Crystal Communion

Are You A Crystal Grid Keeper?

Beloved, welcome to Crystal Communion.

You were called here by the crystals on this page.

Just as I was tasked with creating a container to do this work–expanding human consciousness and merging it with crystalline consciousness–so, too, were these stones tasked with gathering the humans and their crystalline partners-in-expansion to join this adventure.

I have been hearing whispers from the subtle realms about Crystal Communion for YEARS, and it is a great honor for me to finally birth it out into the world.

Honestly, I feel I was born to do just this.

Hi. I’m Elizabeth Locey, and my crystal journey in this lifetime began in earnest in late 2008, when I was still an academic, still chair of my department, still more or less attached to a world entrained by the belief that space and time might be knowable. I had not yet begun my training as a channel of the Akashic Records, although–unbeknownst to me at the time–I had been in and out of them my entire life.

My first conscious visit to my own Records was in June of 2010, a month after renouncing tenure and retiring from academia. I was taken to the Hall of Records in Atlantis, and all of the Records were held within crystals. I had spent lifetimes working with them, and was in the full blossoming of remembrance.

Amusingly, when I hung out my virtual shingle as an Akashic Records channel and crystal adept, I strove to keep them apart, rather than merged as I had seen them in Atlantis!

With Crystal Communion, that the time of compartmentalization of crystalline energies is over.

Beloved, we are breaking new ground here, or at least disrupting patterns of oppression that have governed humans since before recorded history.

Crystal Communion is a journey of remembrance and reclamation.

When we remember that we are crystals:

  • we cease to see ourselves as separate from Mother Nature–an essential step to healing our planet
  • we tap into a collective consciousness that is nourishing, wise, loving, expansive, and utterly transformative
  • this collective consciousness brings empathy, intuition, clarity, and gentleness to how we treat ourselves, other humans, and all living beings on the planet and beyond
  • we recognize that we form an integral part of the universal Love-matrix which is now more accessible on Planet Earth after nearly 100 centuries of separation, “dominion,” and fear
  • we melt away the fear-driven overlay and hasten the end of hierarchical abuses of power, scarcity-mentality, prejudice, wars of all kinds, hatred based on perceived differences, us-vs-them thinking, and so much more

When we commune with our crystalline selves, we realize just how very powerful, loving, and unstoppable we are as a collective.

Feeling the call? Then consider this your cosmic assignment in the service of human evolution.

Join us.

Crystal Communion is a deep dive into Oneness, with stones of course, but also with each other and with Mother Nature herself.

Crystal Communion is an awakening to the power that we hold as members of our collective.

Crystal Communion is the opportunity to practice overcoming perceived barriers to connection, creating more GOOD in the world.

Crystal Communion is for those who are ready to trust in the power of Love.

Crystal Communion is about coming into consciousness, at this Turning of the Age, that we “as individuals” are not powerless to change the things we want to change, because when we tap into our crystalline selves, we are not individuals at all but are infinitely powerful in our collective form.

The Crystal Communion container offers the necessary structure to hold you as you learn to ride the waves of change (there is an entire leg of this journey dedicated to this question alone). The whole effect will be a quantum leap, but it will be operated as a series of smaller yet significant leaps, tailor-made for everyone’s position in consciousness.

The live journey of this new crystalline exploration ran 10 weeks, from 9/9/22 to 11/11/22. All the recordings, crystal pulls, cards, and more hold the potent energy of those original dates, but are immediately available for your exploration as soon as you click “Join us.”

It’s a deep dive into our edgeless selves AS crystals.

Awaken to Oneness with Nature through the portal of Crystals.

Discover the unique crystal with which you share soul-sibling energies in this lifetime and beyond.

As you are held in the Crystal Communion container, you can ease into your true edgeless self expression.

Join the adventure for just $369

Click here to Sign Up.

Crystal Communion is both an individual and a collective adventure. Your fellow travelers will have a similar experience, but it is unique to you in terms of your level of openness and ability to widen your heart and mind to soften into expansion.

As you dive deeper into your sense of yourself AS boundless love, things that have seemed like obstacles might begin to appear as intriguing puzzles to solve. Scarcity might turn out to be the giggling flip side of abundance once you’re in on the joke.

If that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

The details:

  • 10 calls recorded on consecutive Fridays beginning 9/9/22 and ending 11/11/22,.The energy signature of those mighty dates are held within the audios
  • One additional bonus call that set me on this new understanding of humans’ relationship to the “crystalline realm.”
  • For each of the 10 legs of the journey, in addition to the recordings, there are cards to illustrate and illuminate the calls, as well as the crystals which have come as tour guides; fellow travelers are encouraged to listen as many times as they desire; the effect of re-listening over time is cumulative and leads to greater expansion
  • Calls consist of a mix of channelings from the crystalline realms/Akashic Records and drummed shamanic-type journeys of integration
  • When you join the adventure, you will be taken directly to the secret page holding all of the materials
  • Moreover, you and I will have a short meeting to confirm your crystal soul-sibling (you definitely have at least one!)
  • At the conclusion of our journey, we will meet privately to illuminate, integrate, and jubilate!

If you are feeling the call of these beautiful stone-beings please join us by clicking here.

Crystal Communion will not be offered live again, but it IS foundational for living your brightest incarnation, so please join us now. The world needs you to be as empowered, confident, and wise as you can be, and this is a graceful and unbelievably fast track to just that.

It is pure magick! So much so that it astonished me and everyone else along for the ride. I’m rarely shocked by the work I do, but this time… whoa!

I set the entry bar at a super-low $369 so that it would be accessible to a maximum of people. There are payment options as well: check it out.

May our winged crystalline hearts fly ever free!