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New Astrological Year Opens on Cauldron Moment–Gather Ye Magick Now!

Wow! It’s the Equinox. If you’re in the N Hemisphere, it’s the start of spring; in the Southern H, you are heading into fall.

Wherever you are located on the globe, however, today opens a new astrological year, and the fireworks have already begun!!

Two weeks ago Saturn left back-to-back home signs (where it’s extra Saturn-y) for the first time since the end of 2017. This is HUGE! It won’t be back in a sign of its rulership for another generation.

Let’s just pause for a second to take that in. The big changes are coming so quickly, one right after another, that I’m finding it difficult to stay abreast of–much less process all the emotions they bring up–these milestones as we fly by them.

It’s in this new energetic landscape of translucent/crystalline structure that the Equinox arrives. The new Astro year is all about new beginnings every time, but this one will feel especially new.

Then 20 hours later, the Aries New Moon REALLY cranks the newness up a notch or two, especially as it happens as the Moon conjoins the Sun at the Aries Point (zero degrees–out of 360 for the year of course).

Two days after that, Pluto shifts into Aquarius for the first time in TEN GENERATIONS. This god/goddess of death-and-rebirth unearths things that have been buried. Thank goodness Eclipse Season isn’t here yet, because this is just a phenomenal amount of sudden shifts to be dealing with! (Oh, wait–it IS almost eclipse season… Snort!)

Come celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year with me and be magickally transported back to the most potent magick of the Balsamic final Moon of the year, as we launch ourselves joyfully into this brand new terrain of Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius.

In a drummed journey (some of my clients prefer these to my Akashic Records sessions as they are so very potent and personal) I open the portal and we step into the Unknown to consciously release the old, set intentions for the new, and find all the help we might need along the way. The call itself is available immediately upon registration and is just about an hour long. Bring your journal and get comfortable. This journey is best enjoyed in the dark by candlelight. The Goddess Hekate is our guide.

This is a by donation event, so there is no financial bar to jump over–you get to decide for yourself what feels right and good to you, fair to me, and will not endanger your ability to pay for other obligations. Engaging in sacred economics is part of the Magick of this event to kick off the new crystalline energy landscape into which we are now stepping as a human collective.

(Suggested range: $11-$55; you choose your magickal figure. There is a PayPal link on the download page, or contact me for other preferred payment methods.)

Register below, knowing that you’ll get to keep the recording and revisit this moment of pure magickal potential as many times as you like. Re-winding time to re-experience a magickal moment and creating a new future over and over again is so much fun! We humans tend to think of space-time as solid and linear, but it’s really cyclical + fluid You are invited to play with possibility in this field (actually 4 fields; register for free below to find out what I’m talking about).

The Balsamic Moon contains all of the energy of the preceding month–collected and ready to be released on the wind like a blown dandelion–as the new month is born. It is an alchemical cauldron in which to cook up your new reality. Dream it into being in the dark so that it can be in the full bloom of manifestation at the Full Moon.

Because this is the Pisces Balsamic Moon (the final dark moon of the astrological year) this cauldron contains ALL of the preceding 12 months. En-vision your future with me on this potent call. The pre-Patriarchal (and total badass) Triple Moon Goddess Hekate is our guide as we stand at the crossroads of choosing, and enter the gateway into a new reality.

May many New Moon/New Year Blessings rain down upon you at this precious opportunity to move WITH the shifts rather than being pushed around by them.

Own Your Magick!

P.S.: (this is a later edit and I love how aligned it is with what I wrote weeks ago about the Balsamic Moon on the year + the Equinox call that came through. Quite magickal in itself!)

Astrologer Elizabeth Jones in her Solar Aries Star Beacon offering has this to say: “During this [Mystical Balsamic Moon Phase] time we will be crossing two thresholds simultaneously… one Lunar and one Solar. You may feel as though there are multiple doorways available to you to and from the higher realms. The energies can feel quite surreal and otherworldly to the point where you feel as though you are being drawn into the liminal space between realms. While somewhat disorienting it is also quite magical in some most intriguing ways. Perhaps you are shown a vision of what your Soul Dream is for the coming Zodiac cycle. Take note of this as well as insights and messages that come through now as there [sic] are likely to be important going forward.”

If her words are resonating with you, I invite you to join us on the Equinox call at the registration form above. The Present Moment of the two thresholds (solar and lunar) of which she speaks is available on that call. No energy can be held captive by space-time. You can go back to it with the call again and again.

Especially as we step into Eclipse Season, you might find it useful to travel back to the Equinox Gateway of newness to ground certain things before more shifts ripple our personal and collective landscapes. This is always available to you, so feel free to sit with this idea.

All my Love, E