Cosmic Confirmation for your Business

Ask ONE burning question about your business in your Akashic Records + move forward with ease

Is your business feeling a little fuzzy these days? One firm answer can act like a racer’s starting block, so that you can push off hard + gain traction right away.

If you’ve been feeling stumped about what’s next, overwhelmed by too many exciting opportunities, or wondering which direction to go at your current business crossroads (this or that, now or later, yes or no), why not join one of my Cosmic Confirmation calls to get clarity from the Akashic Records of your business?

Sometimes it just takes the most incrementally slight adjustment or recalibration to change how everything looks and to get everything working smoothly again. Where in your business can you bring in more light and brilliance with a simple, slight pivot or reframe?

In lots of ways, a business is like a pipe or a hose with water flowing easily through it. But what if your your hose has a temporary kink in it that prevents the flow?

Unkink your hose to welcome the renewed flow of ideas, clients, and revenue.

If you could ask one question in your Records  today about how to straighten out your business, what would it be?

Be specific. A tight, well-formulated question garners a clear, practical answer, and can make all the difference.

Are you New to the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are an ethereal archive of a literal infinitude of answers to any question you could have.

The Akashic Records hold the energetic signature of every thought or action (taken or untaken) in what we 3D inhabitants refer to as the past, present and future, all suspended in an energy of pure Divine Love. Because time and space don’t exist there, what is “future” for us is not necessarily so for the Keepers of the Records, those Divine Guardians/Cosmic Librarians who share the wisdom stored there.

One of the hallmarks of life on Planet Earth is Free Will; therefore the Keepers will never reveal the exact future. However, they will speak in terms of likely drafts. In fact, even to them, apparently the specific draft (time thread) that you choose is not necessarily known to them–because of this freedom to choose something else at the last minute. This is one of the primary paradoxes of Time-Space.

Every Akashic Records channel works differently, and the way I do it is by answering specific questions, in a kind of simultaneous-translation from the Keepers themselves. We will begin each Cosmic Confirmation call with an overview of the best ways to ask questions in the Records.

For nearly all solopreneurs, your personal Records and your business Records will overlap with no doorway in between. If your business is one based on partnerships or you have multiple employees handling different wings of your business, we’ll open your Business Records, not personal ones.

(This is an image of the Long Room at the Trinity College Library in Dublin. Of all the libraries I’ve seen, this one most closely matches the feel and vibration of the Records as I experience them. I rarely see a library, in fact, but the spaciousness and abundance of ancient wisdom held here–this is where the Book of Kells is kept–reminds me of the Records.)

Speaking of questions + answers, here are a few that could help you discern whether or not this is for you:

Q: What is a Cosmic Confirmation Call and why would I want to participate?

A: This is a small-group call in which business owners can get ONE question about their business answered in their Records.

Q: Why do it as a group?

A: In my decades of experience as a multi-award-winning teacher, I have seen over and over again that one person’s answer will spark connections and even new neuron pathways for someone else. Doing this as a small group can vastly amplify the benefit everyone will reap. It’s a win-win.

Q: How small are the groups?

A: Cosmic Confirmation calls will generally consist of between 3 and 5 business owners.

Q: Are the calls recorded?

A: No. You must show up live to ask your question and get your answer. Be sure to bring something to take notes with!

Q: Will I know the others on the call?

A: Not necessarily. We won’t use names, only initials to ensure anonymity, unless those on the call agree that first names are cool. So far this has been the case. I also open the Records silently so that names stay with me.

Q: How long will the call last?

A: It will depend on how many participants are present, but expect it to last between 45-90 minutes.

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: It’s a super-affordable $55. I can afford to do these at a radically reduced rate because I know it will build my business and I want it to be an easy “yes.” The Akashic Records are the best business accelerator out there–on a quantum leap scale–and I want all entrepreneurs to be able to experience them at least once.

Q:  How often do these Cosmic Confirmation calls occur and at what time of day?

A: The plan is to do a few per month, but if there’s more demand, I will create more supply.

Q: How will I know when the next call is?

A: When you sign up, you’ll receive a link to a calendar with a list of established call times: some weeks the call will be at 1 pm Eastern on Tuesday, others at 4 pm Eastern on Thursday, or 7 pm Eastern on Wednesday, and occasional Saturdays at 11 am Eastern. They are designed to be accessible from most time zones. Be sure to reply with your preferred time so that we can confirm you for a specific call event. 

Q: How often can I come?

A: In order to leave room for others to benefit as well, participation in the Cosmic Confirmation calls is limited to 3 per year. If you’re looking for more consistent support than that, you’ll want to check out the Chief Alignment Officer program or reach out to discuss a monthly support program that is less robust than Chief Alignment Officer if you’re just starting out in business.

Q: What if I don’t own my own business, but have a work-related question?

A: Good question! Why don’t you reach out before signing up. It could be perfect for you, but let’s just have a quick text or email chat to make sure first.

Be certain your business choices are on-target.

Join the Cosmic Confirmation events to get a practical, specific answer to one question that has been stumping you in your business so that you can move forward past that obstacle with grace and ease. Wondering if it’s the right time to launch a new program or offering? Ask and ye shall receive a yes/no and a detailed why or why not. The Keepers may even offer you a better idea!

If you’re (relatively) new to business or (relatively) new to the Akashic Records, the Cosmic Confirmation calls can be a great way to discover clear avenues for advancement and expansion (including finding what brings you the most joy) in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Sign up here to experience one yourself:

Take your seat at the table. It’s as if the Akashic Records had a co-working space!

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Was leaving a guaranteed salary for life in the middle of the Great Recession scary? Nope. I knew that I had to leave, and that I would be fully supported.

Since packing my academic regalia away, I have put on the robes of Oracle, Mythic Midwife, and Slayer of Limiting Beliefs.

I help Love-Team Champions to undo all the ways in which they have clipped their own MASSIVE wings, and to tear down all the stifling boxes they’ve built around their greatness just to get along and be loved + accepted in the muggle world.

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And I’m here to help birth the authentic, LEGENDARY you–the one that stands 12 storeys high and shines brighter than 1000 suns–into the world.

It’s what I was born to do. Were you born to BE that? If so, let’s talk. In the meantime, we can get into your Records for a quickie message, which will no doubt be full of juicy + practical revelations for you + your business.

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