evolutionary path (this is how the North Node is described, incidentally) out of your way. Is you house, car, romantic partner, or job not aligned with your soul path? Moldavite sweeps it out the door.

A really cool thing about Moldavite is that it isn’t a “stone” per se, and experts disagree about its origin. What we do know is that Moldavite appeared on Planet Earth when a massive meteorite hit what is now that now the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic about 14 million years ago. The disagreement concerns whether Moldavite is 100% extra-terrestrial in origin, or whether it is in fact a combination of ET and Earth minerals fused together in the heat of the impact.

What matters to me is that it carries an impressive and considerable ET frequency. And its ability to shunt out of one’s life anything that isn’t aligned. All those things we’ve collected and are attached to either out of habit or because we don’t know any better? Those are gone.

It’s much the same with a South Node Lunar Eclipse. It’s the karmic past (the things that were aligned at some point in some lifetime, but no longer are) that get flushed away.

Total Lunar Eclipses are always the hardest/most transformational; they are by definition Full Moons, and those are the emotional peak of any month even if they’re not Supermoons or Eclipses, as this one is.

Wednesday’s Super Blood Moon is especially intense: it’s a total eclipse which really ramps up its power (and turns it red!), it’s on the South Node, and we’re in a lunation marked by Uranus, which all by itself carries some eclipse-y energies.


I am feeling called to host an Eclipse event this Thursday the 27th . Consider this a “save the date” notice. (This is funny, because I’m letting you know about it so late; FYI, I’ve been writing this post for days.) I’m hearing that there will be an Akashic Records transmission that you could join live if the timing works for you, and also a drummed journey experience, possibly at the Annular Solar Eclipse on the 10th. There may also need to be an integration call on the days following; I’ll get more of a sense of that soon, I hope. Sigh.


I’m letting you in behind the curtain of my process because it feels right to tell you that I don’t really “know” what I’m doing; at least not in the moment. I follow the guidance. I’ve learned not to question it, but to go with the flow.

This is why I sometimes announce things very late: either I got notice to do a certain thing at the ultra last minute, or I simply didn’t know enough about what was going to happen to be able to describe it! I really only know why I was called to do certain things in retrospect. (And apparently I’m still in a space of judgment around it.)

It’s definitely a game of Trust I play with my guides.

I’m always so grateful (and sometimes a little surprised) when people like you choose to trust as well and play along. Deep bow of gratitude.

At this mighty and monumental Super Blood Moon–the first of its kind since January of 2019!–do what you can to take care of yourself. Pour a balm of compassion over yourself and everyone you interact with.

This is a point in space-time where things are supposed to feel equivocal, unstable, or hard to pin down. Let’s all do our best to stay in a place of sacred witnessing of what’s unfolding in front of us and what our emotional response is.

Right now is not the time to make decisions about or judge what’s happening. I’m being told it’s best to sit in front of it as I might sit in front of an abstract painting: in that place of mild curiosity and beginner’s mind. Things will be made clear later.


In the meantime, let’s follow the advice of the Keepers from my Uranus in Taurus call a few years ago: BE the Rose Quartz! In other words, emanate a field of Love around you so that everyone in proximity to you feels the magnetic draw of Unconditional Love.

If your heart is full of gratitude and wonder, and you’re beaming it out in all directions, there’s no way that those around you can stay in a space of fear, judgment, or oppression. Love ALWAYS wins out over fear, even if it looks like fear is winning.

Own Your Magick at this potent Eclipse, and watch out for those shadow Sag pitfalls of closed -mindedness, self-righteousness, fanaticism, and blind faith, especially in a Guru. The age of gurus is over. Our job is to step into the Brave New World of trusting our own hearts over the words someone else tells us.

This is a portal we are stepping through.

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free!

P.S.: That day when Moldavite made me so dizzy was just under 7 months prior to me quitting my tenured academic post, one that I had trained for since I was in utero. And the decision was made “out of the blue” on the morning after a Super Blood Moon.


Expect things to shift. Expect the unexpected. Expect to sail through these rough shoals mostly whole, which maybe some bumps and bruises.

P.P.S.: If you’re new here from the Akashic Records Summit, welcome!