CC Confirmed

You’re on your way to Cosmic Confirmation!

Hello there. Thank you for registering.

Now let’s pick your time: Click the “schedule appointment” button and it will take you to where you can pack a date and time. As of now I’m offering about 3 per month.

If you’re signing up at the last minute (a few hours before you know from an announcement on social media or in a blog, for example, that a call is happening) please know that you won’t be able to sign up for the same-day call. If you’re excited about the same-day call and there’s time before the call is live, please email me to check to see if there’s room; otherwise, just dial in to the numbers below.

Schedule Appointment

When you get yourself scheduled, you’ll receive in your calendar the information about joining the call, but here it is again (please copy and paste to your calendar if your appointment doesn’t show up right away):

Call in at your chosen time to 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199#

There is also a form to complete with your question and some essential do’s and don’ts especially about DIVING! (Don’t even think about it when you’re in the energy of the Records. I nearly backed out of my garage while the garage door was still SHUT one time! That’s not such a small detail to miss, right?) {facepalm} Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I look forward to channeling a great answer that will bring you clarity and graceful forward motion!

Own Your Magick,