5 Years of Hard Saturn Dissolves on 7 March

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I pulled some crystals for the Virgo Full Moon and made a video. In it you’ll find:

  • Discussion of the Quadruple-7 Day of the Full Moon and Saturn changing signs
  • Themes of Saturn: Limits/Limitations, Rules, “None Shall Pass,” Authority, Time, Structure, Stone, Crystals
  • Themes of Pisces: Dissolving Into Oneness, Ocean of Consciousness, Flow, Poetry, Dreams
  • The Pandemic years were all Saturn (hard walls, none shall pass, restriction + isolation) in Aquarius (the human collective)
  • Crystals for this magickal 7 day
  • Suggestions for expanding your sense of Unity
  • Preview of future offerings

I promised links, so here are some:

  • To learn to embody the Unity of the Crystalline Realm, Crystal Communion is available at a self-guided tour
  • Find out more about my Akashic Records work or reach out for a conversation (we’ll need to have one anyway before we get going)
  • There’s no link for the ‘Crystal Codes to help you be “bionic” VIP’; this work marks a pivot point in people’s lives, as this requires a deep conversation, though I always get a kick out of seeing people onstage holding their codes crystal, or pulling it out of their purse while we’re at dinner…
  • Links for the Equinox ritual and this Friday’s StarFire Series live channeling will be added here shortly, so please check back

Are you as excited for the move from Saturn in its own, hard, extra-Saturn-y signs into the sign of unity, flow, and dissolution as I am? To me it feels like we’ve been in an alchemical crucible for the past 3-5 years, and right after tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon, we finally, finally FINALLY get to soften and merge with one another and all the energy currents which are out there.

Many Blessings to you as we move through this Magickal Month of March, where we get to witness and experience so many energy shifts!

We are used to the ever-changing energy of the Moon as it moves quickly through each of the 12 sign in a month, and the Sun changes signs once a month.

Except for when there’s retrograde movement (and we do have this every 4 months in the case of Mercury), this messenger and Venus move more quickly than the Earth (Sun) through the zodiac.

What is TRULY UNIQUE about this month of March is that we have not one but two further-flung planets changing signs as well! Saturn tomorrow after an extended stay in his two consecutive home signs, and Pluto from Capricorn into Aquarius later in the month.

The Akashic Records Keepers suggest the Piscean practice of going with the flow during this period of intense shifting.

Own Your Magick!

And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free–