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Schedule Your Mini Akashic
Eclipse Reading

Hello, and thank you for your purchase!

This eclipse season is a doozie, so let’s get started right away. Find a time on my scheduler below (click the button that says “set time zone” to get started if it’s displaying your correct zone).


You should be receiving a pdf about the session in your inbox any second, but I’ll also share the information here, so that you have it:

Here is what you need to know about your Mini Akashic Eclipse Reading.

The appointment will last no longer than 30 minutes, but you’ll want to schedule extra time afterwards to get grounded. Find a time on my scheduler (above).

You will be calling in to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199# at your appointment time. I’ll send you a link if you’re outside the US. Everyone will get a link with your recording, so that you can refer to your answers in the future.

You will be asking 2 questions once I open your Records, so please bring this sheet with you. The questions are:

  • What do I need to know about my role in the emerging paradigm? In what ways will it behoove me to shift my perceptions to best step into this role?
  • Is there anything else the Keepers would like to share with me at this time

Reminders if you have never been in your Akashic Records before:

  • Remember to drink plenty of water, both as your Records are open and later. A rule of thumb is to triple your water intake on the day of and the day after a session like this
  • You will have been touching the Godhead for 15 or 20 minutes, so even if you don’t feel it, you WILL be ungrounded. Please do not drive a car until you have eaten grounding foods, drunk plenty of water, done some stretching or mildly vigorous exercise, and/or have walked/lain on the ground for a while, or hugged a tree to your chest for at least 5 minutes (it’s best if you combine a few)
  • You may start feeling expanded or loopy as much as 48 hours before your session; please be aware that this is possible and get grounded accordingly

With a full-length Wisdom Portal, I always schedule an integration call the following day. With these tiny sessions we won’t unless you feel you need one; be aware that there is a charge for my time, of course.

Thank you again for your purchase! If you have any questions, please simply reply to the email which you have just received.

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