Equinox–Earth’s Balance Point

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Follow Beauty Like a Guidewire in this New Astrological Year


Happy Equinox, Beloved!

I was so happy today to be able to channel a short message from the Cosmic Keepers to guide us in the new season and year.

You can listen in below, but here are some highlights to whet your whistle:

  • Especially for inhabitants of the N hemisphere for whom this is the Vernal Equinox, this will feel like a renewal (springtime) but the truth is that this IS the new spring of Planet Earth
  • Beginner’s Mind is important at this time
  • A sense of partnership with Gaia (think: mobius strip) is the first step to global peace
  • Follow beauty like a guide-wire to lead you through times that are confusing and seem dark; you’ll find your way to optimism and joy in this way

I mean, what could be better, right?!

Without further ado, here is the recording. You are more than welcome to share it, but please invite people to listen on this page:

And of course, if you would like me to channel your soul records, it would be my profound honor.

Of course I pulled crystals to illuminate and support us and the Equinox message. And of course they are uncannily aligned, retelling the message in the language of the stones, and offering us the energies unconditionally.

First let’s look at the number: 5 stones, and 4 different kinds of crystals.

Five is the number of change; and energetic shift. Not something entirely new (that would be a one) but a shift so powerful it might even be an about-face. In contrast, the four is grounded earth, and very much discussed in the transmission from the Akashic Guides. The fifth stone appears to have arrived just to underline the meaning of the one doubled stone–LOVE.

When I read my pulls, I find the main message in the biggest or multiple, and the smallest. The other stones appearing between these bookends flesh out the message.

We received Double Rose Quartz and a small Dragon’s Eye. Our headline then, is a combination of LOVE (all kinds, all ways) and a grounded/grounding ancient Feminine Mystery and magick.

(Note that one stone is bright pink while the other has been bleached by too much exposure to the Sun’s rays. Son’t put your Rose Quartz in the window unless you’re okay with sun damage! The best way to decide: ask the stone if it’s willing to be altered this way.)

Dragon’s Eye speaks to the wisdom and the “operating system” that was gone from the planet for so long under the Patriarchy (note how they relished hunting dragons and wise women), and is now returning. It’s also a success stone: when a dragon sees her heart’s desire, she won’t stop until she has it within her grasp. Play with me here for a moment: off the top of your heart, list off 5 qualities of dragon (dragons are blank, blank, blank, blank, and blank). Write those qualities down; you’ll see why at the end.

Our other two stones were Bloodstone and Petrified Wood.

Now, Bloodstone is a stone of courage; it fortifies us. As a green and red stone, it connects the heart and the root chakras, precisely those chakras featured in our headliners, Rose Quartz and Dragon’s Eye. In the 13-Moon Mystery School, Bloodstone is one of the main stones of the Great (Earth) Mother. This stone helps us to trust our heart so that we can keep moving forward even when we might be anxious about what’s about to arrive in our field.

Petrified Wood is another deeply grounding stone, like all the other single stones in this pull. It is a stone of New Beginnings (hello Astrological New Year, and great renewal of the broader energies on Planet Earth), but also looks to the past. This is the stone of the Ancient-Future Self. (Many thanks to Ariel Spilsbury of the 13 Moon Mystery School for introducing me to this concept.)

In my understanding, it suggests that the present-day Self contains both all one’s past lives and deeds as well as one’s future lives and deeds, like the acorn, fruit of today’s oak, that contains all the genetic material from previous generations of that oak. It is this material that is used to create all the future generations of oaks in the same ancestral line.

If you’ve already listened to the channeling, you’ll know that this Turn of the Wheel isn’t just the Wheel of the Year, but the Wheel of Ages. That’s what I was being shown, and I hope that piece made it through in words (I’m pretty sure it did–haha). The emerging paradigm isn’t NEW, per se–it’s the ancient-future one returning in the Grand Spiral.

We need to be grounded for the great changes which are already underway.

We need to be fully connected to our hearts, and listening to the Truth that speaks to us there.

When we connect our feet–planted firmly on our Mother Earth–to our hearts, there is nothing we cannot accomplish, dear one.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Welcome to the adventure.

If you haven’t claimed it before, it’s time to Own Your Magick!

May our Winged Hearts take us where we were born to fly!

P.S.: Here are some things I’m excited to tell you about:

  • If you’ve perceived a shift in my energy, it’s in great part because I’ve started a daily channeling practice
    • What’s is for? Mostly to bring me joy, but it might just turn into a podcast around the theme of DELIGHT
    • If you’d like to join me as a human space-holder/question-asker (we’ll mostly work out the Qs together ahead of time), please reach out
  • Ritual Space is still on the way, but jumping the line of new offerings is Crystal Communion, a crystals course where we dive deep on a small number of stones (22) in the RECORDS
    • We will definitely be moving beyond space + time for this one, and beyond “meanings” of certain stones; it feels super far-out in the cosmic sense
    • This will mostly be for crystal adepts, but if you’re feeling the pull and consider yourself on the beginner spectrum, let’s have a conversation

Big Love, Beauties! MWAH!