5 May 2021 Event

Greetings, and thank you for joining me for this Beltane double-header.

This is the page where you can listen to the Journey event AND the channeling from the Akashic Records of the Sphinx. Simply scroll down.

How to prepare and what to bring:

Prepare by choosing a quiet place to participate live or asynchronously. Take a few breaths and ask your guides to set sacred space for you as you listen. As much as possible, close other tabs and turn off notifications so that you can stay present and free from distraction.

When listening to the Sphinx Transmission, do not be driving! You’ll be touching the Godhead, and this is radically incompatible with operating heavy machinery. See below for essential post-transmission grounding techniques.

Also, have plenty of water available to stay hydrated as you listen. The same is true to a lesser extent for the drummed journey.

You might also want to bring a journal or something to take notes with. You can also light a candle and/or burn some incense if that feels appropriate. We will be working with intentions at this Gate of Change, so you will want to note them for empowerment upon your altar.

With no further ado, here are the recordings you’re looking for:

Sphinx Transmission from the Akashic Records

Be sure to drink plenty of water as you listen! And be very deliberate with your post-listening grounding before getting behind the wheel of a car. This may sound redundant, but WOW, it’s so important.


Post-Transmission Grounding techniques:

If you know me at all, you know that I am a crystal maven. (Some have called me the “crystal whisperer” but I am not—crystals do not need behavior modification! I do love to talk to my crystalline companions however.)

That said, there is no crystal big enough or grounding enough to bring you back to Earth after one of my transmission. Shiva Linghams are routinely cited as the most grounding ones around and I have one that weighs 16 pounds (7.25 kg) and it STILL doesn’t do the trick. Sure, a Black Tourmaline is great to have around, but putting one in your pocket is insufficient. Do that AND two or three of these other techniques:

• Weather permitting, go outside barefooted and walk and the earth for several minutes at least; this is a great way to re-connect to Gaia and your own body
• In less barefoot-friendly weather, hug a tree to your chest for at least 5 minutes; breathe in and feel the life-force flowing up to you from the tree’s roots buried deep in the ground
• Do a few stretches or yoga poses to help you feel fully integrated with your body
• Visualize roots growing out from the soles of your feet digging down through the building where you’re located, through the foundation and down, down, down and around each other until the soil begins to feel warm again (stop before it gets too hot from the Earth’s molten core); this should take several minutes
• Drink plenty of water—several glasses at least
• Eat some grounding foods: proteins are grounding (nuts are good), mineral-rich foods like apples, root vegetables, especially those that are cooked with salt (a good excuse for a handful of potato chips or sweet potato fries!)

Drummed Journey through the Portal of Change

We start with a meditation to ground ourselves and open us up to higher wisdom. Then we travel to a meeting with the Sphinx herself! You can listen to this as often as you like, pausing the recording to get your answers (perhaps different ones each time, or deeper insights into earlier answers) for as long as you need.

Those who were on live have let me know how powerful this was in terms of orientation. I wasn’t expecting to have her speak through me, but there you go! Be sure to ground yourself again after listening.


Crystal Guidance
for this Beltane Passage

I pulled these stones as we were in the energy of this event on 5/5. If crystals don’t resonate for you, you can ignore them, but if they DO speak to you, as they do to me, I find crystal wisdom to be profound and always uncanny in terms of being incredibly situationally appropriate. This pull was no exception.

In this case, we have (in order of big-to-small):

Sunstone (orange): Stone of Aligned Leadership and the Divine Masculine (holding the container for the growth of the Feminine) This activates the Solar Plexus, and it sparkles, support us shining our own Light.

Mookaite (reddish-brown): this is a CORRECTION. I initially thought that this was Bronzite (another stone of the Divine Masculine) but after the event as I was photographing the stones, this is clearly Mookaite Jasper, an amazing stone out of Western Australia. Mookaite is such a loving stone–it always feels to me like an ancient grandfather energy that wants the best for us. It is reputed to reset one’s DNA to original settings; some think of it as a Fountain-of-Youth stone, but I love the sense of return-to-original-good. (This reminds me of the discussion of paradigm shift in the Sphinx Transmission.)

Quantum Quattro (blue): I generally call this stone Chrysocolla (one of the 4 component minerals of Quantum Quattro), but this time It wanted the broader name. This is a stone of the High Heart chakra, assisting emotional release, but also loops in the Third Eye. Think: Inner Truth (can you see how this relates to the gifts at the Gate of Change?) In the aftermath of the drummed journey, I can see how the Chrysocolla was working ME as the Sphinx spoke through me. I generally describe this as a stone asking you to use animal noises or non-verbal vocalizations to lift calcified emotions off the heart. I did notice those sounds coming through me, but was unable to either slow it down or consider it in the moment.

Lepidolite (violet): Heart stone known as the “Stone of Peace” Lepidolite is another combination stone, bringing together Lithium (the mineral traditionally used to promote emotional balance in those with bi-polar disorder) and Mica, a sparkly stone that also assists us in shining our Light in the world.

Bloodstone (dark green): A jasper like Mookaite, this is a stone of Courage. Dark green with spots of red, Bloodstone activates the heart as well as the Root, grounding and fortifying the heart. It assists spiritual warriors in having the courage to keep moving forward in the face of the unknown.

In my system of crystal pulls, the first and last stones are the headlines and work together. How does the bright light and aligned leadership of Sunstone cooperate with the courage of Bloodstone, for you?

Finally, note that there are FIVE stones for this 5/5/5 event! You can’t make this up!! (When I got this note from a live listener, I was thinking of the Quantum Quattro activating the 5th chakra.)

After the event, I would dearly love to hear back from you about your take-aways from the transmission and the intentions you were working with for the journey. Please reach out over social media channels if we are connected that way, or via email at elizabeth@elizabethlocey.com

Finally, if you would like to deepen into this work, let’s talk about the ways to do that. There is room in my Ritual Space program where we celebrate the wheel of the year and wherein I offer masterclasses (altar creation, crystal magick, astrology, and more) on alternate months. Or if you are looking for the answers to your burning questions about purpose and direction in this current and past lives, I’d love to channel your Akashic Records with you in a Wisdom Portal.

May the Blessings of Beltane be showered upon you!

Own Your Magick, Beloved.

P.S.: If you have friends whom you think would enjoy or benefit from this event, please do share the registration page with them with my thanks: https://elizabethlocey.com/events/beltane-passage/

Here, once again, is Jen Duchene’s Soul Portal 23, my guide and inspiration for this event.

This image is copyrighted (I don’t have a watermarked copy, alas) so please do not share it! Instead, get your own deck–I promise you’ll want to name your kids after me for the recommendation, it’s so good.  Please tell her I sent you.


I really do use my deck every day.