New Moon of Expansive Unity

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Historic New Moon in Pisces

Dear reader, I am tempted to apologize for not posting this “in time” for the New Moon, but really I’m not “in time” at all! I feel like I’m in the time equivalent of a wind tunnel, and am pleased as punch when I can make any sense at all anywhere near the “right” time.

The expressions which I feel like using make a different kind of meaning. I feel “out of my element” or that I have “lost the thread of time.” I’m so aware these days that–though our modern world refuses to recognize it–time is not linear like a thread, but very much cyclical.

Have you been feeling that, too? I think so many of us sensitives have.

Pisces is the sign of the vast ocean of consciousness. It is here that we dream up new, spiritually evolved solutions to the problems of the world, or fade into numbness and dissociation.

This is where the party is happening it’s a stellium of planets in there (4 or more; when the Moon moves on, it’s replaced almost immediately by Mercury). This stellium absolutely amplifies the volume of this sign’s energy.

Mercury represents the mind and mental processes, but in Pisces the incisive quality of Mercury gets blurred out, goes metaphorical.

This year, with BOTH rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) present along with the Sun and Mercury, I feel like this planet of communication speaks with multidimensional echoes. It is a most potent time to speak your truth and the truth of “we are all One” into existence, over the sound of the shelling in Ukraine. I am blown away by their courage.

The three stones that came for the Pisces lunation (good through the end of March, the Aries New Moon is April Fool’s Day). Three stones (reflected in March as 3rd month of the year), with the biggest being Hawk’s Eye (Jupiter + Sun), the smallest Clear Fluorite (Mercury in Pisces–intuitive rather than rational), and Rose Quartz (Neptunian unity, caritas + bliss). It’s not very often that the stones reflect EXACTLY what’s going on in the lunation!! You really can’t make this up…

Listen to the audio for more information if you need it.


Twos-Day Message
from the Akashic Records


Above is the message that I channeled from the Akashic Records of 22/02/2022. I hope that you enjoy it. The energy flowing through was SO incredibly positive and loving, it just blew me away, even though the Akashic Field is pure Divine Love and I feel it every time I open them. I felt like the Keepers were speaking directly to me at times. Wow.

Of course, about 36 hours later, Russia invaded Ukraine. The Keepers had pointed out that this twos-day wasn’t going to stop war or aggression in its tracks. An unprovoked attack of that scale so close to the Sacred Marriage day of Divine Masculine and Feminine strikes me as being proof of the desperate death throes of the unchecked Patriarchy, not to mention the power of the Divine Feminine Power rising.

I hope that you enjoy listening to the transmission as much as I enjoyed doing it. It inspired the new project I mentioned in the New Moon audio above.

And of course, if YOU would like to immerse yourself in the sweet support of the Neptunian Rose-Quartz Love Bath that is connecting with your own Soul Records, it would be my honor to facilitate that.

So much Love to you! Thank you for continuing to be my inspiration.

I’ll wish you a Blessed Equinox now, as I’ll be away at a music festival that weekend, my open heart merging with a few thousand others. It will be blissful, and my cup will be running over when I return.

I will be sending the overflow to the people of Ukraine–I’ve already opened a passage that runs directly from my heart to those in need. Clearly they are feeling everyone’s love (so much courage and determination!) and yet still need as much as we can all give them.

That is why it is so important to nourish ourselves with that which fills us with love + joy: so that we can freely give from our overflow. (Giving from your primary love-tank is unsustainable; remember that mothers are admonished to put their own oxygen mask on first, as it doesn’t serve the children to survive if their caregiver does not.)

We live in such amazing times, simultaneously beautiful and horrifying, inspirational and shocking. Take care of yourself so that you can keep on doing the invisible work you do round the clock to support the forces of Good in the world. I see you doing it! Deep bow of gratitude from me and all your ancestors and legions of guides who have your back.

Together we can pull through to brighter days.

May our Winged Hearts accomplish their missions now!

Own Your Magick–the world needs it, and you, more than ever.