Clearing by Elizabeth

Get Out of Your Own Way 

Now, I’ve been talking to a lot of you lately, and one thing that I’ve been hearing from most is that you sometimes run into energetic blocks.

They’re not insurmountable, of course, but who wants to be hanging out in limbo for days, weeks, or months? Not me! I’m guessing not you either. So why not just go ahead and clear them right away?

If you’re experiencing gaps in receiving, aren’t manifesting as well as usual or are stumped as to why things are uncomfortable right now, you might need a clearing. It’s quick,
fun + effective.

If I thought most people would instinctively know what I’m talking about, I would prefer to call these reconnection sessions or get-out-of-your-own-way sessions rather than clearings

You see, because we are all divine Beings of Light dreaming the dream of being human, we can sometimes forget that we are unconditionally loved. We can lose track of the thread that no matter what, we deserve–and are given–all the gifts of the Divine Plane. When this happens, even though everything we want is right at our fingertips, we can perceive a block preventing us from receiving cosmic largesse.

If we are finding ourselves unable to receive in any given moment, or that the flow of our experience is “off” somehow, it is nothing we’ve done wrong. It is simply that we have unplugged ourselves from the truth and bounty of Source.

All we need to do is to plug ourselves back in to that truth (that we are unconditionally loved beyond measure) and that bounty (whatever is it that we desire to manifest).

And… sometimes it’s tricky to do that for ourselves.

That’s where I come in.

Because I can clearly see you and any roadblocks to fame, wealth, passionate love, vibrant health, etc. that you might have erected for yourself, I can shine a light on them and we can work together to close the circuit so that energy is flowing properly again.

All true blocks are actually *boundaries* we ourselves created when we were younger; they were meant to protect us from harm. If you’re noticing a block, rejoice! Not only were you fabulous at taking care of yourself as a child, but you have evolved enough to see it as a hindrance to reaching your desires rather than a protection against getting what you want (so scary sometimes). That’s something to celebrate!

Go ahead… open that door.

It’s no longer protecting you from danger by keeping you inside, it’s preventing you from reaching your heart’s desires and being of full service to the world who needs you and your Light so dearly right now.

What can I expect from a reconnection/clearing session with Elizabeth?

Each reconnection session is tailored to your needs in the moment, so your session today won’t be anything like any other session you or anyone else does.

That said, you can expect to feel lighter, more invigorated, passionate, and inspired.

You will be reminded of who you truly are in the full brilliance of your essence-self. Because grace is your birthright, you are shown that any perceived blocks, gaps, or sense of unworthiness is pure illusion.

Concretely, each session will begin with a quick Akashic Records check-in by Elizabeth (you won’t be asking any questions) and remote body scan to determine the what, where, and why of perceived blocks.

Each session will end with guidance and light-anchoring from the crystalline realm: I’ll consult the crystal oracle for which energies will be most useful in keeping the reminder of wholeness in place. Then I’ll send you those crystals ethereally to transmit their Love vibration into your choice of aura, chakra, organ, etc. This is subtle yet potent energy medicine.

In between, we will re-weave the torn threads of the story your ego likes to tell about yourself. We might do some cord-cutting, visualization, realignment via the Atlanean technologies of color and sound, or anything else that is needed to get you out of your own way.

You can expect the session to run about 30 minutes, but be sure to have a sizable cushion afterwards in case we run over and to give you time to reflect and integrate.

You have the power to heal yourself. All you need is a powerful reminder and a little guidance to love yourself back into wholeness.

If you know this is exactly what you’ve been looking for–a quick, simple, affordable way to move forward toward your dreams–go ahead and sign up below.

I’m Elizabeth, and I’m a portal. For reasons I cannot explain, people blossom when they’re around me, as though I open a door to an energetic upgrade. Experience being truly seen and find that missing link between you + your potential in our work together.

If you’re new to my world, here’s a little about me: I used to be a scholar, professor of French and Women’s Studies, and even chair of my department until I was called to quit my guaranteed-salary-for-life career at the beginning of 2010.

Since then I’ve been working to empower the Divine Feminine in both men and women, and helping highly conscious entrepreneurs to overcome blocks and align their businesses with their soul purpose, primarily though not exclusively through their Akashic Records.

In November of 2016, days before the US Presidential Election, I was called to a new line of work: assisting entrepreneurial Lightworkers and change agents to step into the Legendary Self each one was born to be. This Mythic Self work happens via Akashic Records, energy work, and emotional transmutation.

The world is clamoring for leaders who fray their own paths, led by their hearts, holding the Light aloft so that those following can see where to go. If you are called by the idea of Being Mythic or operating as your Legendary Self, please reach out. I am also happy to channel personal Records for anyone desiring to know how to amplify their greatest gifts and soul purpose.

When you sign up for your session below, you’ll be taken to a payment portal and then to my scheduler where you can choose your best time, and receive instructions on how to prepare.

I cannot wait to accompany you on this part of your journey of knowing who you truly are and loving yourself in your full, brilliant, divine wholeness!

You deserve to be flowing and receiving at maximum capacity.

Right now the world NEEDS more leaders like you to step up into the highest level of service possible. And as you may know, it’s impossible to serve and keep serving from an empty cup. It leads straight to burnout, and our Earthly collective now needs Light Bearers who are fully connected to their joy and their power to keep on taking the courageous steps needed to preserve the environment and stand for social justice.

30-minute “Get Out of Your Own Way” Clearing/Reconnecting Session