Welcome to Eclipse Season…

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The Activation Has Begun…

Eclipse Season Opens with the Libra Full Moon


As if there were not already enough rumbles and shifts in our energetic landscape (and I’m not even talking about what’s going on politically around the globe!), on top of last month’s elemental changes for the 3 most challenging planets in our Solar System (Mars, Saturn and Pluto), now it’s Eclipse Season!

Eclipse Season always heralds a time of big and unexpected changes, both personally and collectively.

This particular Eclipse Season is going to feel extra profound for couple of reasons, including that it’s the first set of Aries-Libra in 9 years (18 years since the North Node was in Aries). Also, Mercury is retracing its steps through Taurus at the heart of this 6-week stretch of time. And because it’s the first time in a generation that we’ve had any eclipse season with Saturn in Pisces and the first time in 10 generations since Pluto has been in Aquarius.

Yes, it’s going to feel entirely new.

Why not approach it with a new sense of optimism?

This optimism is supported not only by that HUGE Citrine that I pulled for the Full Moon and the kick-off to Eclipse Season, but also by Jupiter, the planet of optimism (and increase, expansion, abundance) being conjunct the Sun at this Full Moon. I love how the Citrine was so much bigger than the other two stones, just like Jupiter is far and away the largest planet in our system.

I may be perverse, but in lots of ways I thrive on change. I chose to come into this world on the winds of change, with change signatures all over my natal profile.

I was born in 1968–a huge year for cultural change around the globe–on a 5 day (the root number that represents change) with a change-maker archetype. This is one of the ways in which I serve: as a portal for change, just being around me can shift or un-stick things for people. I love that about myself!

Perhaps it’s no wonder, then, that eclipses have played such a major role in my life. It was a Lunar Eclipse in the final hours of 2009 that moved me out of a tenured academic position into the work I do now, helping people to live their best lives.

Yeah… eclipses and other elements of the Mystery are my thing. And as tricky as it is to live through all of these “interesting times,” I’m grateful to have incarnated when I did so that I could participate so fully in the changes that are coming so fast and furious.

Maybe you’ll want to join me as my Mystery-steeped hand steadies our collective ship as we cross thresholds and cut a swath through waves of new frequencies in this epic eclipse season. It will be one for the record books!

These are the 3 stones that came for the Libra Full Moon and the start of Eclipse Season:

A HUGE Citrine, Sugilite, and Dragon’s Eye (aka Red Tiger’s Eye)

8-week journey across the vast expanse of Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde. Join any time (even after the end of Eclipse Season), but we begin on 13 April 2023. Doing this together will be magickal, empowering, and fun.

For years, people have been asking when I’m going to unpack astrology for beginners and those not so new to this art from my unique perspective. Well, this summer is the time! We will journey together from 1 June through 31 August with a break on 20 July: 13 weekly meetings in all. I can hardly wait!

Many Blessings at this Full Moon. Remember to Own Your Magick! And may our Winged Hearts fly ever free!

P.S.: In the video above I obviously mis-spoke when referring to Pluto leaving Capricorn shortly after the start of Pluto’s Playground. Pluto is currently at 0 degrees Aquarius, and will stay there until it backs into Capricorn on 11 June.

P.P.S.: Especially as we step into Eclipse Season, you might find it useful to travel back to the Equinox Gateway of newness to ground certain things before more shifts ripple our personal and collective landscapes. This is always available to you, so feel free to sit with this idea up to and even through the do-over Aries New Moon which is also the Total Solar Eclipse on April 19/20.

Astrologer Elizabeth Jones in her Solar Aries Star Beacon offering (which I read weeks after completing the Equinox Cauldron call with Hekate as our guide) has this to say about the “Mystical Balsamic Moon Phase” :

“During this time we will be crossing two thresholds simultaneously… one Lunar and one Solar. You may feel as though there are multiple doorways available to you to and from the higher realms. The energies can feel quite surreal and otherworldly to the point where you feel as though you are being drawn into the liminal space between realms. While somewhat disorienting it is also quite magical in some most intriguing ways. Perhaps you are shown a vision of what your Soul Dream is for the coming Zodiac cycle. Take note of this as well as insights and messages that come through now as there [sic] are likely to be important going forward.”

If her words are resonating with you, I invite you to join us on the Equinox call. The Present Moment of the two thresholds (solar and lunar) of which she speaks is available on that call, and we certainly did enter the liminal space. No energy can be held captive by space-time. You can go back to it with the call again and again to get those all-important insights and messages.