Sweetness at Heart of Scorpio Eclipse

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A Message from the Akashic Record Keepers re: Sailing Through Eclipse Season Intensity

In the nine days between Venus Cazimi on the 22nd and Halloween/Samhain on the 31st (astrologically exact at the Lunar Eclipse on Election Day in the US) there’s a lot going on in the heavens and on Earth at the end of October.

Because I’m being challenged by severe headaches which are apparently Covid related, I’ve made a short audio post with a brief message from the Keepers about these times near the end. Feel free to listen and share this link if the spirit moves you. Audio length: 33 minutes and 13 seconds.

[Geek out moment: I love this because Venus rules sacred geometry–the Venus Star Point from Saturday (discussed in the audio) is all about the 5-pointed star or flower that she traces in the sky every 8 years. Her special numbers are therefore 5 +8 =13, number of the Divine Feminine, which Venus represents. Also, 33 is a master number of Christ consciousness]

On the right is a lovely video that explains the science of this cosmic Spirograph. Enjoy!

On the left is my Flower of Venus ink. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to illuminating and empowering the Divine Feminine. Also, for fans of the Gene Keys, my Life’s Work sphere IS the 13, though I learned that years into my journey, and well after I had dedicated myself to the Goddess with this mark. It just goes to show that we’re called to do what we’re called to do. You just can’t make this stuff up!

The stones that came to lead and support us through Eclipse Season (and for the next 6 months at least) were Labradorite (Akashic Records; magick + transformation) Chrysocolla (heart-healing sounds; howl like a wolf) and Amazonite (the other High Heart chakra stone in my bowl, about having the courage to speak your Personal Truth, and help finding the words that won’t shatter relationships).

Once again, it is uncanny how the crystals have re-framed this Scorpio eclipse in the language of the stones. These 3 crystals represent quintessence, water, and water, elementally. Labradorite is the Temple of the Stars, where the Akashic Records are held. Scorpio is the water sign of deep transformation, death-and-rebirth, walking the knife’s edge of our Truth. The presence of Venus (beauty, grace, abundance, equality, social justice, diplomacy, relationships; in a word, LOVE) at the heart of this eclipse fills me with joy and optimism in these intense times.

Let these stones carry you through. Follow the instructions to howl like a wolf (it need not be loud) to tear down the walls around your heart so that you can connect more deeply with your own magick and that of the others around you.

Right now there’s an opportunity to release the old to make room for a new (returning) energy. You have a role to play. Are you willing to step up? You may find that you already have. This happened to me at the Balsamic Moon just before the eclipse: I was waffling on a decision because I knew the road wouldn’t be easy, and before I knew it, I was already on the other side of the gateway! That’s alignment at work.

The new adventure in living AS a wise, powerful, generous, abundant, limitless, multi-dimensional crystal may be calling you to step in. It’s for those who know or suspect that they have a role to play in the radical shifting (expansion, deepening, re-birthing) of human consciousness on Planet Earth. The experience is one of being simultaneously partnered with Gaia in a mobius-strip of infinite synergy, and also reaching out to the far reaches of the cosmos.

I am so honored to have been chosen to birth this experience into our world. I have been remade along with the other participants. I am known for my alchemical work, but this one blows everything I’ve ever done away.

Here’ s the link to Crystal Communion if you’d like to check it out. We still have a few more live calls. After that it will be an essential self-guided adventure at the heart of all my future work.

I’d love it if you joined us as we are still bringing the transformation into form.

Own Your Magick. The world needs it more than ever.

And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free!

Sweetness at the heart, per the Record Keepers.

Celebrating the Triumph of Good over Evil.

No matter what the out-picturing tells us, we are ALL in this together, inextricably linked, with no separation, through all space, time, and what lies at the heart of AND beyond space-time, which is pure Love.