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Today is a double audio post! First a discussion of the Samhain (All Hallows) portal which was exactly exact today, 7 November, and information on what to expect and how to react.

There’s a good deal of information on the astrology of the powerhouse Total Lunar Eclipse with the eclipsed Full Moon cozying up to change-maker Uranus in Taurus, opposite the Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio.

The second recording is a direct transmission from the Akashic Records. It’s short but mighty! You’ll hear me yawning a lot to try to stay in my body…

There’s a piece about the (permanent!) tearing of the veil of forgetfulness that frankly surprised me at first. This was not a “just for Samhain” or “just for the eclipse” in which the hidden is revealed. It’s from now on. You might find others around you discombobulated by their inability to ignore the magick happening all around them.

Be sure to drink water and use your grounding techniques before operating heavy equipment after listening.

The crystals that wanted to join us for the eclipse portal (explained in more detail in audio 1):

Rose Quartz for all kinds of Love

Chrysocolla for healing with you voice (howl like a wolf)

Peach Moonstone reminds us of the Blood Moon in color and name! Stone of the Divine Feminine, Underlines the cycles of time.

Labradorite for magick and Akashic Records/past lives.

Bloodstone for courage to keep moving forward into the Unknown.

Dragon’s Eye for manifestation, the Great Mystery, Ancient-future, the fierce feminine.

Hiddenite for joy and gratitude.

From Denise Linn’s excellent Sacred Traveler deck.

I’m SO impressed at the way this card really responds to the question of Saturn at the Eclipse. Wow. It speaks of having the courage to keep going even in the face of the unknown, and is all about boundaries and barriers (Saturn again!)

No matter what happens in the aftermath of this Eclipse (or this election if you’re reading from the US), just keep taking steps toward your goals.

My goal is to keep pulling more Cosmic Truths onto the Earth plane, with the ultimate goal of banishing the fear matrix. I won’t live to see that goal realized this time around, but that’s fine with me. I know that I’m doing good and important work. If I have any regrets at all, it’s that the information isn’t reaching enough people.

For example, Crystal Communion is truly life-changing (for me as well!) but so far the live journey has only attracted a handful of fellow-travelers. “There should be 100’s more!” one recently enthused. And yet, it’s available and will be available for as long as I’m able to function in the world, because it’s that important.

The final live “passage” of the Journey of the Sphinx happens tomorrow evening, 8 November, in the US. The other 3 gateways are already up and available for immediate listening upon registration on the page. I recently re-listened, and it’s incredibly powerful. So far the Sphinx herself has led 2 of the shamanic journeys. Her mission is to restore the balance between Masculine and Feminine energies on the planet, and yet she is more gentle with those who have pursued power and control over truth + justice than I would have guessed.

Essentially, this is about the fall of the Patriarchy.

She says that from here on out, patriarchal BS will be “blown away like a message written in dry sand.”

If you want to play live or jump in the time machine which is the Akashic Records, click here to join the fun.

NB: If you participated in the Beltane Passage of May 2021, you should have an email in your inbox with a coupon for what you paid for the first leg of the journey. If you can’t find it, check your spam; if you still can’t find it, reach out.

Finally, a reminder that whatever you’re doing, you can’t do it wrong. If your goals feel too big or too small right now, know that they are just right for you right now. Anyway, they’ll probably shift when you get more clarity. There’s more information in the recordings above about this, so please listen and drink plenty of water.

Pay attention to the messages you see or hear all around you at the eclipse/Mercury Cazimi. My experience with eclipses–especially Blood Moons–is that sometimes it takes a few weeks for the other shoe to drop. Be gentle with yourself, and give yourself as much nourishment (physically and spiritually) as well as rest and grace as you can.

So much love for you.

Happy travels, Beloved. Let’s link arms and do it together, shall we?

Own Your Magick, which is vastly amplified now.

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free!