Shape-Shifting Taurus Eclipse

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Confluence of Astro-Events Around the First Eclipse of 2022 Helps Us Rebuilt the World in the LOVE Matrix

Beloved, I am still finding myself insufficiently able to transmit the beauty and wonder of ALL the crazy things the cosmic chessboard has put into play for us this year.

And yet, I’m doing my best, and being as gentle (non-judgmental) with myself as possible. I hear from many readers that I’m their source for much information, so I do try to show up.

Since last eclipse season (around Samhain/All Hallows) I’ve been singularly rolled by the planetary influences. I’m sure I’m not the only one. To me it feels like going over rapids and being caught underwater, except that I know I’m not going to perish.There’s no fear, just some frustration about not being able to signal back most of the time.

And yet, this is exactly the shape of spiritual leadership that I channeled nearly 7 years ago for my Oracle Circle. The main image was about riding the huge wave of change on surfboards, with Athena in our back pockets. The message was that we were going to just have to model how to do it, without trying to circle back to those following us. Trying to turn a surfboard around, and then around again, was a sure-fire way to fall off!

I’m not sure if I’m doing a good job of modeling, since I rarely finish my blog posts and am finding social media platforms very inhospitable and distasteful. But in the meantime, I’ve been growing a whole new me. In anticipation of being visible once again.

I’m doing the work–it often looks like sitting around, macerating in my own juices–witnessing myself and those few who reach out to me privately. I’m clearly not ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille, but I’m working on strengthening my body and finding delight everywhere. I’ve been doing short channeled messages about delight that I may turn into a podcast–that’s the idea, anyway.

But just the act of offering my voice to the wisdom that wants to come through, and creating space for joy and delight to vibrate out into a world in which the out-picturing is pretty dark (horrifying acts of unprovoked violence in Ukraine, a Big Lie that many think will lead to civil war in the US, and seemingly irreversible climate change looming in the background) has been incredibly liberating and way-opening for me.

Before we return to our regularly-scheduled programming, I’ll just say that since the vernal equinox, the crystalline realm has become even more huge for me than it was before, and that’s saying something!

I’m organizing a new offering called Crystal Communion in which Earth-Grid Keepers (you might be one) are invited to dive very deep into the inner workings of Earth Magick. And on May Day I’m participating in an Artisan’s Market at the Well of Roswell on Atlanta’s north side, doing in-person crystal readings (yay!) and selling some crystalline vibrational tools that I created ritually under this current very auspicious cosmic alignment.


This final week of April is a banner one for 2022, and, except for month after month after month of breathtaking star alignments, this would be a standout for the decade and one for the record books. As it is, it sort of gets lost. But here’s the scoop:

On Wednesday the 27th, Venus meets up with Neptune in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation (the love planet loves the sign of bliss) and his rulership.

The magnification of L O V E is palpable, if only we can get beyond the grim film playing on the screen. Venus represents pleasure, beauty, creativity, art, love, partnership, wealth, and self-worth. Neptune rules dreams, the unconscious, the collective unconscious, the sea of consciousness (is there a theme?!) and the deep waters where all life on Earth first emerged. Pisces is where our (seemingly-) separate selves merge into oneness and bliss. We all turn into sexy, beautiful, iridescent Mer-people.

Then, as she leaves Sea God’s embrace, Venus turns over in bed to face Jupiter. Hello! Still riding the high of her delicious romp with watery Neptune, on the 30th she’s making love to the expansive King of the Gods, who gilds everything he touches with optimism and abundance. Wow, it’s hard to imagine a more delightful, even orgasmic scenario: expansion of pleasure, expansion of connection, expansion of beauty, more wealth and self-worth, everything touching everything else in a world where manipulation and hierarchies have ceased to exist. Or maybe they never existed in the first place, and we just thought they did.

Well, right as Venus and Jupiter, the two most beneficial planets in our solar system, are about to shower us with the shooting stars of their meeting, Jupiter’s other brother Pluto throws the door open. Or rather, his planet stands still in the sky to start going backwards, which makes his influence felt (stars are supposed to move, not stop, so it’s like pulling the needle off the record).

Is Pluto’s presence a bad thing? Not necessarily. This God/Goddess of the underworld rules death and rebirth, and the underworld is where all the crystalline treasures are located. And in fact, the moment that Pluto stations retrograde, it is the end of several cycles: the previous Venus-Jupiter cycle, and the Aries lunar cycle.

With so much yumminess happening in Pisces, perhaps it’s easier this time to focus on the REBIRTH part of the death-and-rebirth. In today’s world, it’s still far too easy to focus on regret about what’s ending and not look with optimism at what’s coming into form in its place. I

What is shape-shifting in your life?

Remember, it’s up to each one of us to decide if the world is a friendly place or an inhospitable one. We get to choose what to focus on, and what we focus on expands. If we choose to focus on feeling gratitude for birdsong, the grass under our feet and the flowers coming into bloom this Beltane, the world will feel (and therefore be) very different from the world perceived by someone who sees others with a different experience of the world (immigrant, trans, body of color) as a threat to their values and way of life.

Zero-sum-game mentality is a patriarchal construct. Someone else getting more does not mean that you have to have less. Au contraire. Nothing in the Mother’s world teaches us that lack wins out over abundance. If there is lack, it’s part of the cycle, and abundance is once more on its way.

Also on 30 April, as Venus and Jupiter are seeding the new cycle, we transition from the Aries lunation into the Taurus lunar cycle. The Aries New Moon was on April Fool’s Day, so this is the second New Moon of April, popularly known as a Black Moon, in contrast to the Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in a single month.

It’s also the first eclipse of 2022, a partial solar eclipse visible only in Antarctica and the southern tip of South America.

And because this is a New Moon, if you want to make wishes or set intentions, the best time to do that is from when the New Moon is exact late Saturday afternoon until 6:12 am EDT on Monday, when the Moon goes void of course.

Things to know about eclipses, especially this one:

  • Unlike a regular New Moon whose energy is in play only for 29 days, the influence of a Solar Eclipse echoes out for six months to a year; any intentions you set now will vibrate an extra-long time
  • Eclipses turn things on their heads or inside-out, so expect the unexpected
  • When the Moon blots out the Sun in the middle of the day, what has been hidden comes to light; this could be true in your personal life as it could be true in the wider-world perspective
  • The 30 April eclipse is only partial, so its effects will likely be less startling than a Total Solar Eclipse (the next Total Solar Eclipse in next April)
  • This is a North Node eclipse, which takes us on our highest evolutionary path; the changes that come could be challenging, but the silver lining will show soon
  • Uranus, which already has that wild-card, eclipse-y energy to it, is sitting right next the the Sun-Moon conjunction, so this one might redefine what we think of as eclipse energy
  • There is no downside to creating or strengthening your grounding practices during eclipse season! Go out in nature, meditate, slow down, indulge your senses to feel more embodied, eat nourishing foods, get plenty of sleep, drink more water, and generally do all the things that make you feel most like yourself MORE
  • Coming up on the night of 15-16 May: a Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon! Of the two, the Lunar Eclipse will likely hit you harder, so you’ve still got time to up the ante on your grounding game

So much Love and gratitude to you for sticking with me as I move through my own death-and-rebirth. I’m still trying to get a sense of who the new me is, and how I show up in the world. You might have a better idea than I do at this point!

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free!

Own Your Magick; the world needs it now more than ever,