The Akashic Records:
Transformative Life + Business Guidance For High-Level Entrepreneurs

What ARE the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an ethereal library filled with all the wisdom of the world. In some traditions it is called the Book of Life. Others call it the Collective Unconscious or Universal Mind.

“Akashic Records” is a term coined by Edgar Cayce and it refers to an ethereal archive (“akasha” is the Sanskrit word for “ether”) where all information is held.

When people have a near-death experience and say “my life flashed before my eyes,” that is the human brain connecting to the vastness of the Akashic Records.

As powerful a processor as our brains are, they cannot process every moment of our current lifetimes and grok it in a single second; thus the speeded-up film experience. If your Records are a library, the first rows of stacks contain all the experiences from your current incarnation; deeper into the stacks are previous incarnations.

The biggest things and the seemingly tiniest things about you are all held here, in addition to drafts for the future. Now, it is almost impossible for the human brain to think outside the framework of space and time BUT for the Keepers of the Records who have never been human, knowing what our “future” (to them everything occurs in a single present moment) decisions will be is not complicated. However, they do operate under the directive of Free Will. Even when consulting our Records, we are meant to exercise choice.

These Keepers (also called Guardians) are just that: they guard the sanctity of the Akashic Records against those who would seek to use this information in others’ Records, but this cannot happen. During WWII, the Nazis applied considerable effort and investment to “breaking” the Records of the Allies. It would have been very useful to them to know the secret plans of their adversaries, but no matter how much money or manpower they threw at the Allies’ Records, they could never get in. The Akashic Records are holy, sacred, and utterly inviolate. Even as a consultant, I cannot get into your Records without your permission or see anything there without your express wish.

Why is looking into your Akashic Records such a powerful experience?

Your Record contains everything you’d ever want to know about yourself. And a whole lot you never even thought to ask about, to boot. If you’re in business for yourself–thus requiring you to handle your “stuff” before it undermines your work–or if you just want to be the all-around best person you can be in this lifetime, the Records contain the information you need to do just that.

You can use your consultation to ask how to grow your business, how to better serve the clients you do have, how to find new and better clients, what the best ways to motivate or market yourself might be, how to make more of an impact and more money while expending less time and energy, how to find your True + Brilliant Path… Basically anything you want to know about yourself.

Working in your Records is also super-healing. While you’re there, you are surrounded by Pure Love, Divine Light, and you know that you are completely supported. I tend not to talk about this aspect too much because it’s a little different every time, but the answers that come out of your Records are Healing Truths.

People emerge from their Records feeling energized, more alive than ever, and ready to blaze their new path.

On occasion, a trip to your Records will be particularly healing, and bring up beliefs that you need to release. This is why I always recommend taking it easy after a consultation, and to take a salt bath that evening.

After a heavily-salted bath (20 minutes or more and 5 times the amount of salt you think should be necessary) and about 3 liters of water down your throat, you’ll emerge as a New Person, fresh, clean, and no longer weighed down by those things that no longer serve you.

The Akashic Records are like a Sacred Internet

Did I really just say that? I did. But what I really meant was that the Internet is like a 3D version of the Akashic Records. The Records have existed for eons, but some of us are old enough to remember when the Internet was brand spanking new.

(I also think the Internet is a key component to the evolution of the world as a prelude to the Grand Shift of 2012, and an excellent example of how the process of Manifestation works, but that’s a story for another day. Ask me, though, and I’ll enjoy sharing.)

How the Internet and the Akashic Records are Similar:

  • They are both etheric libraries: Both the Internet and the Akashic Records contain vast–unfathomable–amounts of information that is being updated all the time, and they can both be consulted fairly easily. One is located in cyber-space, and the other in cosmic space; essentially the same thing.
  • They both offer exceptional answers to pretty much any question you can think of: Enough said. (Pretty cool, though, huh?)
  • They are so vast that they can only be accessed with search terms: You wouldn’t expect to go online and find what you’re looking for without a url or search terms, and the same is true of your Records. The name with which you most identify is like a url for the Records: it takes me to the correct “site,” so to speak. Moreover, your personal Records are so voluminous that I can’t see anything at all until you ask a specific question.
  • They both make life easier. Without the internet, mere humans would have a hard time knowing what the next week’s weather will be like, 200 new recipes for bok choy and radishes,, or what time to show up at the cinema. Do we need to know those things? Probably not, but if your CSA box was full of leafy greens and you’ve got a date to see the latest film with a friend, you’d better know either how to whip up your greens quickly or when the next showtime might be. The same is true for your Records: sure, you can go through life without knowing what your greatest strengths are–most people do–but wouldn’t it be easier if you did?

Just as we all have the right to go online and search the web, consulting our Akashic Records is our Divine Birthright. There are some countries where citizens don’t have the right to access certain websites, and we call those countries dictatorships. No one should be denied access to the internet. By the same token, each one of us has the right to access our own Records. It’s our Divine Birthright.

In fact, our Records send us information all the time: this is what we call intuition, hunches, gut feelings, or déjà vu.

Without an ISP, it’s hard to get online and find answers. The same is true of the Akashic Records. While everyone has the right to consult them, most people haven’t developed the skill of opening them consciously to find specific answers to specific questions.

In this way, an Akashic Records consultant like Elizabeth is like an internet service provider: if you have one, you can decide to get on (in) and search for specific information at any time. If you don’t have one, you have to be satisfied with what information reaches you. Hiring a consultant is a lot more efficient than waiting for flashes of insight to show up.

These are your Records, and it is your divine birthright to know all that you can about yourself.

An Akashic Records Consultation is a great gift to yourself or to someone else, at a time of transition (coming-of-age, leaving home for the first time, marriage, birth, divorce, new job, etc.), or anytime you need some clarity.

A consultation can bring greater understanding of your Path, or your motives, or what your best course of action might be in a certain situation. Please remember that while the past may appear fixed, the future is fluid: Free Will is an abiding tenet of the Records, so you can always choose to follow–or not–what the Keepers suggest as your best Path, and of course the decisions and actions of others may have a direct impact on how the future unfolds.

The Records are held in the vibration of Love, so no judgment is ever implied (this part was added by human leaders of major religions in order to control people). Enjoy browsing these pages, and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.