Akashic Beltane

Activate Your Creative and Abundance Codes in the Akashic Records at High Beltane

The Cross-Quarter Holy Day of Beltane is upon us!

This fire festival celebrates (and magickally plants the seeds of) fertility and abundance.

A thousand years ago and more–well before people could shop at their local Albertson’s or order what they needed online–a fruitful year was truly a matter of life and death for the community. A bumper crop and many livestock were needed so that the community could make it through the coming winter.

To hedge their survival bets, men and women would go out into the fields to make love; thus the turned earth beneath them would be symbolically empowered with life-force as the humans’ sexual meeting reached its climactic apex.

This was a re-enactment of the Hieros Gamos, or sacred union of the God and Goddess, the Maiden Huntress and the Horned One; the Queen and her Consort for the re-creation of the world.

All over the countryside, fires were lit to call in the elemental magick of the life-giving spark.

The May Pole around which women would dance and weave their ribbons was not arbitrarily phallic. It’s meant to be obviously so: honoring the sacredness of sexuality and the possibility of new life so that the group could live on for another turning of the Wheel of the Year.

Though Beltane, also known as May Day, is traditionally celebrated on May the first, as it represents the midpoint between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice, it is astrologically exact only when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus. This year, High Beltane is on the 5th of May in the Americas.

LIVE Activation Call at 7 pm Eastern/4 Pacific on 5 May

If you cannot make it live, the replay is available with no waiting at the link. Register here

Why participate in a Beltane Activation from the Akashic Records?

Most years, Beltane is all about the promise of new life, of RENEWAL. In the Northern Hemisphere it comes at a time when in most places the green of new grass and leaves on the trees is inescapable. Flowers are bursting forth with their beauty and sex organs on luscious display. Bees are buzzing, birds are chirping, and the whole world seems to be celebrating the promise of a new cycle.

This year more than most we are all witnesses to a NEW kind of rebirth.

We don’t know what the future brings. Judging by Nature’s response (healing the holes in the Ozone Layer, re-establishing a balance between animals and humanity on land and in the sea), it will be good, but Her priorities are different than humanity’s patriarchal, capitalistic, dominance-based ones.

Venus-ruled Beltane holds the promise of the new in terms of money or abundance, new creations (literal new life as in the wombs of cows, ewes, sows, hens, but also all the bright ideas we will need, as a society, to be birthing right now), beauty, art, and relationships.

We are already in the shadow of Venus’s Retrograde movement, as we move steadily towards her entrance into official retrograde on 13 May and her transition from an Evening Star to a Morning Star on 3 June (her Morning Star status won’t be visible for a while).

Venus Rx periods often signal challenges with Venusian themes of love, partnerships of all kinds, money, beauty, pleasure/sex and sensuality, and creativity. But we’re already seeing these play out very large in our lives: many people have lost their incomes; most are staying home, with the result that too much closeness has started to feel intense and problematic for some; we might feel we’re. not allowed to have fun, especially if what we typically do for fun is to go out with other people; intimacy might be a too much/too little scenario, and we can only really appreciate Nature’s lushness through the window.

Activating Light Codes in our fields around these issues through the Akashic Records is going to help us deal with the Venus Rx themes. Plus, to settle our curious brains, we will simultaneously be getting answers in words to our questions about this rebirth we are undergoing.

Back on 4 February, I held an impromptu Akashic Imbolc call (Imbloc being the previous Cross-Quarter day) and the main message there was that those who chose to consciously engage with the energy were going to be reforged in preparation for April. Bwahaha! No one knew what that meant!! Well, now we know… Just a simple matter of our lives and seemingly reliable touchpoints (the economy, education, any plans we had for the next months or years) tossed into the air like an unbound deck of cards.

If the instability of this pandemic period is getting to you, come ground yourself with my Akashic Beltane Activation.

Remember that energy is not subject to the “laws” of space and time, so whenever you listen and participate, it is LIVE for you! Listen as many times as you feel you’d like to re-empower the activation, even years from now!

Join me by registering below for $15 in honor of Beltane’s placement at 15 degrees of Taurus.

Akashic Beltane Activation


I’ll see you on the other side with call-in details or a direct link to the recording.

Buckets of Beltane Blessings to you, dear one!

May our Winged Hearts fly ever free, at this Beltane and beyond!