Being Mythic


Beloved, take my hand. Let us pass through these mists as they murmer these Truths …

YOU ARE a Mythic Being….

And you’ve spent much of your life trying desperately to hide that fact!

You hid it because it wasn’t safe being so different from everyone else.

You hid it because you were judged and feared—on a cosmic level—when you let others glimpse your divine gifts.

You hid your Mythic Self because, in order to feel loved and accepted, you needed to not outstrip everyone in the room (including parents and teachers) with your dazzling brilliance and beauty.

It was okay to be first in the class, but not to be in a different orbit.

And so you hid, like Superman behind Clark Kent’s glasses and fumbling incompetence.

Out of a sense of self-preservation, you clipped your wings.

You mummified your Legendary Self.

You threw your Excalibur into the lake, desperately hoping that no one would ever find it and trace it back to you.

It was simply more prudent to stay completely buttoned up and invisible.

Irony of ironies: you find, after having spent most of the years of your life and applied all of your considerable influence to burying the Truth of your Chimerical Self, that now you’re being called to UN-bury it.

Today you find that you need to not only grow your wings back, but also to own them and soar.

Now, you are fully conscious of the fact that there’s work to be done, and that you were born to do it. Where did you toss that magick sword again?

This explains why you were always so different: awkward, misunderstood, and under-appreciated. The square peg in the round hole. Or, more appropriately: a Unicorn galloping across an accounting ledger. No wonder you felt out of place! It’s so difficult to compartmentalize a multidimensional creature such as yourself.

So, now what?

You’ve accomplished the Herculean feat of creating all the barriers, walls, halls of mirrors and look-over-theres. Bravo!

But how to undo it all in no time, so that you can stand up to your full height right away and do what you came here to do?

Behold, the Being Mythic program.

An exquisite deep dive into your Legendary Self, Being Mythic doesn’t just reconnect you to the Truth of who you are on the epic, cosmic plane (though it does that too: rediscover or deepen into your divine gifts, reclaim your Sacred Tools, and connect with your magickal multidimensional companions).

Being Mythic goes deep, using art and creativity to reawaken the child who knew who s/he was. It also shines a bright light on your Achilles’ heel, so that it can be loved into wholeness.

Being Mythic is the perfect nest for hatching your Mythic Self, because we go where we need to go in order to untie persistent limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. Release the protections which are no longer needed, and arise as who you truly are, for your powers for Good are needed on Planet Earth at this turning of the Age.

Legendary Times call for Legendary Heroes.

By the end, you’ll feel reborn, made whole, and unbelievably powerful because no longer afraid to own who you are and your fabulous magick. Show up in the world in the mantle of your true, hyper-human glory–all 12 storeys of you, radiant and shimmering, beaming with Love.

This program is for you if:

  • You are feeling called by the words mythic, legendary, and epic; this indicates a strong calling to live AS that in the world
  • You know that you have great gifts that the world can’t afford to miss out on, yet you are not wielding them to the desired degree
  • You know that you have wings but are still afraid of what others might think if they were to see them
  • You feel as though the one-size-fits-all box issued to you by society is either going to break your spirit, or that your spirit will explode the box
  • You’re in a hurry to strip away all the limiting beliefs, fears, and/or sensitivity to judgments you’ve bound and gagged yourself with for w-a-a-a-y too long
  • You know that you want to change the way consciousness is done on this planet
  • You’re eager to balance your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine sides so that you can operate at 100% of your personal power
  • You know that you are a Love Warrior (you’ve outgrown the cherished label of “Light worker”)
  • You yearn to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other Mythic Heroines and Heroes tearing down the final rank vestiges of old patriarchal paradigms
  • Your thirst for making this change in order to show up in a new and commanding way is great
  • Freedom is the name of the game for you: not just your OWN freedom (that goes without saying) but freedom for all the oppressed and downtrodden beings on the planet
  • It is TIME


Each Being Mythic program as tailored to the needs of the individual client, so if this is speaking to you, go ahead and set up a time to talk. Let Elizabeth’s legendary visionary skills help break you out of whatever constricting structure you find yourself in, so that you can unfurl in to your FULL Mythic Proportions.

Your Journey begins with the Legendary Self exploration portal. Please connect with Nadia to get started:

To bring this vision into reality, let’s get down to Earth with some details. Here’s what the “Being Mythic” Program includes:

  • Connector.

    Mythic Self Crystalline Download

    The Heart of the Work. We get answers to clear your core wounds, spend as much time releasing as needed, then meet your Higher Self. This is where the true magick happens: as you are voicing answers from your Higher Self (hello, empowerment!) I am taking a download of “everything you need to become bionic” into a sacred crystal that has chosen you. Clients cherish these for years and delight in showing me their download crystals whenever we meet. Expect this to run 3+ hours and to take the rest of the day off. The beginning of a potent new experience of wholeness in this lifetime

  • Connector.

    Capstone Experience: Being Mythic Retreat

    A 3-day small-group Mythic Self + Divine Child Embodiment retreat in a secluded Blue Ridge mountain cabin. Play. Commune with nature. Mine for gold + gemstones. Dress up. Create art. Tell your Mythic Story. Roast marshmallows. Spread Your Wings! Share a ride with other Mythic Beings to the cabin + from there everything is provided! Limited to you, me, and 3 other Mythic Beings at a time for maximum deepening

  • Connector.

    8 Private Hour-long Calls Over 3 Months

    Like having 3 “Legendary Self” calls per month!! Your Records are always open + you set the agenda: troubleshooting rough spots, Emotional transmutation, cord cutting, future visioning… All scheduled calls are recorded and you will received the download link the same day

  • Connector.

    3 Hours of "ad hoc" Phone Support

    Emotional transmutation works best when the feelings are strongest. Text me when you’re “in it” and as soon as I’m available, I’ll call you back and we’ll process it on the spot. If it’s after 10 pm my time, please email me and we’ll get you sorted the next day

  • Connector.

    Monthly Shared Brilliance Calls with Other Mythic Beings

    All Mythic Beings are brilliant, so every month you’ll have the opportunity to bring your sticky wicket in front of the group to receive their collective intuitive genius on your question

  • Connector.

    Unlimited Emails

    Feel free to email me with questions at any time. I may opt to call you back as that is generally a quicker way to solve anything. Expect a reply by the next business day


If this is sounding delicious, please reach out to my brilliant right-hand-woman Dr. Nadia Brown at who will get the process started for you.

If you connect with me first that’s also lovely, but I will still be sending you over to Nadia, as she is ever so much more capable–and speedy–with processes than I am, and she will get you sorted right away. (Oh, Nadia’s dragon is wicked-smart! Mine is too, but as an ethereal, she tends to glide in other realms most of the time…)