Magick 2-2-2022 Gateway

Elizabeth Audio posts, Goddess + Divine Feminine Rising, Intuition + Your Inner Guidance, Newsletters, Spiritual Leadership + Activism, Stepping Into Your Power, The Stars Speak

Plus the Lunar New Year, Aquarius New Moon, Imbolc aka Candlemas & Groundhog’s Day

Dear One, I trust that you can feel this theshold that we are currently stepping over into better times! It is potent. It has shown up for me as literal rainbows and unicorns!

In the audio below I’ve shared my take on this portal and the new energy it ushers in. I’ve also got a crystal pull to share that is delightfully positive, and a tool I’ve been called to use whenever I am confused or uncomfortable. So far it’s worked marvelously, and all with whom I’ve shared it have thanked me.

Listen in here, and let me know what resonates for you.

So much Love to you at this moment of amplified possibility!

May Our Winged Hearts Fly Ever Free!

Own Your Magick,