Crossing the Threshold

As we enter this most potent Eclipse Season, I am offering a call to help everyone (including me) to release old material, allowing us to create room for the massive energetic upgrades we are all meant to receive during December and January.

Are you aware that 12/12 (at precisely 12:12 am in the Eastern time zone of US – where I live) we entered into an eclipse season of monumental proportions?

In fact, astrologer Emily Trinkaus calls this time “a month and a half of what looks like the most life-changing, game-changing, world-changing astrology of our life” and “a Capricorn season to end all Capricorn seasons.”

In case you’ve never really paid attention before; Eclipse Season happens twice a year, and typically last 6 weeks. During this time we experience a very potent New Moon – called a solar eclipse – as well as a lunar eclipse: a colossal Full Moon.

During this eclipse season we’ll also have what’s known as a Super Stellium: 5 planets are lined up in Capricorn. The Eclipsed Moon in Cancer on 10 January will be opposite the Sun in Capricorn sitting right next to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter! Mercury and the South Node are also at the Capricorn party…

Talk about peak emotional intensity! AND you can expect this time to hugely influence your career, prosperity, sovereignty, social status and more.

That’s without even talking about the fact that we are facing it at the end of the year… end of a decade and end of both a 19-year eclipse cycle and a 32-year Saturn-Pluto cycle!

This is alchemy at its finest. You can expect to be transformed.

As we embark on this great adventure of Eclipse Season it’s time to get clear on what we want to call in, and then DO it, powerfully. The stars have quite literally lined up to support us.

There’s so much more I could share about what will be happening in the skies, but if you are new to this your head is probably already spinning and if you’re a veteran of this kind of talk then you’re probably in a spin too because you can already feel the incredible energies of what we are moving into and it is a doozy!

So… to help with all of this I am offering to guide a select group of individuals through this alchemical transformation.

Join me for this special call for $12.12.


(You know I couldn’t let that quadruple 12 portal slip by, right?

When cosmic forces speak, one listens…)

If you can’t be live on the call, please know that energy cannot be held prisoner by the human illusion of time. Join any time in perfect divine timing.

Love + Magick,