Auspicious Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

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Kicking Off 19 Years of Good Things–Set Your Intentions Now!

The final eclipse in Gemini until 2029 is much like the first robin of spring–a harbinger of things about which to be optimistic for humanity after a long, hard winter.

Yes, I know that the outpicturing of the world may still appear grim, but just as the robin appears when it’s still cold and wintry, so, too, is this eclipse a sign of better things to come even if they’re not consistently here yet.

In a Solar Eclipse, the light of our consciousness (represented by the Sun) is very temporarily blotted out by the Moon. This brings to the surface lots of things that were hidden, whether deliberately covered up or just naturally happening behind the scenes.

In the US, at about 10 pm ET on the 10th, a massive story of cover-up broke: the previous administration had had the Department of Justice secretly surveilling key Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee they suspected of leaking information about the then-President’s dealings with Russia. (No evidence of this was ever found.) It wasn’t just the congress members–it was also current and former staff AND family members, including a minor.

I’ll keep my comments about this “eye-popping” news to myself and simply point out the timing here. Apparently Apple, from whom the communication records (Gemini rules communication) had been subpoenaed starting in 2018, was under gag order not to tell anyone–not the press (members of the New York Times and Washington Post were also covertly investigated by DOJ on the previous president’s order), not the members of Congress, not anyone. That gag order finally expired last month. I find it revealing that the news broke two hours from the end of the last Gemini Eclipse day for 8 years.

A Solar Eclipse is not only a very powerful New Moon (initiating a new 29-day cycle), but it’s also kicking off a new 19-year cycle. Be aware of what’s coming up in your world (or the collective, but especially your world) because those things are likely to be in play for the next 6-12 months AND until June of 2040. (!!!)

Likewise, you might look back to what was going on in your life in June of 2002, because that cycle ends with this eclipse. Look at Gemini themes (siblings, neighbors, communication, writing, learning, curiosity, perception, flexibility—especially mental). The mind and how it expresses itself is the purview of Gemini. If you know your birth chart, look for what house contains this eclipse (and the ones 19 years ago and 19 years in the future) at 19 degrees of Gemini.

(All those 19’s reduce to 1’s by the way–new beginnings.)

For me it’s the 6th house, which is associated with Virgo. Virgo is the priestess, the temple-tender, and a bit of a perfectionist because nothing’s too good (or good enough) to honor the Goddess. Virgo is the other sign besides Gemini ruled by Mercury, and is concerned with discernment (separating wheat from chaff either literally or figuratively). Virgoan themes include precision, sweeping out what doesn’t belong, daily rituals and routines, being of service, mentorship, and companion animals.

If you haven’t heard from me much recently, it’s because I have a new companion animal! Apparently, one of the things I let go of at the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks ago was the belief (Sag) that I couldn’t have the dog I wanted–a Westie puppy. On Lunar Eclipse Day I found the perfect dog through a series of synchronicities, a week later we went to Memphis to meet her, and she’s been with us for a week.

Meet Sabine. She’s amazing and whip-smart, having practically potty-trained herself already even though she’s just over 8 weeks old.

And now for some astro-crunchiness.

(Skip down to the Message from my guides if you’re not into this.)

There’s so much to say about this eclipse; I’m going more quickly than I’d like because Sabine requires 100% attention when she’s awake, so I can only write in short bursts. Other things that are happening at this eclipse (consider it the birth chart for the next 19 years):

Retrograde Mercury is within one degree of the Sun-Moon; as ruler of this New Moon, that both empowers the cycle and adds an unusual flavor to the Mercurial aspects of the Gemini eclipse: instead of intellect being highlighted, it’s our intuitions which are all being energized for the next 19 years; it’s also asking us to slow down (or not rush to recapture the pre-pandemic pace of multi-tasking)

On the 14th, we have the second of 3 exact Saturn-Uranus squares, which are the cosmic headlines of 2021 (the last one is on Christmas Eve). It’s nearly exact at the eclipse, so this is also a prominent feature of the next 19 years. Saturn represents time, authority, established systems, and the Father (the Man, by extension, the Patriarchy). Uranus (the higher octave of Mercury) represents breakthroughs, upsets, sudden shifts or revolutions, genius-level thinking, owning one’s divinity, divine mind, creativity, and freedom. Saturn represents the past and Uranus the future: having them square off right now indicates a tussle between established powers of the past and the revolutionary forces of the future. Old systems like the Patriarchy and systemic racism are primed to be overthrown, and we can even read this as a struggle for supremacy between fascism and democracy. (Alas, that last question won’t be resolved in the next 18 months.)

“But wait, there’s more!” We also have Neptune in its home sign of Pisces (modern rulership), the sign of oneness, bliss, dissolution of the ego into collective consciousness, also dreams squaring the Sun-Moon-Mercury grouping (Saturn trines it). Squares aren’t bad, but they are active. They push us to shift, which is generally uncomfortable, albeit necessary. I’m reading this as a sign that we could all bring more divine communication into our everyday comings and goings. Follow the thread of your intuition, look for synchronicities, and employ more surrender to help bring your dreams to fruition over the next 19 years.

Jupiter is also in Pisces for a few months, which is its home sign (traditional rulership, before Neptune was discovered). Of course Jupiter brings increase, which is generally a good thing. Having both planets of rulership in Pisces feels to me like a wonderful expansion of bliss and oneness, and definitely a major part of the optimism I feel for the coming cycle.

There’s still more. Mars at the final degree of Cancer is facing off against Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents death-and-rebirth, radical transformation/transmutation, the capital-m Mystery, the Underworld, what’s buried or hidden from view, destiny, (hidden or back-channeled) power, your soul’s mission for this lifetime, and treasure. I personally think that Pluto in Capricorn is reclaiming this feminine sign from the Patriarchal grip it’s been held in since history as we know it began. One of the archetypes of Pluto is the Dark Goddess. She’s loving but in a very tough-love way: obliging you to become your best self, even against your will.

Pluto in Capricorn is already a potent placement, but here it’s activated by Mars in Cancer. Mars itself (the warrior) rules the first of the Cardinal signs—they initiate a new season, as well as give direction—and Cancer and Capricorn are 2 of the remaining 3 Cardinal signs. I’m still sitting with all that Mars at the final degree of Cancer brings to this birth chart, but it has to do with (fighting for) home, the Mother, intuition, emotional authority, a sense of deep connection to all, and , again, the reclamation of the Feminine in Capricorn, which has been seen as the pinnacle of the Patriarchy and masculine authority for millennia.

Venus and Jupiter are trine—both “good planets” are talking to each other in an easy connection—and Chiron in Aries is also in easy communication with Sun-Moon-Mercury and activating Venus as well in a square.

There are no unaspected planets or points in this chart—everything is activated by something else, so for the next 19 years there is no planetary energy that will be taking a back seat. We are living in interesting times for sure!


The message from my guides for this New Moon Solar Eclipse is reconciliation.

(It’s probably not what you think–I was surprised).

How can we reconcile the old with the new, the past with the future, the Masculine with the Feminine, the light with the dark?

It may SEEM impossible, but it’s not. (Remember, Gemini is all about perception, so this eclipse can eclipse that limited belief.)

The circular/ringlike aspect of the annular eclipse is a marker of the end of binary thinking—at least on a higher level—and a symbol of Divine Union rather than the dominant/subordinate us vs them system that humans have been living with for so long you think that’s the way it has to be.

The Moon covering most but not all of the Sun at the eclipse is a portent of a new era of Synarchy, where Masculine and Feminine are co-equal rulers/drivers of humanity’s future. Instead of a full pendulum swing from one kind of system to its opposite, you will see a blending of the best (and not-best, at least at first) of Masculine + Feminine systems of operation.

Instead of moving from a purely mind-driven, exterior-facing system to a purely intuition-based, interior focused way of being, there is now an opportunity for Planet Earth’s inhabitants to perform a quantum leap into the BOTH/AND.

If you felt aggressively massaged or even rolfed by the pandemic, know that the tenderizing you underwent was necessary to prepare you for this big shift.

Appearances may be deceiving right now, and the shift is coming whether you are ready or not, so relax and enjoy the ride through the wormhole. Resistance is what will make it hard in this move from fear-based to love-based matrix.

Trust that all is well, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to get what you’ve always dreamed of (and even that which you didn’t dare dream of!).

The card and crystals that came to support and illuminate this eclipse (and the new cycle) are the following:

Ariel Spilsbury’s “Synchronicity”card From the 13 Moon Oracle.

This is the archetype card for the Weaver-Dreamer face of the Goddess, associated with the themes shown on the card–Synchronicity, Overview, Vision, Dreamer, Intuitive Leaps, Integrity, Connections–and the Akashic Records.

It really speaks to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, and the expanded intuition indicated by retrograde Mercury, also in its home sign, plus Mars and Venus in Cancer. This is my home archetype in the 13-Moon Mystery School
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Three stones came to support us for this new cycle: Double Amazonite and one Green Aventurine. Note that 3 is the number of unity, stability, and is the number that breaks a binary.

Amazonite (emphasized here for the coming cycle) gives you the courage and the right words to speak your personal truth. It’s a stone of the high heart, so that you can express the truth that is in your heart. (Gemini, anyone?) Wouldn’t we all be expressing our personal truths all the time if we weren’t afraid of losing the love of those we cherish most? This double stone tells us to trust that we can say what’s truly on our hearts. Amazonite will help us find the right words to ease the message you need to share.

Green Aventurine is a heart stone, representing turning over a new leaf, the start of something new. (A big something new—19-year cycle.) It says, “Let go to grow” and also “shine your light.” This is a good-luck stone, further confirming the auspicious nature of this Eclipse. It has homework for us though: it asks us to look into our metaphorical closets to see what we’ve outgrown, and then release that in order to have room for the massive upgrade the quantum shift is bringing us.

What about you used to be aligned but no longer is? This isn’t referring to stuff. It’s about how you see yourself, the words you use to describe yourself, how you speak to yourself (Gemini is particularly associated with critical “mental tapes” that play in the background). It could also be your routine, your career, your romantic partner/s, your home, how you think about money or success, anything. Whatever it is that no longer “fits,” release it so that the upgrade that is waiting outside your door( but can’t come in because your field is too full) can finally arrive.

Did I mention Green Aventurine is a money stone, too?

Because right now–through Saturday night–is the best time for setting intentions for the next month, and 19 years, I’ll be hosting a crystal-pulling call on Saturday afternoon.

If you’re new to my world, you might not have heard of this, but it’s a great way to anchor in and activate your intentions.

You can sign up for free here, and if you’ve purchased my Earth Magick Essentials Guide, you’re already all set. I’ll send out an email to all those registered to that list on Friday and Saturday morning as well, with information on how to join the call. It will be recorded, but for me to pull for you, you’ll need to be there live.

I always forget to save the rave reviews of these events, but know that the stones are uncanny in the way they capture the essence of what you need and offer it to you in a simple gesture of pure Love + support.

My bowl has over 1000 stones in it, so there are endless combinations possible. I also clear the stones after each use and charge the entire bowl at all times with plenty of Selenite.

Wishing you MANY Eclipse-related blessings, Beloved! I am spiking a fever right now (right on time for the eclipse–I’m letting things go!!) so know that if you are experiencing some flu-like symptoms, it’s more likely your Divine Self honoring your with a release.

May our Winged Hearts fly ever Free!

Own Your Magick!

P.S.: If you want to work with crystals or in your Akashic Records, just reach out to set up a time to chat. It’s summertime here, so my scheduler is more trouble than it’s worth, haha.