Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Channeling

Shattering the Glass Ceiling–Final Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse

The “glass ceiling” in question may or may not be what you’re thinking, but this is the final eclipse in Capricorn until the end of the decade, and it’s hitting up against the massive ending/beginning portal of January’s stellium when Saturn and Pluto, Ceres and the Sun all met in Capricorn to smash several millennia of beliefs about power and authority within social roles.

My Akashic Guides have shown me that this final eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn pairing will finally allow us to finally reach through that glass ceiling which was well and truly broken back in January but held together by humanity’s belief systems until now.

Does it matter that this eclipse is happening on the US’s Independence Day in most North American time zones? Uh–Yes.

Does it matter that the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 13 degrees of Capricorn, the number of the Goddess/Divine Feminine? You’d better believe it!

It’s so big that I’m offering a channeled wisdom call on it.

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The Keepers made a special point of talking about the soul contract of all who choose to listen to this call as “shifters” of human consciousness on Planet Earth.

Think maybe you’re not ready? The Keepers think you are, and in any case as you listen the Light Codes contained in the audio will provide any needed energetic upgrades.

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