Celebrate the Divine Feminine in Full Moon Retreat

Ultra-Rare High Feminine Holy Day combining the Astral Force of the Full Moon and the Venusian Friday the 13th happening in September.

We won’t see this combination again for 30 YEARS!!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the our world today is so stunningly off-kilter (deliberately-set wildfires consuming the lungs of our planet, oceans choked with plastic, fascist governments turning refugee families fleeing unthinkable violence away at borders to name just a few) in large part due to the erasure of the Feminine.

Our Patriarchal culture and Church leaders burned up to 9 million (9 million!!) female Wisdom-Keepers starting in the 15th century in Europe and decimated the indigenous cultures of the Americas, Pacific Islands, and Africa who honored the Feminine Ways as well.

The death toll and cultural losses are incalculable.

We cannot undo the past, but we are here to build a new future! You are reading this now, so you can know that you play a part in this movement to restore Mother Nature and the Feminine-Masculine balance in each human and indeed all life forms to their sacred, revered positions.

The Good News is that we are now living through the death throes of the Patriarchy (whew!)

So instead of despairing, the thing to do is to gather together and amplify the Divine Feminine energies when they show up to assist us in finding our way back to our own Truth, our own Wisdom that our society asked us to put away in a box.

It may not sound like much, but gathering–physically or virtually–to call more Divine Feminine (and her consort the Sacred Masculine) onto Planet Earth generates potent ripples of change.

When we work to restore the Feminine to her rightful place, balancing the Sacred Masculine, we are actively causing an acceleration of the crumbling of the the Patriarchal prejudices, thought patterns, and institutions around us. As we claim our own power, we move the planet forward into its new paradigm.

So, what are the Feminine Ways?

(Available to all, regardless of gender, of course, and some contrast with our current Toxic Masculine cultural paradigm.)

In a nutshell, it’s about CONNECTION and DEPTH.

  • Seeing all of humanity and nature as part of a single, interconnected Web of Life
  • Listening to the whispers or cries of our own inner voices as well as those coming from the stars above us or the Earth below us
  • Being unable to walk blithely by someone who has lost that thread of connection without returning one: a smile, a greeting, a question, a compliment and then following that thread where it leads
  • Knowing when to hang back and when to dive all the way in with someone, based not on what you want or have time for, but based on what they need
  • Allowing and encouraging, not forcing or judging
  • Feeling all the ways we are similar to others (other races/nationalities/genders/belief systems as well as other special of plant or animal life) rather than focusing on perceived differences
  • The Circle vs, the hierarchy
  • Connection, not separation; intimacy (emotional or otherwise), not building walls or putting people in boxes
  • Taking the time to get to know people’s authentic selves

The Sacred Geometry of the Vesica Pisces, adorning the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, UK (the Holy Isle of Avalon).

You may recognize this as part of the Flower of Life symbol. The almond-shaped opening at the center represents the yoni, portal of life.

While the Sun is in Virgo, the Sign of the Priestess (I am a priestess of Avalonian lineage), the Full Moon is opposite in the feminine sign of Pisces.

Avalon was and remains a stronghold of Divine Feminine Wisdom-Keeping in the West. For this astral alignment to happen on the Mutable axis of Virgo-Pisces amplifies the power of the Divine Feminine by calling in Avalonian Priestess Power.

Want to Join my Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon Celebration to Bring These Shifts About?

  • If You’re Local to the South: come to the Venusian 3-Day Retreat at my Atlanta Home, where we deepen together in ritual under the Full Moon, enter Sacred Space in Divine Feminine Embodiment, call forth our Feminine Leadership Skills and much more. Inviting you into my home makes this a supremely intimate experience. Experiential options include all 3 days + 2 overnights in my home, and one-, two-, or 3-day attendance in the healing circle for those who don’t need/desire housingScroll down for details.
  • If You Cannot Come to Atlanta: purchase my curated Divine Feminine Holy Day Ritual-in-a-Box, including candle, incense, custom-made (for this astral alignment) anointing oil, crystal-infused rose water, a goddess card, 5 larger crystals from my personal crystalline community, which have been bathed in Akashic energies for years (Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Blue Kyanite, Shiiva Lingham, and Selenite that I plucked from the hillside in Utah), unhemmed altar cloth, a one-liner message from the Goddess, Passion tea to brew at home, further suggestions for your altar, a Divine Feminine Activation (a doosie).  optional participation in a FB group moderated by me, as well as a love-streamed ritual and a participatory transmission from the Akashic Records of this rare Friday the 13th Harvest Moon event. Scroll down for details.

~ Atlanta 3-Day Retreat ~

Friday, September 13th: 3-11 pm
Saturday, September 14th: 2-10 pm
Sunday, September 15th: 10 am-5 pm

N.B.: This is a women-only retreat. We begin later in the day on Friday and Saturday to take full advantage of the Moon Rays after dark.

You are invited to join me in a Sacred Ritual Retreat.

We will be honoring the Goddess and ourselves/each other AS the Goddess, as well as opening portals to allow for more Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies to flow through the world.

This is not a drop-in event, but one in which the container is held in harmonic frequency. It is a resonant space where Alchemy and Magick can occur.

We are using the astral alignment to open new space on Planet Earth for more Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies and to empower them, not only for ourselves, but for the collective.

It’s time.

If possible, please dress in resonant colors: pink, gold, or green. FYI: tops are more visible in the circle than bottoms.

If you don’t have clothes/tops of these colors, a scarf or other drape will do beautifully. Holding the frequency is easier when our eyes are always in contact with those colors and their vibration works on our bodies simultaneously through the proximity of the colored clothes.

Everything vibrates. Everything carries meaning. Everything is energy.

If you don’t yet know how to hold resonant space, please don’t let that be a deterrent, as you will be taught how to drop into empty presence before you arrive.

Integration and Processing:

There will be plenty of time every day throughout the weekend for integration and processing. Lie in the hammock, jump on the trampoline, color in mandalas with markers or colored pencils, meditate in the grass or my personal sanctuary, write in your journal, take a walk around the block, run in the grass with one of my many pairs of wearable wings, sit in contemplation in one of two climbing-trees, smell the roses…


Friday the 13th Sacred Feminine Circle

We begin after lunch to allow people to arrive from out of town, also so that we have more hours under the bright and shiny Full Harvest Moon. You may arrive to start settling in at 2 pm, and gates open at 3, to be entered in empty presence.

When everyone has passed through the gates and is sitting in Sacred Circle, we will begin by asking each woman to place an object on the altar at the center to represent her intentions for herself and the collective, to be charged by the energy of our Circle during the retreat. Expect shamanic journeying, deep connection with the other sisters, grounding/expansion of your visionary or oracular skills, anointing, eating of foods and imbibing of drinks holy to the Goddess–intended to demonstrate devotion from the inside out as well as to awaken our bodies even more to these energies. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free dinner, followed by a releasing and calling-in fire ceremony under the Full Moon.

This ritual is for personal and collective transformation of the wounds of our Patriarchal culture. This Virgo lunation (with the stellium in Virgo and the Virgo New Moon conjunct Mars) is in many ways about healing our relationship with the Masculine.

As things come up, you might feel raw, so be prepared to howl like a wolf as needed and know that you are held by me, our sister circle, and the Goddess.

This is an opportunity to release the old and embrace the new that does not come around every day. This Full Moon is about dreaming your biggest possible dreams–it’s the final Jupiter-Neptune square–and the clarity and action-taking energies are off the charts.

Moreover, as the Virgo New Moon which sets the tone for the entire lunation of course, the New Moon was a SuperMoon (the most potent of 2019) and exactly trine Uranus in Taurus, who shatters old patterns to help us live in freedom and full alignment with what we value.

It’s time. Let’s do this!


Saturday the 14th Sacred Circle Empowering Feminine Leadership

For those who are overnighting at the house, you may rise in your own time, do your morning rituals, and come down for breakfast at any time. There are Saturday morning Farmer’s Markets, parks, and Nature Centers nearby to explore. Lunch will be available at noon in the house. Gates open at 2 pm, again so that we have more hours under the bright and shiny Full Harvest Moon.

Those not staying over may arrive to start settling into Empty Presence at 1:15 or 1:30 pm.

When everyone has passed through the gates and is sitting in Sacred Circle (you can pick your cushion based on the resonance of the hidden Oracle cards there; the truth is the placement will be picking you rather than the other way around), we will begin with a short integration circle. Sisters who were not able to be present on Friday will place an object representative of her transformational intention for the weekend on the altar to be charged and returned to her home altar or offered to Gaia at the end of the retreat.

For this day, be sure to prepare a question for which you desire illumination or guidance. Each participant will have a Love-Seat session in which the Circle focuses its wisdom on you; your question might specifically address your Divine Feminine Leadership desires, or any other challenge or obstacle facing you in the moment.

Everyone in the circle may offer a key, but it is up to each participant to claim her own healing. Please ask if you’re not sure what this means.

After this Circle, there will be integration time and then vegan, gluten-free, soy-free dinner.

One of the difficulties of leading from the Feminine in our Patriarchal culture is that we have all been taught, all of our lives, that leadership looks like taking power. We’ve been taught that leadership means brooking no weakness. And we’ve been taught that weakness looks like–IS–feminine. We all know this is not true, and we will explore ways in which women can balance the Sacred Masculine structure with the Divine Feminine inspiration and flow through a Hieros Gamos ceremony in the moonlight.
We will close our Circle ritually under the Full Moon by 10 pm.


Sunday the 15th Pilgrimage to Dahlonega and Closing of the Sacred Circle

On Sunday we will begin after breakfast with gates. In Circle, if there are new people, they may state their intentions for the weekend (energy is not bound by space or time, so there is no such thing as “too late”) with an object placed upon our altar for charging. This is also a time to share how the energy of the weekend has “worked” you, as well as any dreams, visions, or ah-ha’s so far. This is a time to voice our Truth. Threads of meaning or connection will light up; it’s up to us to see them, and to speak them. This is potent Magick.

After our morning Circle, we will break into small groups to ride up to Dahlonega for our Golden Crystalline Experience. This historic town marks the southern end of the Appalachian Trail and is the site of the first major US Gold Rush in 1828/29; it also has the highest karat rating of any gold coming straight out of the ground anywhere in the world of nearly 24k without refining. We will lunch at the Crimson Moon (not making that up!) and then go to the family-run Crisson Gold Mine. Here, we will pan for gold and crystals. There is plenty of space at the mine to go off panning by yourself if you need extra alone-time for processing.

Everyone will go home with a small vial of gold flakes to put on your altar or offer to Gaia in ritual. My favorite part is the crystals. These magnificent raw stones pick you. I can help to identify them, or ask the employee up in the shop, where you can also pick up lovely crystalline or golden gifts for yourself or family members. You are invited to start getting a sense of which of the beauties who chose to go home with you is the Power Stone that will remind you of your Divine Feminine Essence and leadership skills.

The rides to and from Dahlonega are also Sister Circles! I’ll offer questions for contemplation and deep heart-sharing.

When we arrive back at our Sisterhood Tent, there will be a final circle and ceremony before releasing the potent Divine Feminine energy created all weekend.


  • Full 3-day residential retreat with dinner Friday; breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday, plus breakfast and lunch Sunday as well as 2 overnights and a magnificently intimate experience of hanging out with me and seeing how I live and love in the world. You will also have access to the Ritual-in-a-Box materials (crystals, anointing oils, crystal-infused Rose Water, Akashic Records Transmission on this astral alignment/how to best anchor Divine Feminine energies onto the planet, the Divine Feminine Activation and ritual, plus 2 sacred Facebook groups: one for the Ritual-in-a-Box, and the other for retreat participants). Moreover, full 3-day retreat participants receive–within a week of the retreat’s end–a channeled/recorded message from your Divine Feminine guides about the best ways to operate from this place in the world: $1385
  • Full 3-day non-residential retreat includes everything listed above save for the overnights, two breakfasts, and lunch on Saturday. $888
  • Single day non-residential retreat includes all the retreat materials and activities, the Ritual-in-a-Box outlined in the residential retreat section above, plus dinner Friday or Saturday or lunch on Sunday. $385
  • Any 2 days of non-residential retreat include what is listed under the single day–meals, activities, etc. + a single set of Ritual-in-a-Box items, transmissions, connection. Come play iin the field . of Magick and Divine Feminine empowerment for 2 . days with me! $583

Extra Notes About the Retreat:

  • Retreat location will be shared upon registration
  • In order to ensure enough food and materials for everyone in attendance, please note that registration closes on the 12th of September
  • All those attending the retreat will be invited to attend the live transmission from the Akashic Records on the astral alignment of Friday the 13th and the Full Moon (happening on 12 September) or to submit questions
  • All retreat participants, including single-day, will be added to a secret Facebook group where I will demonstrate dropping into empty presence, and where you can meet each other ahead of time, coordinate rides, etc.
  • Please make me aware of any food allergies you may have; served food will be gluten- and soy-free (mostly vegan but there will be some dairy-friendly snacks for those who want that)
  • Be aware that there is a West Highland white terrier in the house; generally considered a low-allergen dog; he’s super friendly

Here are some of the stones that picked me the last time I went up to Dahlonega, with a teacup for size reference. Here you can see lots of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Apatite, Tiger Eye, Garnets, and even a few Topaz (one blue and one clear in lower right), plus so much more. Delicious fun for sure. My vial of gold flakes is in the center.

Divine Feminine Holy Day Ritual-in-a-Box

Order by noon Eastern Monday  9 September for guaranteed delivery by the night of the Full Moon. Deliveries to lower 48 only.

The shipping box includes the following, beautifully packaged with Love and attention:

  • Holy oils for anointing yourself, thus consecrating your own feminine or masculine body as divine (my own crystal-infused blend, created exclusively for this astral alignment, and available nowhere else except at my live Friday the 13th retreat in Atlanta)
  • A small mister bottle of crystal-infused Rose water to imbue yourself with the rose’s feminine essence; use it on your hands to consecrate them, or on anything else you would like to purify or beautify
  • Feminine crystals to work with on Full Moon Days, Fridays, and whenever you want to call in Divine Feminine energies (Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Kyanite, Shiva Lingam, and Selenite I plucked from the earth in Utah during 2019’s Summer Solstice)
  • Small stones from my crystal-pulling bowl that pick you–the exact same ones I use for the pulling parties
  • An unhemmed altar cloth to create your own sacred space
  • A Goddess Oracle Card that picks you, for contemplation and to place on your altar
  • A golden altar candle to light during your Friday the 13th/Full Harvest Moon ritual
  • Two sticks of incense
  • Tazo Passion tea, made with Red Hibiscus, to fan your Feminine flames—2 teabags
  • A hand-written note from me with a “whispered one-liner” from the Goddess (so I’m told)

In addition, the following will be delivered digitally as well as in an optional secret Facebook group:

  • A healing release ritual from the Akashic Records of this rare Astral Alignment (Friday the 13th on a Full Moon), live transmission on 12 September or send your questions in to get them answered if you cannot be there at the time (Set aside about 2 hours for this call)
    • The first part of the call is a guided visualization where you receive gifts and insights as well as release old wounds (people are consistently floored at how transformative these sessions are)
    • The second part of the call is dedicated to the Akashic Records of the Divine Feminine, Friday the 13th, Divine Feminine Leadership, Sacred Union between the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine, the last gasps of the Patriarchal Order, and anything else along those lines you can think of (no personal Records will be opened, but this topic will bring many answers you can use)
    • You will also receive a replay link to download the event to as many devices as you like (please don’t share with others; have them reach out to me privately—thank you)
    • A list of items you could consider adding to your Friday the 13th altar which are readily available and not conducive to shipping (foods that could melt or spoil in the post)
    • Descriptions of the crystals in your box: how to identify them, their properties, how I like to use them, why I chose them, etc.

I will personally be moderating this group to answer any questions you might have.

Now, is it absolutely necessary to have these items in order to honor the Divine Feminine on this day of fantastic Astral Alignment? No. Of course not.

But I will say this: not only will this curated collection help you to deepen and focalize your devotion, it will marry my intent to create portals for a new, healthier energy to ground itself on the planet with yours.

Also, objects have weight. They carry the weight of meaning. In the future, whenever you look at these things (the altar cloth, the oracle card, the crystals, and the crystal-infused anointing oil and rose water spray, because I imagine you’ll drink the tea and burn the incense) you will remember what we created together on Friday the 13th of September which was also a Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune, planet of spirituality, bliss, and Oneness.

The Ritual-in-a-Box package including shipped and virtually-delivered items is $175, including shipping. Purchase here.

If you live outside the lower 48, or would simply like to participate in the Healing Transmission call only, you may purchase that here for $58. The exact call time and call-in details will be sent upon registration.