Beltane/Lunar Eclipse Portal Today!

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It’s the Peak of Eclipse Season AND a Massive Activation of the Wheel of the Year!

Holy Smokes! Today’s energy is a Solar powerhouse (essentially activating all the cross-quarter holy days–half of the Wheel of the Year) and a Lunar one as well–the culminating point of Eclipse Season, and the closing of an 18-month cycle (think back to what was going on for you in November of 2021) as well as May 2004.

The exact midpoint between Equinox and Solstice–High Beltane–is today, not May Day, so I tend to celebrate the whole week, because why not celebrate the Goddess, abundance, fecundity, increase, flowering, new growth, and all the fruits of the material plane for many days running?!

Today is also the peak of Eclipse Season: the final South Node Eclipse in Scorpio for a few decades (whew!!).

It’s closing out a major chapter of our lives. What specific chapter depends on your birth chart, of course, but it’s happening in Scorpio, which is the most intense sign of the Zodiac.

It’s a lunar eclipse, which is the most intense kind of Full Moon (fortunately it’s not a full Blood Moon, which is absolutely the most intense Full Moon possible, but only a penumbral (dusky) lunar eclipse).

AND it is happening close to the South Node, which is all about karmic release. These kinds of eclipses FLUSH things away.

The things that get flushed out were things that were in the way of us achieving our highest life expression, but at the same time, “losing” them feels very disorienting–they were major features of our lives, things we were counting on to always be there for us!

There was just such an eclipse on 31 December 2009, and the next day I quit my tenured career as a French professor, for which I had been training virtually since I was in utero, but at least since age 2.

For years I thought it was a Total Eclipse/Blood Moon because it had swallowed up 40 years of professional training/focus in one fell swoop, but no! It was “just” a penumbral!

This is a day which calls for radical self-care. I know that’s a phrase which gets thrown around a lot, but I want you to really feel all 3 words.

Create good boundaries.

Nourish yourself with “Soul Foods” (probably not actual food!).

Hydrate copiously!

Rest your body and your mind and your spirit luxuriantly.

Give yourself and all those around you 3 extra servings of Grace today.

Know that something big will likely be flushed away today or in the coming days.

Give yourself the grace of expecting that “something big” even if you don’t know what it is. It’s likely to be something that you’ve always counted on to just be there, just like me with my “lifelong” career in French.

Last week in Eclipse Crossing (my latest journey/adventure, through this life-altering eclipse season) I channeled a piece about the landscape changing for everyone.

The Keepers noted that it will be like suddenly losing a tooth: it will feel like a huge gap that abruptly makes a very familiar landscape (where your tongue sits 24/7) feel alien.

Just as when an adult tooth pushes out a baby/milk tooth, something more aligned with your future is on the way to replace the one you’ll be “losing” in the wake of this eclipse.

I have to say that Eclipse Crossing is pretty amazing. I realized recently that I’m actually doing it for myself first and foremost. Somewhere in my consciousness I could tell that my usual eclipse protocols just weren’t going to cut it this time.

The same thing happened at the end of 2019 when I was powerfully called to create “Magick + Manifestation Through Eclipse Season” and my mother ended up transitioning off the Earth plane 9 hours before it kicked off. Wow…. I was really going to need a lot of support then!

It’s a mix of Akashic Records channeling and drummed journeying/visualization, which is how I do all of my group work now. The texture is very much like “Marry Your Intuition,” and all my other recent offerings both longer and shorter, but focusing on the shifting energies we are moving through RIGHT NOW.

The original rate was set at a super-low $333 for what will likely be over 12 hours of mighty material, but I’ve offered a $99 bring-a-friend rate now that we are so far underway. Split the cost with as many friends as you’d like to bring along–I don’t need or want to know anything about it.

Yes, I know it’s important to be paid for my gifts, especially when the Sun is in Taurus, which is all about being paid for your gifts and skillsets. AND I have been grieving that so much profound and useful and healing wisdom is not reaching more people.

Please consider joining me or sharing the link with friends.

Registration remains open through all of Eclipse Season, but if you want to ease your way through today’s choppy energetic waters, you’ll get information on how to join us for today’s call right up until the eclipse is exact at 1:34 ET.

Speaking of mid-points: Today is the half-way point of the journey and all of the other calls and cards and crystals as well as the energy of the exact Moon phases themselves are available for all time on the member page.

(Turn back the clock and set new intentions for the Total Solar Eclipse/Aries New Moon on the call occurring at the peak moment for intention setting, good for 12 months and the 19-year cycle that kicked off that day!)

On this journey, we keep going through the start of June because often eclipse surprises drop several weeks after the actual eclipse.

Some people have asked me if I’m doing ritual today for High Beltane. I am, but it’s within the container of Eclipse Crossing. But it’s more than just ritual, it’s an integration of ALL the energies of today, plus the guidance of a special card chosen for today and crystals which have come to guide, soothe and inspire us!

I have to say, the card that came is such an inspiration and really helped me to reframe my apprehension about the intensity into a knowing that we’ve all been waiting for the alignment piece which is landing now. Maybe we’ve been waiting for it for LIFETIMES!!

Here is where you can join us for all the fun and the wisdom, and the LOVE! (Really, there’s just SO much love being poured out from the Divine Plane! It’s astonishing and sometimes takes a while to integrate! Fortunately, we do that in our journey as well.)

Whatever you choose to do today, be sure to ground yourself in JOY. This 5/5/5 portal is a time of Divine Shifting. It can be more comfortable if you embrace the changes.

If you’re like me, you know that there are lots of things about the world which need to go. We’re carrying too much of the old crap to get through the gateway into the New World being ushered in. What are you being asked to release in order to step through?

Own Your Magick.

Light Your Fires.

Honor the Goddess and her Green Earth we stand on.

Smell the roses. Wear your Green. Make a flower crown and wear it proudly. Remember that abundance is yours.