Wisdom Portal Activation Guide

Elizabeth Akashic Records, Stepping Into Your Power

I have just emerged from a looooong year of cocooning.

Looking in the rear-view mirror I can see that I was passing through multiple portals to upgrade my physical, emotional, and energetic vehicles to be better able to embark on this new journey, resourced and tuned up.

I’ve been investing in myself so as to get a clearer handle on how I want to show up, who I serve, and the transformation that I bring to the world. I’m so excited to share more soon!

Spoiler alert: it has to do with guiding the leaders of the movement to expand human consciousness on Earth into the ancient future Love matrix.

(Yes, I’ve already been doing this the whole time, but I’ve now gained enough critical distance to see it. Snort)

In the meantime…

As I look beyond my own vehicle, I am seeing and hearing from many who want a similar tune-up.

Working with me in your Records might be just the thing you need to see your life, your work, your relationships, or your divine purpose in a new light!

That’s especially true if you resonate with being a leader of the human consciousness expansion movement. There are lots of ugly screens out there right now where fear and manipulation are being projected. The world needs us to be at our strongest and most clear right now.

The journey to your Personal Akashic Records is paradoxically short and long. In the space of an hour you can travel way out into the cosmos to the Temple of the Stars (a name for the Akashic Library AND the crystal Labradorite) without leaving your most comfy chair.

The time you spend there might feel simultaneously short and long, too. In under an hour, you could find the keys to untying 6 or 7 troublesome knots in virtually any area of your life (you choose the topics and I’ll help you refine the questions).

Or, instead of addressing things that you feel have been tripping you up, you might go for pure expansion: I recently worked with a long-term client about selling his business for at least $25 million more than he had considered. His Record Keepers showed him all sorts of ways in which the technology and systems which he had developed had global application way beyond the single field in which it had been used until then.

Right now, the world is at an inflection point. I don’t think humanity will “go dark,” but it sure is a lot easier to carry the torch of truth and inspiration when we’re clear on our value and the precise nature of our gifts.

I’m a recovering academic, aka information junkie. I went from digging through literary archives the summer of 2009 to exploring energetic ones beginning in the summer of 2010.

It always lights me up to be able to share how to achieve your hopes, dreams, and goals, plus offer deep insights into past lives or even why you engage in certain self-sabotaging practices.

Even just sitting in the field of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for close to an hour, feeling held, heard, and healed is amazing.

I don’t mind sharing that yet another reason why I love doing this work is that I am also sitting in that Bliss field along with you, so I get to fill up on this rarefied frequency too.

IF working in your Akashic Records feels like just what you need at this crossroads moment, I invite you to read on, as I am posting my preparation guide below.

Alternatively, if you’ve never worked with me in your Records before, you can take them out for a test-drive: the answer to one question of my choosing from your Records. Send me $25 (paypal.me/ElizabethLocey or contact me for other options) and I’ll reach back to set up a short call.

If you’ve had an Akashic experience with a different Records channel, know that each reader has a different style, flavor, and feel. You’re also invited to take that test drive.

As we approach the Equinox, the moment of balance between day and night and all of the other polarities we humans tend to use to measure the world, this is a particularly potent moment for consulting your Akashic Records.

Whether you are in the N Hemisphere harvesting, or in the S Hemisphere watching your newly-sown seeds take root, this still point of equilibrium is the perfect place from which to take major leaps, fully supported by your guides.

Own Your Magick!

P.S.: Tomorrow night (22 Sept just after 9 pm Eastern) is when the Equinox is exact. I’ll be hosting a crystal party at 8 pm ET to anchor in the wisdom of this Quarter-Day.

I LOVE that balance day is on the 22nd in a 22 year. Of course, 22 is a Master Number (the master architect), landing right on time for building the Ancient-Future world. So much about this had been coming through in my new Crystal Communion adventure… more on that exciting news in another post!

Preparing for Your Wisdom Portal
(Akashic Records Consultation) with Elizabeth Locey


This is the exact document Wisdom Portal clients receive when they sign up, but with the connection details visible.


Greetings! Thanks for joining me for this potent ride into your Soul Library.

We’ll be meeting on a bridge line for the consultation. Please dial in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN XXXXXX# at your appointed time. If you are outside the US, I’ll send the event link (where you will pick up the recording) ahead of time. Connect to that space then choose the option “WebCall” to be live on the phone with me; choosing “Broadcast” means I won’t hear your voice and won’t think you’re on the line, so that is to be avoided! Alternatively, if you are in the commonwealth, there is a list of local numbers here: http://instantteleseminar.com/Local/


What kind of energy can I expect during a Wisdom Portal Consultation?

This is a great question, because as a matter of fact, the Consultation/Portal Energy can be extremely potent, though also so subtle that you might not notice it at first. Please be aware that the Consultation Energy can start coming through as many as 24 hours in advance and last a day or two afterwards, so be sure to check in with yourself before operating heavy machinery like a car, or making ponderous decisions, such as major purchases or life changes. This is especially true immediately following the consultation: you are filled with pure Divine energy, having just touched the Godhead for 30 minutes/an hour.

Personally, I find that the energy of Oracle work is very gentle and light; it feels so good that it can easily go unnoticed. It’s a great energy for doing creative work—you’re already flowing with the Universe, so why not capitalize on it?

I’m the biggest possible fan of crystals and wear them daily, but grounding stones are NOT enough to bring you all the way back into your body after a session. Hugging a tree, lying on the Earth or vigorous exercise/stretching also works to bring you back to your body, as does thumping the Thymus gland in the chest. We recommend performing at least 2 or 3 of these before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Because you are filled with Divine Energy, which gives you a lovely, light feeling, it’s best to avoid alcohol for the 24 hours before and after your Wisdom Portal Consultation. The sacred energy of the cosmos will subtly yet unequivocally double or triple the effect of any alcohol or other drug you consume during the days prior to and following your Consultation. Not unlike an inebriated person who insists she or he is fine to drive and then crashes the car, you’ll probably just feel “good,” not high, and therefore dismiss the very important step of grounding before heading out into the world.

I’ll share a cautionary tale: A few years ago, I was rushing from an afternoon full of consultations to pick up my young daughter at school. I must have made 5 or 6 trips from the kitchen to the garage, and each time I realized that I’d forgotten something. My keys. My phone. My wallet. My apple. Then my keys again, as I had put them down to look for my wallet. Finally, with keys, wallet, and phone in hand, I hopped into the car and turned it on. It occurred to me that I hadn’t picked up the apple that I had set out for myself on the counter. Never mind, I told myself: I’m late enough as it is.

As I kicked the car into reverse and started to back out of the garage, I flicked my eyes up to the rearview mirror. To my surprise and horror, I saw wood, not driveway. The garage door was still closed! Needless to say, I laughed, then thanked my Guides for keeping me from crashing through the garage door (I recognized then that they had tried to stop me several times already!), turned off the car and went back into the kitchen to get something grounding to eat. It’s better to arrive in one piece a few minutes late than to never get there at all… Since then I always keep a small bag of potato chips in the car just in case. No, they’re not very healthy, but the grease, the salt, and the root veggie make them instantly grounding. Just 2 or 3 chips do the trick!


Things to Do or Consider Before the Consultation:

Prior to your consultation, you’ll want to do several things:

  • Keep the bridge line call-in information handy and call in at your appointment time: 425-440-5010 PIN: XXXXXX#
  • If you are outside the US, please refer to the information at the top of this document; I’ll also send you the proper links ahead of time
  • Don’t forget to schedule your Integration Call for strategizing and straightening out the sacred information that 9 out of 10 clients’ egos warp, often, but not always at a first session. During the integration call I can determine whether or not your ego-mind has come in to mess with the information, and if so, I’ll straighten it out.
  • Give careful consideration to where you’ll be sitting for the consultation: you’ll want to be alone, in a comfortable spot, where there is little background noise that would affect the quality of the call and recording.
  • You may want to take notes (Elizabeth always does), so have paper and pen handy. Typing notes during the channeling is extremely distracting for Elizabeth, and it will slow down the rate of channeled information immensely. If you want to take notes in the moment (not necessary), please make it pen + paper.
  • Email your list of Questions for the Records to elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com. Put your questions in the body of an email (never in an attachment, please) entitled “Questions” or simply “Qs.” Nothing else should be included in this email. If you have information to share prior to the appointment, please send it in a separate email, as Elizabeth will not open the “Qs” email until you are both on the call. These can be emailed as late as 1 minute prior to your consultation.
  • Close down any distractions such as phones or web pages as we begin
  • Please be on time for your appointment, calling in about 30-60 seconds before your appointed time; late arrival may mean a shorter consultation


Types of Questions People Love to Ask when Consulting the Oracle:

Of course you can ask anything you want, but here are a few suggestions that people often like to ask:

  • Who am I on a Soul level?
  • What are my greatest gifts that the world can’t afford to miss out on?**
  • What is my mission/most important soul contract for this lifetime?
  • What past lives are influencing me most in this lifetime, and why?
  • Why do I [insert your preferred form of self-sabotage here], and what’s the best way to stop? (N.B.: Often when people discover the origin of a behavior and realize it’s not even theirs, they let go of it for good)**

**In my experience, these are by far the two most powerful questions to ask, especially for your first Wisdom Portal Consultation.

Note: You’ll want to limit the pre-fab questions to no more than a third of your Qs so that your own burning questions can get answered. As you’ll reliably be able to ask 6 or 7 discrete questions, please keep the pre-fab for 2.


Tips on Crafting Your Questions for the Oracle:

Although Elizabeth will spend time with you at the beginning of your session wordsmithing your questions for maximum traction in the Records, there are a number of things to consider when formulating your questions:

Prepare 6 to 7 questions for the Wisdom Portal (3 for the condensed version). We’ll go over them first to make sure that they’ll get good traction in your Records, but it’s best if you spend the days or weeks prior to your consultation keeping a list of the things you’d like to ask; you will email them to Elizabeth prior to your session. Important: When Elizabeth goes over the best way to word the questions, take notes: YOU are the one who will be asking them!

Try to include in those questions one or two that your logical brain considers silly “throw-aways.” They are often the most potent ones, as they open doors to critical information that your ego-mind would normally want to keep you from accessing. These are the questions that your ego-mind would normally censor, but if it feels these questions are not serious, it won’t worry about censoring. Any behavior that stumps you about yourself (unexplained quirks) is perfect to ask about in a “throw-away” question. You may find that the “stupid” question was the one that brought you the most insight!

The final question is: “Is there anything the Keepers would like to add at this time?” This allows the Keepers to share important information for you that did not fit any of the questions you asked, or to reiterate any information that they deemed not to have “landed” sufficiently.

Your Keepers know you, so there is little reason to use up valuable consultation time with background information; simply make sure your intention is clear in every question.

Your Record Keepers are very literal and will answer the exact question you ask. There is no reason to “soften” any question as you would with another human for the sake of being polite; this will only lead to disappointment on your part, because you won’t get the exact answer you are looking for.

Clear questions elicit clear answers. For example, if you want to know if you’ll be famous, ask if you’ll be famous, not whether or not your business will be very successful (as one client did) because those are two very different things. You might even want to ask both. Subtle changes in wording can make a huge difference in the answers that you get in your Wisdom Portal Consultation, so please be aware of this as you craft your questions. This is why Elizabeth spends time prior to opening your Record to make sure that your questions are clear and on-target.

The Akashic Records and Elizabeth’s Oracle work are held in the vibration of Love, so there is never any judgment involved. Elizabeth herself will not judge, and in fact she forgets the details of each channeling soon after it is over, as that information is not hers to keep. It’s elusive, like a dream, and she would have a hard time holding onto it if she wanted to, which she does not.

Likewise, the “prime directive” of the human experience is Free Will. Therefore, questions with “should” are best avoided. In fact, the Akashic Record Keepers don’t really understand the concept of “should.” Try wordings such as “is it best for me to… ”, “would it be in my highest good to …”, or “would it behoove me to …” rather than “should I …”. Questions with “should” in them do not vibrate in the Records and Elizabeth will have to step out of Oracle mode to reformulate your question if you do ask “should”-y ones.

Your Akashic Record contains everything about you, including information on past lives, your motivation, and even drafts of the future. (Because of Free Will, there is nothing but your Sacred Contracts written in stone for your future, and even these are flexible in how you get there: you and the others involved decide it yourselves, but there are strong probabilities called drafts available.)

The best way to ask about the future is in terms of probabilities, and to put a time frame around it: “On a scale of 1-100, what is the probability that I will generate $200K in income this year?” You might also want to ask about future years: “What is the probability that I will make $200K per year in the next 2 to 3 years? Or the next 3 to 5 years?”

Take time to consider the name that Elizabeth will use to access your Record. This is the name you identify or resonate with most. It will serve you to take a few minutes to consider what version of your name suits you the best: It could be your full first, middle, and last names, or initials in place of any given name, or a nickname that you and others use all the time to refer to you; it might be a birth name if your married name is different, or a name that you have given yourself with which you identify on ALL levels. If someone were to shake you awake and ask you what your name is, what would you blurt out without thinking? Use this name for your Wisdom Portal session.

You can ask about others in your Oracle consultation. However, Elizabeth can only see into their Record from yours, as through a window. The exception to this is your children. The younger the child, the wider the opening between her Record and the Record of her parents. For any child under age 10, for example, Elizabeth can walk from parent to child Record as though through a wide archway. As the child starts to differentiate from her parents as a teen or pre-teen, the archway narrows, and becomes more like an open doorway. At around 15-17 years, when the child fully differentiates, that narrower doorway tends to be shut with a door. If someone does not want you to know about something, it will be as though that door is being held shut.


Best Practices for your Wisdom Portal Session

There are some important things to know for your Wisdom Portal session, so please read this section very carefully:

  • While in Oracle mode, Elizabeth is channeling and finds it hard to coach you, so please ask all of your procedural questions before she opens the sacred energy
  • Because time is so nebulous in the Akashic Records and beyond, Elizabeth always sets a timer
  • YOU ask all the questions, Elizabeth merely transmits the answers, like an interpreter would
  • During the channeling, YOU are in charge of the direction that the channeling takes, from which question to ask next, and when to go to the next question, to whether or not to ask a clarifying or follow-up question
  • We recommend you ask any and all clarifying questions when they come to you! Many have noted later that when they sat on a question that came to mind during a consultation, it haunted them later that they didn’t ask it. Save yourself this pain and go ahead and ask! Those questions that remain unasked on your list don’t get hot + itchy because you didn’t get close to an answer
  • Most of the time (over 80%), the Keepers give me answers in the form of pictures. It’s possible that, when describing the answer I see in your Records, I will start in a place where you would not or use words that you wouldn’t. If you ever start to think “that’s not me” or “this isn’t my Record” please don’t wait! Just say, “Elizabeth, that’s not really resonating,” and I’ll start over in a different place with different words. Know that the picture itself does not change, but how I present it to you does. There’s never any judgment, and it always IS your Record, so we want to prevent any wasted time or undue doubt


Important Things to Consider After the Consultation

We have already addressed the importance of grounding before getting into a car—this is the most important thing—but there are other aspects of the Oracle work worth noting.

For one thing: although we do not advertise Wisdom Portals as such, they are all very healing. When we learn the origin of an issue, it will often resolve itself immediately, and the energy of that problem or issue—held within the cells of our bodies for years, possibly lifetimes—can leave the body for good.

Naturally, you’ll want to assist your body in releasing any of these energies that no longer serve. Limiting beliefs, childhood traumas, you name it: anything that you are ready to let go of can leave you during and after a Wisdom Portal. In order to do this, you’ll want to triple your water intake on the day of the Consultation, and possibly the following day as well. In other words, treat yourself as though you had just had a long massage or other healing work.

You will also want to take a salt bath on the day of your Wisdom Portal, because at least 1/3 of my first-time clients and many returning clients will heal something spontaneously and experience detox symptoms the following day. I used to strongly recommend this practice, but I now INSIST because it’s impossible for me to do a proper integration if you’re bouncing off the walls. This bath serves the dual function of grounding you and helping you to release those energies that have been released on all other levels.

Detoxing is uncomfortable, but it is a good thing! It’s your body getting rid of those things that no longer serve, and big ones at that. Most people who get detox symptoms report powerful headaches, so we recommend the salt bath no matter what.

To assist your body in releasing the “toxins” (i.e., old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you) as quickly and easily as possible, you’ll want to put as much salt in as you can and stay for as long as you can. Why the salt? I believe it has to do with the process of osmosis and toxins being drawn out through your skin cells as you are surrounded in water that is saltier than the water in your body. In any case, you will want to put at least 2 cups of salts into a smaller bathtub, and two pounds or more into a larger (garden/spa) tub. The more salt you put in, the faster the process will go, so don’t skimp.

We suggest Epsom salts: they are inexpensive healing powerhouses. You may also choose to use a combination of Epsom and your favorite salt. While Epsom is great for general detoxing, the addition of sea salt also provides an energetic level of clearing if you choose to add some of them. Unless you have high blood pressure or you start feeling heart palpitations as you are in your bath, be extra-generous with the salt. If your heart does start to race (highly unlikely; people float in the Dead Sea which is more full of salt than your bath could ever be, without issue), simply drain off some of the water and add fresh to the tub until things settle down. With less salt, you’ll want to extend the duration of your bath. You’ll want to stay in the salty water for as long as you can, at least 30 to 40 minutes, but I have been known to stay in for two hours or more if need be (my record is just shy of 5 hours!). I also recommend taking a quick shower to rinse off after stepping out of the tub (using a different towel).

A good rule of thumb is that as long as your body is itching to get out, you need to stay in. You see, nature loves homeostasis, so it is likely to want you to keep your “stuff.” Once you are no longer fighting the strong urge to leave the bathtub and the healing water, you can decide whether or not you want to stay in longer. Before or after your bath you may want to do some journaling or take a long nap: this will help you process all the shifting energies. Also, many clients report having powerful dreams on the night of their Wisdom Portal sessions. You may want to keep pen and paper handy next to your bed to jot down some quick notes during the night.

Don’t forget to download your recording. You will receive an email with a private download link after the consultation call. Please complete the download onto your devices as soon as possible so that you can keep and refer to the recording over and over. (It is frequently the case that you’ll listen a dozen times before discovering a “new” revelation on the recording. No worries—you weren’t ready to process that information before.)

If you have any other questions regarding preparation for your Consultation with Elizabeth, please contact her or her assistant at elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com or by TEXT at the number below.