All Set for Activation

You’re all set to join the call or the replay!

This link will take you to the LIVE CALL starting at 7 pm Eastern OR to the downloadable replay if the live event is over:

If you want to join live by phone, dial in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199#

How do I prepare?

For both the Live Call and the Replay activation, you’ll want to set sacred space for yourself in whatever way you prefer. It’s also good to close other browser windows, bring your journal to jot the resonant parts down, and to light a candle to intentionally bring in the Divine Flame.

Since this is Beltane, a Venusian Holy Day, adorning your space with greenery or flowers is the perfect way to partner with this energy.

After listening, or if you have to leave early, please CALL YOUR SPIRIT BACK before doing anything else, or you will likely feel very loopy. Simply say, out loud, “I call my spirit back” {from the Akashic plane} as many times as you feel you need to in order to fully re-integrate your body.