Rhodochrosite for Eclipse Season

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Tender Support for Rough Times

Dear one, we are in the deep throes of Eclipse Season. Be gentle with yourself and everyone around you.

We just had an intense–repeat!–New Moon in Aries which was also a Total or Annular Solar Eclipse depending on where you were located on the planet last Wednesday/Thursday (19/20 April).

It was the first North Node eclipse in Aries (a sign that is naturally initiatory and pulls no punches) in nearly 2 decades.

Add to that emphasis on new beginnings the fact that this is the first eclipse where Saturn is in Pisces since the first Clinton administration, and Pluto is in Aquarius for the first time since the American Revolution.

It’s a totally new, and potentially disorienting, landscape.

And already a lot to be getting on with.

But wait, there’s more! The lunar eclipse coming up on 5 May is the one to watch out for.

This eclipse, like all Lunar Eclipses, is an extra-intense Full Moon. But this one is also…

In Scorpio (the sign of the edge-walker, things you need to see your therapist for, and exxxxtra-deep feelings that might be very close to erupting).

On the South Node (where things you are used to, or perhaps counting on, are often suddenly flushed away without notice).

The final eclipse in a series that began in late 2021. It’s closing a chapter. Lots of things are ending, but we likely won’t be prepared for them to go.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the emotional peak of Eclipse Season, and potentially the most challenging Full Moon of 2023. It might sting.

I am certainly not immune to all this intensity! This is why I was called to do a short channeling from the Akashic Records of Rhodochrosite, a very sweet pink stone that nourishes the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras.

The card that came with it was The Crowning from Rebecca Campbell’s amazing Rose Oracle deck.

I’ll eventually be adding intro and outro music and posting the recording as part of my podcast, but I wanted to get it out immediately while so many are feeling things so very profoundly.

Listen below and download it if you like. Please send your friends to this page if you think they’d enjoy it.

Key frequencies to hold onto during these weeks: gentleness, tenderness, groundedness, steadiness (especially in the face of big surprises), forgiveness of self and others, spaciousness, generosity of heart, slowing down as much as possible, savoring the moment, the sensuality of Nature (flowers, trees, birds, the Earth), the sensuality of your body and connection with others, delight, abundance, beauty, the inseparable miracles of death-and-rebirth.

Remember to Own Your Magick!
May our Winged Hearts fly ever free.


P.S.: Finally, I am guiding an Eclipse Season journey right now called Eclipse Crossing. I am holding space for alchemy and steadiness as we traverse these uncharted territories (they feel more like seas, actually) through the many energetic peaks and valleys of April and May 2023.

We are all being shifted, upgraded, alchemized. I find that experiencing all of that change (it really does feel like an onslaught right now) while held in the tight container of Unconditional Love and Wisdom of the Akashic Records can make all the difference. Moving through it collectively can make all of the difference. Opening up your Inner Eye in this moment of vastly-expanded intuition can make all the difference.

Won’t you join us? Find out more here about how to sail through this doozie of an eclipse season with divine support.