Thank you for your purchase!

What to expect next:

  • I will email and/or text you to find a good time; you may also text me, but please be patient as I am often teaching or channeling for private clients and can never respond right away in those situations
    • Please add my private number to your contacts: 404 414 2293
    • Understand that I will do my best to accommodate requests for specific dates or times; if so, please email me your request
    • I appreciate your patience; if you have not heard back from me within a day, I am not ignoring you; please text or email me again
    • WHEN TEXTING, PLEASE RESPECT SLEEP HOURS; if you’re on the West Coast of North America, or anywhere else in the world, please know that I am generally living in the Eastern time zone; please do not text before 9 am Eastern (sleep and morning practice time) or after 9 pm (6 pm Pacific)
  • Once we have arranged a call time, we will meet on this bridge line: 425-440-5010 with the PIN 944199# at the appointed hour
  • On the call, I will pull your stones and interpret them for you
    • This is a single-issue pull; if you have more questions, I suggest you pick just one or opt for an Akashic Records consultation
    • You may ask clarifying questions, but please respect my time and expertise; this is already an incredibly low offer, and that’s possible because I love doing it

If purchasing for a friend:


You may download the following to send with a note:


I am so looking forward to offering you (or your Beloved) this gift of wisdom and energetic support from the crystalline realm!

Love + Magick!