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Aries New Moon, Take Two!

Wow! Today is the first North Node Aries Eclipse since the early years of this century. It’s also happening right on between (conjunct each) my Taurus Moon and my personal North Node in Aries.

I am going to post just a few things here and then go quiet and dark until this first of two eclipses is past.

The first is a checklist for how to work with this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, and then a card and crystals I pulled to support us through it.

I’ll probably add more information tomorrow or Friday in between facilitating the second leg of Eclipse Crossing and channeling Akashic Records for a dear friend, so please come back.

In the meantime, know that:

(1) Solar eclipses are extra-powerful new moons

(2) The Aries new moon is always the one with the strongest energy of “new beginnings” [present at all new moons]

(3) This is the SECOND Aries new moon, making it an extra-potent “Black Moon”

(4) This is a TOTAL/ANNULAR hybrid eclipse, which is a rare and extremely potent variety; and

(5) Since the first Aries New Moon right after the equinox, the entire planetary landscape has changed: Venus moved from Taurus to Gemini, Mars moved from Gemini to Cancer, and–the biggest astrological headline of these 5 years–Pluto moved from Capricorn to Aquarius for the first time in 250 years. It’s a big deal.

This “do over” isn’t really a do-over at all, but a gateway into something completely new and unprecedented.

This energy deserves to be sat with.

In other words, the next two decades of your life start tonight/tomorrow, and it would very much serve you to sit with what you would like to create.

Tomorrow in the second leg of Eclipse Crossing we will be ritually setting intentions for the period which is just opening up, as well as getting sneak-preview answers about it from the Akashic Record Keepers.

If you would like to join us for this, it is definitely not too late. The most opportune moment for building your next 20 years will be captured in the recording, so that you can rewind the clock as often as you like to set and update them.

Honestly, this alone is worth the price of admission, which I have kept deliberately low. Moreover, I’ve offered a number of different payment options, but if these don’t work for you, let’s work out something that will. I want everyone to be able to say yes to themselves at this pivotal moment in our planetary timeline.

Here is where you can sign up.

Please share with your friends for whom this might resonate as well, with my gratitude. They’ll thank you, too, because I’ve set up a  special $99 rate for any friend who signs up after you. (I will share the code once you’ve registered; you can split the cost amongst yourselves as you see fit.)

Let’s link arms and travel through this season of dramatic change together.

These journeys are fun, quite magickal, filled with jaw-dropping information that hasn’t been known on Earth in an age. I’m always in awe of what comes through, both in the channeled portions and in the drummed journeys. One particular feature is that people’s intuitive or oracular gifts wake up or go through a massive growth spurt. It’s amazing to watch…

Your Eclipse Checklist

 Stay as grounded, rested, nourished + hydrated as possible
 Self-care is 5x more important now than usual! Lean into comfort + what brings you pleasure
 Be mindful when choosing to consume caffeine, alcohol, excessive sugar or anything else that you know shortens your fuse
 Give yourself the gift of slowing down and being in nature: put away your phone for a few minutes, walk slowly, hug a tree, take off your shoes if there’s no risk of frostbite; the energy you will exchange with Gaia in this way is precious to you and to her
 Practice deep breathing, earthing, meditation, yoga, non-judgment, journaling, feeling your feelings, visualization—anything that helps you stay centered in your own experience
 Understand that you might feel anxious as the eclipse approaches; remind yourself it’s not (only) you—these are universal energies and stressors
 Cry if you want to
 Slather all people (including yourself) with a liberal amount of patience + compassion
 Allow yourself plenty of time to get places; expect traffic to be a mess and plan accordingly
 Likewise, acknowledge that tech might be especially glitchy, so back up devices, save your work often, and be ready for things to take longer than usual; if they don’t—rejoice!
 Lay low when eclipse energy is strongest (between 9pm and 3 am Wednesday night into Thursday morning ET)—there is less opportunity for getting tripped up in the shockwave that way
 Expect the unexpected, both personally + collectively; things that have long been hidden or shadowy burst through into consciousness at these times
 Be aware that eclipse energies often happen as “aftershocks”—hours, days, or even weeks after the actual eclipse
 Eclipse Season is a portal time, an “entre-deux” (in-between moment) between the death of the old world and the birth of the new one; this is especially true for the Total Solar Eclipse of 19/20 April
 Recognize that institutions (people, corporations, government entities, accepted modes of conduct, etc.) may suddenly disappear
 Surrender to what is rather than resisting; it might be highly activating, so feel your feelings, but fighting it will just exhaust and deplete you further (this is easier said than done, I know!)
 Trust that everything happens for a reason, even if you’re initially livid about it, and remember that we don’t know what we don’t know
 Release what you’ve outgrown proactively (I’ll be journaling and taking a salt bath) to avoid painful “stripping”
 Ask for help, even before you’re sure you’ll need it
 Offer to help before you’re asked; all parties will benefit more than anyone understands in the moment
 This eclipse closes the 19-year loop in time since the previous Aries Solar Eclipse on 19 April 2004; review what ended and began then to help you understand this arc in your life as a new 19-year cycle begins (my own review turned up things that astonished me, as I was not tuned in to eclipses at the time)
 Remind yourself that Eclipse Season only lasts about 6-8 weeks and only comes around twice a year—the intensity WILL eventually lessen
 Eclipse Season and Mercury retrograde (which officially begins on the 21st but is basically in place at this New Moon Solar Eclipse), are times of enhanced intuition; take note of and find comfort in messages you get from Nature, your guides, your body, oracle cards, crystals—whatever it is that you find most “speaking”
 Remember that this is an Aries New Moon (the second this month, making it a very powerful “Black Moon” so set your intentions (for the month, for the year, and for the next 19 years!) after the Sun moves into Taurus around 5 am ET
 Know that there is plenty of support out there, both during and after Eclipse Season; here are some doorways to insight I am offering:


  • Eclipse Crossing is an 8-week adventure designed specifically to help us all through this unprecedented period of shifting landscapes and new horizons; it’s definitely not too late to join
  • If some endings are painful or hard to understand, consulting your Akashic Records (or the records of your business or group if you have one) is one of the most healing + comforting things you can do because we can keep drilling down until we get to total clarity on the “why” of the event, as well as the best, most empowered steps to take going forward
  • In June I’m offering a deep dive into astrology, Akashic Records, crystals, and alchemy I’m calling Pluto’s Playground; stay tuned for more to be unveiled soon
  • Maybe you’d like a ritual channeled just for you (it might include special crystals or a custom-blended anointing oil), cord-cutting, a crystal reading, or an extended period of spiritual mentorship; if so, let’s set up a time to talk about creating some magick together

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free, and especially during this season of intensity!

Remember to Own Your Magick, now more than ever.

All my Love + Devotion,

P.S.: Here is the card that came for this eclipse, and it is SO aligned. You just can’t make this stuff up!! It’s from Rebecca Campbell’s Rose Oracle deck: TRUST THE SEASONS.

TRUST THE SEASONS from Rebecca Campbell’s Rose Oracle deck

Embracing change. Cycles of life. Transition. Growth.

Our disconnection from the Earth and Her seasons leads us to believe that we should be in full bloom all year round. That we should grow, grow, grow without leaving space to cut back. When we focus on the never-ending bloom, we forget the importance of all of life’s phases.

The rose, like all of nature, teaches us this every day. She’s forever showing us how to embrace the ever-changing seasons in an ever-changing world. We’re not meant to stay the same. Relationships aren’t meant to stay the same. Life isn’t meant to stay the same. Nothing on this planet is meant to stay the same. The seasons teach us that. Night and day teach us that. Time and age teach us that. Birth and death teach us that. We may return to a place, a person, but things won’t be exactly as they were, for everything and everyone is forever changing. Nothing is static.

The more we try to control things and keep them the same, the further away from the flow of Life and ourselves we get. Change can be scary for it means surrendering to the unknown of being in the in-between. To being not who you were and not quite who you’ll become. It requires a trust in the transformation. In the death in order for the rebirth to occur. And a deep reverence for all the seasons of our life.

The more we resist change, the further away we are from who we’re becoming. When we embrace change, we embrace Life and nature and are forever becoming.