Crystal Crush for Activists + Spiritual Warriors

YOU: Spiritual warrior on a mission to make the world a better place: one where justice, truth, and equality are not kicked to the side of the road because those in power, socially and politically, feel entitled to ignore these ideals when they get in their way (example Justice Kavanaugh’s sham of a confirmation hearing). This makes you a LIGHT ACTIVIST.

ME: Award-winning teacher, Earth Magicienne, Oracle + Wayshower, and friend to all crystals everywhere. (Some have called me a crystal whisperer, a label I reject as it implies that crystals are hard to deal with and need to be managed. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

YOU: Desire a new teacher to inspire and fortify you during the Paradigm Shift, and are feeling that the Crystal Realm might be exactly the teacher you’ve been looking for.

ME: I desire to initiate as many players for Team Love into the multidimensional magick of crystalline energies as possible. We will explore in-depth the properties of 25 stones chosen especially for their Activist-Supporting powers and even do an entire class meeting inside the Akashic Records of Crystals and Activism!

SIGN UP HERE for the program (click the link for multiple payment options). Want to chat first? Email me and let’s talk.

You know you want to!

Benefits of working with crystals:

  • Hold these tangible examples of Divine Love + wisdom in your hand
  • Know these are non-toxic with no negative side-effects
  • Change your energy signature in nothing flat
  • Balance your energy centers
  • Attract who and what you want into your life AND
  • Transmute, banish or clear negativity that isn’t serving you
  • Own Your Power
  • Connect powerfully with the fractal plane
  • Fill yourself with Light so that you can be a Beacon of Truth

Join me now for:


• Crystal Crush–Activist Edition •

We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

–Mother Theresa.

We are living in interesting times.

Here we stand at the threshold of a new era. We are collectively ushering in a New Paradigm, one where the excesses of today–criminals in high office, the 1% controlling the story by owning most media outlets, election tampering, corporations having a louder voice than actual citizens, refugee families separated at the border and put into cages while awaiting deportation–will be washed away in the tidal wave of change that is gathering.

In fact, it is WE who are gathering.

In the fall of 2017, the #MeToo movement began to topple men in high places who had raped, sexually harassed, assaulted and groped women with impunity for decades. In the fall of 2018, we are witnessing the #KavanaughHearings and the powerful call to stop ignoring 51% of the US population. All over the world, women and men are standing up for Justice.

They may be reaching out privately to support those around them who are struggling. They may be calling or writing to their political representatives, asking to be heard. They may beposting powerful stories on social media outlets. They may be out in the streets holding signs. They may be running for office themselves.

If you are one of these women or men tired of the outrages of the status quo, this class is for you.

“Y’all! This course changed my life.”

Crystals carry the energy of unconditional Love: the kind we might know exists “out there” in the intangible planes. But crystals are anything BUT intangible. We can hold them in our hands! We can carry them in our pockets, adorn our bodies + grace our homes with them…

As a sometimes-stubborn human, I don’t always do what I know I should do: I don’t always go outside for a walk or to hug a tree when I get frustrated. I don’t always do my meditation practice every day (especially when it is most needed). I don’t always talk to my Guides when I need guidance. I’m not proud of that, but I would be lying if I maintained otherwise.

However, I DO always have crystals around, and that is enough.

(Yes, this is a real photo of my office shelves; multiply by 8 to get the picture.)

When it comes to crystals, I don’t mess around.

I can say no to meditation, I can say no to healthy food choices, I can say no to connecting with Nature or my Guides, but I cannot say no to the crystals around me!

Why not? Because we enter into resonance with each other. I am inexorably drawn into an energy of love + support, even on those occasions when I want to feel sorry for myself or stay in a place of struggle.  (Thankfully, that’s not a daily kind of thing.)

You see, our bodies, made mostly of water, have a crystalline structure. Frozen water is a crystal, as any 5-year-old can attest. So we are effectively walking around the world as Liquid Crystals.

Cool, right? And damned useful because crystals don’t just carry the frequency of Divine Love + Unconditional Support. They all have their unique energetic signature which we can use in our daily lives. For example, if I want support in public speaking or writing, I’d use Blue Lace Agate (below). It is a great booster for the throat chakra, and being able to speak out is absolutely necessary for activists or spiritual warriors.



Here is some more about the stones we will be working with and why you might want to join us:

If you need more courage, manifesting power, pereverence, clarity, grounding, protection, or success, we’ve got the stones for you in this class.

If you want to build bridges, eliminate duality, generate more energy, calm down quickly, clear your field: we’ve got stones for that as well.

Want to boost your intuition, speak your truth so that it can be heard, soften into more self-love to be more magnetic? We’ve got you covered.

Do you spend so much time on your devices or using wi-fi that you feel exhausted or a little sick by the end of the day? Is it hard for you to settle down after a long day of activity promoting peace + justice? Are you the target of internet trolls for your passionate beliefs? We’ve got you covered!

Make better decisions, heal your heart, expand your psychic gifts, connect to the Divine Plane and your Higher Self to smooth your way during these tough times. tap into your Magick, plug yourself in to past lives of spiritual warriorhood, open your receiving channels, connect your chakras, seal your auric field and more thanks to these amazing stones.

No exaggeration, connecting deeply with these crystals–chosen for their ability to help you speak your truth, cut through BS, release the charge of what you do on the front lines of the Justice movement–can do all that! Working consciously with them will improve your life immeasurably.









Rose Quartz



Blue Lace Agate

Smokey Quartz

Black Tourmaline

Clear Quartz Point

Green Aventurine

Snowflake Obsidian

Chevron Amethyst

Dragon’s Eye/Red Tiger Eye


Blue Calcite







BONUS: Shiva Lingham

I will send everyone who signs up for this program a Shiva Lingham in the mail. This is a stone to balance duality. It is considered the penis of Indian God Lord Shiva, yet is also in the form of the Cosmic Egg. It thus contains the energies of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. I think we can all agree that the Masculine + Feminine need some healing right now! This is also an incredibly grounding stone, and comes only from the sacred Narvada River in India.

Magickal Speed Dating

Here is how one repeat participant described the program:

“Crystal Crush is a class where you get to know what crystals can do in your life. Sort of like magical speed dating, you get to know them, and learn what they want to tell you.”

About the Home-Study Program:


What is included in Crystal Crush for Activists?

  • 6 calls of 90+ minutes each, all recorded + downloadable for you to listen to over and over
  • One Bonus call to suggest which crystals to use if you’re in need of support as an activist from the crystalline realm in one of a dozen areas
  • One 3-hour Channeling of the Akashic Records of Crystals–wow!  (always everyone’s favorite)
  • Daily emails Monday-Friday containing information on each stone covered in the program equivalent to a 40-page word doc by the end of the program (close to 30 emails in all)
  • Discussion on the class calls of how to clear your crystals and which stones align with which chakras
  • Lots of time dedicated to Q+A on the class calls–this is one reason why alums love to come back to the program over and over: it’s a new program with new insights every time!
  • Understanding the through-line from crystals to the other Atlantean technologies of Light + Sound
  • A “rock-solid” set of tools that you will use for life! Seriously, people cannot say enough good things about this program, even if they were already fans of crystals
  • More unconditional Love + Support that you could ever imagine
  • A private video call with me at the end of the program (15 minutes)
  • One special Shiva Lingham stone chosen just for you from my personal collection + having been bathed for nearly 3 years in the Akashic Light energy held in my office; mailed to you within a few weeks of joining the program

Give yourself the gift of CRYSTAL CRUSH with your special Lingham for just $444


*payment options available on the checkout page

Are you going to be sad if you don’t have ALL the stones from the program in your hand as we go through them? (Honestly, I would be, but I’ve never met a crystal I didn’t fall in love with.)

“I have to say that I just love crystals and I am so happy that I signed up for Crystal Crush. When I got those crystals in the mail from you, it felt like home–I got so emotional and choked up. It’s like I connected with a missing part of myself. I had such a deep and emotional connection with them. 🙂 Thank you so much, Elizabeth! 🙂 <3″

–Fall Crystal 2015 Crystal Crush Participant

If this is you, I do have some sets of crystals available if you want to upgrade. This is the chakra pouch with 8 stones (we double up on the heart chakra).

Along with 2 dozen extra stones, you’ll get a special jump start 1:1 private video call with me once your package arrives so that you can be sure to identify all the stones correctly. (I put them in smaller labeled bags, but if you’re so excited on receiving your new best friends–an appropriate response for sure!–you might lose track of which one goes where.)

I’ll also spend about 15 minutes before sending your Light Warriors to you looking at your Clear Arkansas Quartz point to let you know about its special properties. As with my crystal pulls these stones pick you!!! Each of these tiny powerhouses contains between 3 and 7 special features, including rainbows, hieroglyphs, record keepers, Isis point, channeler crystal, transmitter formation, dolphin, key, steps, and more.

You won’t get this kind of special attention anywhere else and the fact that these special features picked YOU tells you a lot about yourself.

The photos below represent a different edition of the program, but most of the stones are the same: I rotated 2 out, and added in Howlite and Shiva Lingham for their activist-oriented properties.

Since offering Crystal Crush again–this time with an activist bent–is a last-minute flash of insight for me, I don’t have a whole lot of crystal sets available–only about 5 or so.

The program with the crystal kits, my unpacking of your Quartz point properties, and the extra private call is $555. If you wanted to buy the crystals separately it might set you back about $50, but they would not be imbued with Akashic energies. Moreover, you would not get the crystal salesperson to sit with you for 20-30 minutes to identify the special features of the stone which picked you and to make sure you were clear on which stone was which. Consider the stones a gift, as my time is worth more than the $111 extra paid for the upgrade. Shipping is included within the continental US. If you are located outside this zone, please add $5 for shipping to Canada and $10 to Europe. These boxes are full of rocks, so they have some weight to them!

“This quartz…omg. I felt the whole world SHIFT for half a second the first time I touched it. I felt it in my GUT!”Fall 2015 Crystal Crush Participant

Get CRYSTAL CRUSH + the crystal kit (all 25 stones + an extra private call) for $555.


*payment options available on checkout page

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I already know a lot about crystals? Or if I don’t know anything at all?

A: Either way, you will feel right at home in this program. It isn’t one-size-fits-all, but more one-size-shrinks-or-expands-to-fit wherever you are on your crystal journey. Beginners find that they are not truly beginners (a remembrance from past lives is awakened) and old hands learn plenty they didn’t know before. An entire class dedicated exclusively to this form of Magick is rare and refreshing in ways I can’t even put words on. Besides, how often are you going to get to consult the Akashic Records of Crystals?

Q: What are the Akashic Records?

A: Oh, you’re in my wheelhouse now! Akashic Records are my bread and butter. They are an ethereal library where all information is held. When people have a near-death experience and say that their life flashed before their eyes, that is the human brain connecting with the Akashic Record. These records are held in a space of pure Love, not judgment as is suggested by the Biblical function of the “Book of Life,” which is ostensibly to weigh the soul to determine if it goes to heaven or hell. Yes, all your thoughts, actions, and intentions, from this life and all your past lives, are held there. But no, it’s not at all about judgment. The Keepers of the Akashic Records don’t even know how to understand the word “should,” that’s how far these Light Beings are from judging. There will be plenty of time to answer all your questions about the Records before Class #5, where you’ll experience them.

Q: Who is this program for?

A: Crystal Crush is for everyone who feels called by (the multidimensional beings we call) crystals. What is clear to me from all my years working with crystals is that although they are apparently inanimate, they really aren’t. Crystals are agents of pure Love. They have their own agendas and go on missions like people and their Higher Selves do. It’s only the Muggles who can’t see it. If you have read this far, you’re being called to learn to see it too!

Anyone who loves crystals is a great fit for this program. If you’re a healer, crystals are calling you to co-create an expansion in your work through them.

If you are fascinated by crystals, Crystal Crush is for you. If you also feel youu are on a mission to do something bi in the world, crystals have chosen to work their magick through you. Huzzah! That’s great news!

This version of the program is particularly geared toward those who are on a mission of some kind in the world. This is spiritual activism! Whether you want to teach people yoga, or how to build their businesses, or how to make the most delicious, healthiest smoothies ever so they can stay nourished on the go, you are on a mission.

Q: Is there a multi-pay option available?

A: Absolutely. Scroll up to pick the option you want (program only or program + crystal kit), click the BUY NOW button, and on the checkout page you will see multiple payment options: pay all at once (your best deal) or spread payments out over 2, 3, or 4 months.