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You made it! Scroll down for the audio replay.

Listen here on the page or download (material is copyrighted, so please don’t share the audio itself but the registration page, thanks).

As you listen, be sure to pay attention to your body–does it tense up or relax at certain mentions? Jot these down so that you can check in with them again later.

If you have to leave the channeling before the end, please, as you’re stopping the audio–here or on your own devices–please call your spirit back (once or several times) by simply saying OUT LOUD “I call my spirit back.” We do go to some far-off places in the Records, so it’s best to get fully back into your body before moving on to the next activity.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and do not listen while driving!!  Get grounded at least 3-5 different ways after listening before getting behind the wheel of a car. Scroll down for a whole list of suggestions.

While or after listening, I invite you to take a moment (pause the playback) to process what you heard; your body with thank you. Take a few sips of water as you the what you just heard integrate. If you have questions, feel free to ask me by return of email. If you’d like a more rapid response, ask your body “how could this be true?” or “please show me how I can understand this.”

I love hearing back from those who consume my channeled material, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Also, if you’re thinking while listening “Wow, I’d love to have my OWN Akashic Records channeled by Elizabeth!” let’s set up a time for a conversation. There is apparently no better time than right now to get clear on your soul’s purpose for this incarnation.

Options for this work are the Legendary Self Gateway (it involves more than just Akashic Records, but builds a relationship with the divine aspect of you which holds the thread of purpose through lifetimes–it’s a total life-changer), the Akashic Wisdom Portal (where you can ask your own burning questions in this straight-up Akashic Records session) or the Mini Eclipse Reading (if you’re looking for a potent experience with a small price tag; it’s related to the December 2019/January 2020 Eclipse Season; there is NOTHING miniature about it except the investment-to-transformation ratio). For all but the Eclipse option, I’ll want us to have a vetting conversation so that we can both determine if we’re a good energetic match.

Finally, if you find this information useful, please do share the registration page with your friends. I have kept the bar low so that almost anyone can join, and if there’s a legitimate hardship case where someone cannot invest $9 (less than what many pay weekly for coffee), I will work something out with that person. When you do good deeds, they are returned to you ten-fold!

[If you’re wondering why I’m charging at all, it’s because I have found over my many years of doing this work that what comes freely is less appreciated. This is important information to assimilate, so I’m charging a low rate.]


The card and text are from Ariel Spilsbury’s 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery

The first message from the Oracle of the Frequency of Purple:

“No matter how difficult your present challenge may seem, what is being called for is for you to honor how far you have come to be standing where you are right now! Offer yourself the “purple heart” of valor for your journey thus far! Meditate on this: what lives at the heart of challenge is grace. The Divine is always inviting us to further coherency, which naturally leads us to our acceptance of grace as a part of the higher organization of the Universe.” (129)

The second message from this card:

“Purple has long been chosen to represent royalty because of its refined and expansive vibration. In alchemy purple is called iosis, the color of nobility and pursuing the goal for which you crossed the Vast Sea. You are being asked to look through the lens of iosis, to remember what overarching, soul goal you set before you crossed the Vast Sea. In regard to your question or query [in this case: divine perspectives on the coronavirus] choosing this frequency in your reading indicates a call for movement into a more expanded perspective. If you have been hiding or trying to ‘blend in,’ this is a call to move out of the background and into the expression of your core frequency, your soul’s signature sound, to make a big wave in the pool!” (130)

To Get Grounded After Listening:

In the Akashic Records we go way out in space. You’ll most likely feel super blissed out afterwards, and while delicious, it’s not the best way to prepare to do things that require 360 degree attention to details, like driving a car.

If you have creative/left-brain projects to do, after listening or even while listening with a kind of floating attention is a great time to do those.

But if you’re required to focus and make split-second decisions, it’s critically important that you layer on several of the following techniques or your own favoriteswe recommend 3 to 5–before getting behind the steering wheel.

  • Walking barefoot/lying/sitting on the Earth: we recommend at least 5-10 minutes, preferably more, making sure you don’t have nylon, plastic, or rubber between your body and Gaia that would insulate you from her healing frequencies
  • Hugging a tree: this is an all-weather alternative to walking barefoot, because it’s not the soles of your feet touching the Earth but your heart connected to the trunk of the tree whose roots go deep into Mother Earth; opt for older trees like oaks or redwoods if you have a choice; pines and maples are less grounding; hug your heart to the trunk for at least 2 minutes
  • Holding a moderately strenuous yoga pose: Warrior pose is a good example though many will do the trick; hold for a few minutes; the idea is to feel your muscular system interacting with your skeletal system
  • Getting a feel for the edges of your body: run your hands over your arms, legs, top of your head; wiggle your fingers, toes, and hips, arch your back, tighten your glutes around your tailbone; stomp your feet on the floor a few times
  • Eating grounding foods: such as proteins, root vegetables, mineral-rich foods such as apples, etc.; items which are cooked, especially with salt, are especially grounding
  • Visualizing growing roots from the bottoms of your feet into the Earth: this will take several minutes, not several seconds (at least 2 full minutes); visualize 4-6 roots growing out of the soles of each foot, burrowing down through the floors and foundation of the building you are in if indoors, twisting around each other through all the layers of soil; really feel the texture and the temperature of the soil (it will be cold the further you get from the surface); keep watching those roots dig and dig and push their way through all the earth until the soil they are digging through begins to feel warm again; this is when you can  stop–don’t go so deep that you’ll burn those roots!
    • You can add an optional stabilizing grounding cord by imagining your tailbone growing down into the Earth to form a tripod; additionally, you can draw energy from Mother Nature into your body from these roots/taproot if feeling depleted
  • Holding/wearing grounding crystals: if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am all about crystal magick and that I surround myself with crystals all the time; however, even my 16-pound Shiva Lingham (the most grounding stone there is!) doesn’t get my feet back on the ground after a channeling session, so use this as a complementary technique and not a primary one!
  • Drinking plenty of water: ideally, you’ve been doing this anyway while listening to the call, so make sure you use at least 3 other techniques
  • If you don’t have time to gently complete several of these, there is a sure-fire way to get back into your body: eat a handful of potato chips washed down with a whole glass of water; the minerals in the salt, the root veggie, the fact they are cooked in oil–all combine to bring you back into your body with a thud! Is this good nutrition or a healthy way to go? No, but it is healthier than a car accident