Breathing in the Stars

Night Sky with Stars and Nebula - over Badlands South Dakota


Ground Yourself to the COSMOS +

Experience Divine Expansion


Hello, dear one–


I’m pleased to be able to share with you as a free gift a powerful meditation that I channeled a while back. I use it all the time, myself. Please download and listen as often as you like–every day if that’s what you need.


In just 4 minutes or less, this meditation can shift your entire energy field. As you breathe in the stars and watch them being deposited in all the cells of your body, you are drawing cosmic energy and unconditional divine love into every atom of your being. By the end, you’ll find yourself lit up from the inside with Divine Light. This is the absolute perfect place from which to do intuitive work: you are plugged in, your ego is out of the way, and all tests will be infallible.


Clients have been telling me for years that this is their all-time favorite quickie energy re-alignment tool You can listen here and download it to your laptop, desktop, or devices. Once you know the building blocks of this simple exercise, you can do it anywhere, without the prompting of the audio.


In addition, as I recorded this version, I also toned my many Tibetan Singing Bowls, so you’ll get a mini chakra tune-up as you listen. When you add your info to the box below, you’ll be immediately taken to the page where you can download the meditation (click the photo of the player with earphones) or listen right on the page. .

It’s my great honor and pleasure to share this with you, dear one.

Remember to Own Your Magick,

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