Love-Boosting Crystals Tutorial

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Crystal Love at Valentine’s Day and Beyond

The freestanding Amethyst cluster above (photo captured at the Tucson Gem Show in February 2011) is beautiful, right? It’s also an amazing Teacher of Empowerment. A Remembrance Way-Shower.

How so? Well, each of these points is beaming a reminder your way that you are divine. That your essence is woven into the fabric of the Universe, vibrating with everything. That, even if you can’t quite locate it (yet), you’re here for a reason. That you are a magickal sovereign being with so much to share.

This mighty crystal is reminding you that if you keep your Light and your Magick hidden, our world is less sweet and less rich, containing voids where your energy belongs but is missing.

This Amethyst powerhouse is a MIRROR. Let it reflect who you are back to you.

Here is a 30-minute video tutorial on crystals to boost your heart energy. Spoiler alert: ALL crystals boost your heart energy! Every single mineral I can think of is an agent of love + empowerment, so there’s that.

In this presentation, I’m focusing on crystals which activate the heart: mostly in the pink, green, and blue-green (high heart chakra) frequencies.

We explore the classic Rose Quartz, plus Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Mangano Calcite, Pink Petalite, Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite, Amazonite, Bloodstone, and Chrysocolla.

In the video I mentioned my 10-week journey that ran live from 9/9/22 to 11/11/22 called Crystal Communion. It was honestly the best thing I’ve ever done, and it blew my socks off every week when we met! I could never replicate it, so I am offering the self-guided tour version now.

One of the participants averred how it was a shame that there weren’t more people, and that it deserved to have 100 participants at least. A few weeks later she came back to say that, as usual, my work is way ahead of the times, and that I probably wouldn’t live to see the massive success of Crystal Communion, but that my daughter would be a multi-millionaire in increments of $369. (True, $369 is not much to pay for over 13 hours of consciousness-expanding transmissions and shamanic journeys of integration, but that was the figure I was told to use, so it stands.)

Crystal Communion is not so much about crystals (in this it contrasts with my Crystal Crush class which is full to bursting with information about over 2 dozen stones and how to work with their energies) as it is about embodying crystalline energy and understanding that humans, as crystalline beings, are not separate but are always already woven into and sustained by a vast network that spans the cosmos beyond space and time.

In this way, it is preparing us to step into a new, greatly-expanded consciousness that is required as we move from the dying Patriarchal, White Supremacist Age of Separation into the Ancient Future paradigm of the Love Matrix.

In many ways this journey was mind-blowing, but we were always guided back to one of the first lessons in staying grounded in a rapidly-shifting world. Of course, crystals were also serving as guides and even guide-wires for us: there were stones pulled for each of the 10 legs of the journey.

If you feel called to be a leader in the transition from one way of being into another as the paradigm shifts, I invite you to explore Crystal Communion. It is not puffery or exaggeration to say that it is life-changing.

Finally, I mentioned the Imbolc event celebrating the New Year 2023 which energetically began a month later than the calendar year, at the Lunar New Year. “2023: The Year of Sacred Seeding” is a transmission from the Akashic Records of the year 2023, and the big revelation was that we have now come full circle as a species to a moment in time 17,000 years ago when Wise Ones, knowing that Planet Earth was about to enter into an experiment with separation and forgetfulness, planted seeds of remembrance and joy around the planet.

This month, February 2023, those seeds have been energized and activated. To find out more and to receive a Light Activation (it felt to me like a joy-bath) every time you listen, please follow the link above. The recording itself is just under an hour long. In addition to a special message just for those who are called to join in this energy (you might have been one of those wise ones who planted the seeds 17 millennia ago!) you’ll also receive a copy of the channeling for the Year 2018 the Keepers call “New Earth, New Rules” and to which they still refer All. The. Time.


Finally, this week strikes several energetic high notes following on the heels of Valentine’s Day that you might like to be aware of.

First of all, on the 15th, Venus meets up with Neptune in Neptune’s home sign of Pisces. Since this is the sign of Venus’s exaltation, they are both very much at home in this sign of oneness, dissolution (this can be read on multiple levels as both dissolving and exhibiting weak moral values), and bliss. When the Queen of Heaven meets the God of the Deep in the dreamy realm of everything-and-no-thing, sensuality and love (-making) will color the entire day. You’ll no doubt feel it, but do make room for beauty, basking, pleasure, and partnerships.

One day later, on the 16th, the soft lull of bliss will be trampled by the hard-edged and very solid energy of Saturn Cazimi (when the Sun is exactly conjunct Saturn). The shift in frequency will be abrupt! And, it’s not something to turn away from to enter back into the bliss-state of the previous day.

Saturn, as you know, is the traditional ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. This planet of hard boundaries, rules, long-term plans, and authority has been in its home signs for the past 5 years. This Thursday the 16th will be the very last time that the Sun will conjoin with and highlight Saturn in its place of power until the 2050’s! For many of us, it might be the final time in our lifetimes, and certainly for everyone the world will have continued its accelerated pace of change between now and then.

Saturn the Master Architect will no doubt be building something entirely new. My sense is that authority–especially self-authority or sovereignty–will look very different 3 decades on.

The last time that Saturn entered its home sign prior to this period which will soon end, our lives looked much different. There was no internet, for one. Cell phone communication was so cutting-edge that it was available only to the military. These technologies which have become central to many of our lives–for better or for worse–simply did not exist yet. Let that sink in.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas suggests that, because planetary meetings kick off a new cycle akin to the New Moon, that we all use this empowered moment to choose to commit to something (perhaps in this week’s theme of relationships, even relationship to the self) for the next 30 years. The staying power that Saturn represents will be the wind at our backs for all that time.

I am choosing to re-commit to my work of re-birthing the ancient-future wisdom back into consciousness in the human realm, and of putting a human voice on the cosmic (Akashic Records, Crystals, the Mystery, Dragons and other other Fae).

Your experience of the pandemic might have been different from mine, but I found it categorically impossible to do this Big Work while processing all the fear and grief running rampant through the collective (unpaid, of course, though I was happy to do it) shut up in a house with encroaching energies. I love my family, but it felt super claustrophobic to be unable to escape into the quiet stillness of Solitude with the silent screams of the American Southeast echoing all around me.

[Did I mention that the lockdowns of March 2020 began right as Saturn crossed into Aquarius for good? It’s so literal that you can’t make this up: the planet of limitations and rules, boundaries, structure, and time (Saturn) entering the sign of novelty/innovation/the unknown future and the entire human collective (Aquarius).]

For now, my Wisdom Portals (straight-up private Akashic Records sessions including help with questions and essential integration the next day) are still 40% off their usual rate, as they have been since January of 2020 to help people get more clarity on who they are, what they’re here to do, and the most graceful, no-scraped-knees ways to accomplish their goals.

As Master Architect Saturn prepares to move into Pisces–the dissolver of boundaries–we can see a time of expansion on the horizon, as though constrictive corsets are coming off. Get ready to take a deep, long-overdue breath.

If you run a business (or manage a wing of someone else’s business), right now and through the spring is the perfect time to avail yourself of Divine Insights into the most powerful next steps to take.

Likewise, if you are at any kind of crossroads–personally, professionally, socially, or spiritually–your Akashic Record Keepers are standing by to help you sail through choppy waters. Please just reach out and we will have a conversation to determine if this most sacred work is right for you, and if this is the proper time to undertake it.

I am sending you so much Love at this potent time of global corner-turning! I’m so excited to see what these next few months bring us in terms of new possibilities, optimism, and expansion for all.

Own Your Magick!
And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free–