2023: Year of Sacred Seeding

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Pulling the Ancient Future Forward + a Light Activation

Many Blessings at Imbolc! As we celebrate the Wheel of the Year, we consciously align our bodies, our hearts, and our minds to the sacred solar cycle of the seasons.

Imbolc, of course, is the Celtic name for the Cross-Quarter Holy Day that marks the first stirrings of spring. It represents the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere.

On Gregorian calendars, it is often celebrated on the first or second day of February, but the Sun doesn’t reach 15 degrees of Aquarius until the 4th or 5th. Like many who feel the energies of the Cross-Quarter Days still rising (not yet peaking) on the first or second, I love to celebrate the entire week of Imbolctide.

Imbolc is ruled by the Goddess Brigid. The New Years awakens, and new life is birthed. Key words: hearth, forge, bard, alignment, mothering, lambing, silversmith/goldsmith, wordsmith, weaving. Brigid’s Cross pictured here is reeds or stems woven into an X shape, traditionally displayed on doors of celebrants.

Traditionally the flower symbolizing Imbolc is the snowdrop (alternatively the crocus) as these flowers emerge from the snows of winter as harbingers of spring. Here in Atlanta I’ve seen daffodils, forsythia, and some budding on flowering fruit trees as a joyful reminder that the season of increase is upon us.

The Year of Sacred Seeding

On Friday 2/3 (note the Venusian elements in this choice of dates) Elizabeth hosted a transmission from the Akashic Records of the Year 2023.

The one-hour call began with a Light Activation, preserving the sacred energy of the spiral AND Imbolc, plus the Sun-Moon nearing opposition and squaring Uranus at the World Points of the cross-quarter holy days. It is an inner-light cascade to be re-experienced at every listening.

Then, as the Akashic Record Keepers began answering questions about the energy of the Year 2023, it became clear that the “sacred seeding” of the title was actually an activation as well. The sacred seeds themselves had been planted 17 millennia ago, in a pre-patriarchal Ancient Future age of (de)light.

The age of fear–from which the human community is beginning to emerge–had been foreseen, and the seeds of re-awakening to wisdom, joy, and truth needed to be in place before it came to pass. Imbolctide 2023 was the activation or awakening of those seeded energies.

Find out more, including a special message from the Keepers for all those who are called to listen and participate.

As a bonus, receive the “New Earth, New Rules” channeling for the year 2018 as a gift. The Keepers continue to refer to these tips on how to best operate in the transition away from the era of control and separation into the Age of Light, 5 years later. If you haven’t heard them or you’ve forgotten what they were, that’s just another reason to opt in.

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The Leo Full Moon today is activating the Lughnassadh and Imbolc points in the Wheel of the Year, and our luminaries are squaring Uranus at the Beltane point.

This is a powerful moment when threads from many timelines are coming together. No doubt you’ve felt it. It’s also my birthday–turning 55 on the 5th. “Double nickels” as a friend noted.

The energy of the 5 is one of radical and sudden change–turning on a dime, as it were. This 5 energy has been encoded for me since my birth, so maybe I feel differently about change than others; I don’t know.

What I do know is that It’s my honor to be sharing this moment in history with you as we step even more fully into the paradigm shift. It’s my honor to share my gift of putting a human voice on divine wisdom. It’s my honor to invite you to link arms with me and other sacred defenders of Love as we collectively move into breach.

It may not be an easy path to walk, but our hearts are full of courage and we chose to be here now to do this work. I have dedicated my life to offering insights, inspiration, and clear next steps to be taken in joy.

I love the mutual witnessing.

Deep bow, Beloved.

Forehead to forehead, igniting our sacred winged hearts,