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Crystal Crush: A 6-Class Intensive to Connect with Crystal Energies

To Satisfy YOUR Crystal Crush, Join Us June 2-July7, 2016


I’m not afraid to admit it: I have a h-u-u-u-u-g-e crush on Crystals.

Why? I love crystals because they’re beautiful to gaze upon and fun to play with and they help support me in ways I don’t even realize that I need.

We use gemstones and other minerals for adornment in our jewelry, but they’re present in much of the technology we depend on every day.

They are a limitless supply of power, running our TVs, laptops, smartphones. Your watch never needs winding because of the quartz technology and your hair tools don’t frizz your hair because of the tourmaline in them.

But mostly I love them because I’m a crystal… and so are you!


Yep, all humans are crystals, that’s why crystal energies are so suited to working on our bodies.

If you don’t believe me, answer this: Is water in its frozen form a crystal? Of course–we’ve all seen ice and snow crystals. Well, over 60% of our human bodies are water, so we are all living, breathing, liquid crystals. Neat, huh?

My crystal crush started in January 2009 when my marriage wasn’t going so well. We had tried everything. Since our daughter was just turning 3, we were hoping to stay together, but nothing we’d tried worked. I had read somewhere that Rose Quartz was good at repairing relationships, so as a last-ditch effort, I ordered myself a vintage ring with the stone on eBay and hoped for the best.

Within three weeks we went from the brink of divorce to doing fine. I still wear that ring every day. You can never have too much love in your life, after all.



Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. + Oracle. I spend most of my time connecting people to the lost senLocey Crystal Staff July 2015se of their own divinity through my work as a Truth-Teller. As an Oracle, I connect to clients’ Soul’s Truth and bring them powerful answers to their most burning questions about business and life. In this soul-work, I specialize in healing self-sabotage and ancient hurts.

Oh, and I left a tenured academic position to do it. That is, I had a guaranteed job for life (if I wanted it) in the cushy world of American Higher Education. I taught French Literature + Women’s Studies.

Over 6 years later, there are people out there still scratching their heads about why I chose to abandon a career where I was a multi-award-winning professor, and internationally known and respected as a scholar and leader. I just laugh, because they’ll never get it that I’m much happier and more fulfilled doing my current work. I’m still an awesome teacher, after all; I’ve simply gone from teaching literature and theoretical texts to teaching crystals and intuition. And as an Oracle, in a single week, I can start 5 waves of change around the world. I bring Light and Truth to so many people, my heart fairly bursts just thinking about it! (And the money’s not bad, either, I add with a grin.)

Crystals may seem like a deviation from the path of channeling Divine Truth, but it’s really not. Crystal energies are merely another form of unconditional Divine Love + Support. Plus, they’re pretty and fun to play with, and are great for doubters (like I used to be)!

After that first powerful demonstration of the power of crystals in the form of the Rose Quartz ring, I wanted them everywhere in my life—and I needed them! You see, I was stepping down as Chair of my department, and my colleagues were tearing each other apart wanting to claim the coveted position that I was leaving. I thought that was bad, but it was about to get a whole lot worse. I asked in my Records a few weeks later what the best crystals for me were at the time: Snowflake Obsidian and Citrine were the answer.

Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake
is a volcanic glass that is known for its protective value, with a plus. All Obsidians are protective: warriors of old used to put them on their shields to add an energetic level of protection. The plus of the Snowflake variety is that it helps to bring hidden truths or patterns to the surface, and then mop up any emotions that those hidden truths provoke.


CitrineCitrine also helps to counter negativity, but instead of mopping it up and holding it, Citrine simply transmutes the negativity into Joy + Light. It’s also a powerful stone of Abundance: known as the Merchants’ Stone, according to folklore, merchants used to keep it in their cash-boxes to increase revenue.


As it happens, the next months were some of the most difficult of my life. By the end of the semester, my department didn’t exist anymore, and I was blamed for the back-channel dealings of the dean and the president. It broke my heart and shattered any illusions I still had about the collegiality of college life. Ultimately, it led me to resign my tenured position 6 months later.

Those two stones saved my sanity, no question.

Everything happens for a reason, and the reason I discovered the magick of crystal energy was because I needed powerful external support to get through those awful, soul-sucking months.

Maybe you’re discovering them now for the same reasons?

In no time, I was in the throes of a powerful Crystal Crush from which I have happily never escaped.

Starting that semester, I absorbed as much information about crystals and how to use them as I could: I had a thirst for learning and an imperative to collect and experience as many crystals as I could get my hands on. I even created a bowl of hundreds of tiny crystals to recharge me after a particularly brutal run-in with higher-ups or colleagues. (I tell all about it in my Earth Magick Essentials guide, which you can get here).

As I was stepping out the door of academia for good, I got certified as a Master of Crystology in the Melody lineage. So, yes, I do have this credential, and can lay out some whoppers of a crystal grid on people half-way around the world, but that’s not what we’ll be doing in this class. Not until level 3 that is–Crystal FIRE!  The second level after Crystal Crush is Crystal Love–also delivered virtually–and then there’s Crystal FIRE, which is a 3-day in-person retreat where you come to meet my crystal collection and we do layouts on each other. By the end of Crystal Love, I promise, you’ll be ready for Crystal FIRE!


If you’re feeling your own Crystal Crush coming on (or you know you’ve got one!), here’s what you need to know about Elizabeth’s upcoming Crystal Crush Program:

      • It’s a 6-week intensive with one class meeting per week:
        • Each call will run at least 75 minutes; longer if there are more questions
        • We’ll start with an introduction, best practices, how to use and clear your crystals
        • 2 classes on the 7 main chakras + how to use crystals to balance them
        • 2 Q + A calls to answer all your questions (This is actually one of the best parts of the program–lots of access to me = lots of support and learning for you!)
        • 1 Live Oracle Consultation (aka Live Channeling) of the Records of Crystal Energies to get additional answers from the Divine Plane–the sky’s the limit on what you can ask, here
        • All class meetings are downloadable for you to keep and refer to over and over
      • Learn how to clear, charge, and program your crystals for maximum effectiveness and healing
      • We’ll go over the energetic properties of 22 stones in daily emails, so that even if you miss class, you won’t miss how to use the different stones—all Elizabeth’s favorites, except those she’s saving to teach you in Crystal Love
      • At the end of the program, you’ll receive a 40+ page pdf with info from the daily emails, so that it’s a handy, all-in-one-place reference
      • If you have stones in your jewelry collection that you wear daily (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, garnets, pearls), you’ll get to ask about their properties as well, and what it means if you used to love wearing a certain piece but you haven’t touched it in a long time
      • There’s a fun + active Facebook group moderated by Elizabeth for extra answers, support and community between the weekly classes (if you sign up early you can post pics of your fave crystals and start crushing early)
      • And finally one 15-minute 1:1 call with Elizabeth to receive recommendations on the best crystals for you given your current situation and need
      • By the end of this class, even if you’re a raw beginner now, you’ll know more than most people, even healers, about your own energy system AND about crystals–we go deep and wide!
      • If you are a healer, this is the perfect first step in adding crystals to your healing repertoire


And, if you opt for the VIP Upgrade, which is of course the best way to experience Crystal Crush, here’s what you’ll get in addition to the above:

  • A full Crystal Kit with all 22 stones featured in the program, from my personal crystal Collection, all in pouches and clearly-marked bags for ease of identification
  • The stones pick YOU, so you’ll get the perfect stones to support you
  • Each Arkansas Quartz point–a tiny POWERhouse!–sports at minimum 2 or 3 special features, such as rainbows, hieroglyphs, Isis point, channeling configuration, transmitter configuration, time link window, self-healed, Record Keepers, etc. I will personally examine the stone that picked you under a loupe and tell you all the magickal features she brings to make your life better in a handwritten note
  • Plus a special, just-for you supplemental stone that picks you from my personal collection; I’ll be sure to let you know a little bit about it in my personal note to you in the shipping box
  • Free Priority Mail shipping with tracking in the US ( add $5 for shipping to Canada; if your shipping address is outside the US + Canada, please contact me for your international shipping rates)
  • AND a special one-on-one Kick Start call once you receive your crystals. This is in addition to your laser coaching call at the close of the program. I can pull crystals for you, or you can ask anything during this private call
  • The Upgrade option is a mere $200 extra; the private call by itself is worth that much, so it’s as though the crystals and all my time spent examining them come to you at no cost!


If you have a Crystal Crush, you probably already know you’re interested in this class. If you know for sure you want to join other Crystal Crushers, click here to sign up.


Crystals we’ll be crushing on in the program; you’ll learn their properties in the daily emails over the course of the class:



Chakra Crystals (in a separate pouch if you purchase the VIP option with Crystal Kit and Kick-Start Session):


Red Tiger Eye1st: Dragon’s Eye (aka Red Tigers Eye) for grounding + treasure hunting


Carnelian2nd: Carnelian for taking action


Citrine3rd: Citrine for transmuting negativity and abundance


Green Aventurine4th: Green Aventurine for luck, growth, and renewal


Rose QuartzAND Rose Quartz for Love


Blue Lace Agate5th: Blue Lace Agate for ease of expression


Sodalite6th: Sodalite to connect you to your journey/self-knowledge


Chevron Amethyst7th: Chevron Amethyst for Divine Connection + Clarity








Other Favorites we’ll be studying + using in class:


Smokey QuartzSmokey Quartz for Grounding and Clearing


GoldenTigerEye Golden Tiger Eye for Balance + Success!


FluoriteFluorite for increasing your psychic gifts


SeleniteSelenite for clearing and connecting to your Higher Self


KyaniteKyanite for clearing the Aura (this stone opened me up to channeling before the Akashic Records) + building bridges


Black TourmalineBlack Tourmaline for purification (and protection from EMF toxins)



Blue CalciteBlue Calcite for Healing and Tranquility


BloodstoneBloodstone for Courage


hematiteHematite for Grounding + Manifesting Light


Labradorite 1Labradorite for connecting to Magick


MookaiteMookaite for DNA regeneration and general healing (Australian Aboriginal stone and truly delicious–they feel like raw silk!)


Clear QuartzClear Quartz for Clarity + Amplification


AmazoniteAmazonite for Personal Truth


Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake Obsidian for Protection + bringing what’s hidden to the surface



What others are saying:


“I loved coming face to face with the healing clairvoyance and communication of the crystals in Elizabeth Locey’s Crystal Crush Class. Opening up a joyful path that has enriched my daily life. Elizabeth makes it easy to grasp and get intrigued by theses earthly beauties.”

Jen Duchene

Success Astro-Numerologist and

Akashic Record Reader + Healer


“I consider myself to be quite knowledgable about crystals, but Elizabeth Locey’s Crystal Crush class blew me away! I discovered depths of spiritual wisdom and ways to use crystals in action during our class that have changed my daily rituals and enhanced my effectiveness in business.”
Alison BW Pena
Affluence Catalyst



“Oh my gosh, information overload but in a totally good way! Somehow, I knew I just had to take this class and I am so happy I did. The wealth of information was phenomenal and only served as a catalyst for me wanting to learn even more. Now, I have my own pouch full of special rocks and crystals that I use when I need to meditate on an issue or need an extra boost for the moment or day. Yes, a lot of the information could be gathered just from going on the internet or getting a book or two, but there is something about learning as a group and sharing ideas and personal insights that makes the class style totally worth it.

If you’re looking for a supplemental, complementary tool to use for pretty much any need (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc.), this is a great place to start.”

Melissa Valdellon

Optometrist + Intuitive Healer



This Program is for you if:

      • You have an identifiable “crystal crush” like Elizabeth: i.e., you love collecting crystals, holding them, making friends with them
      • You’re intrigued by crystals and their energies and want to know more
      • You desire adding an extra layer of support to your business or personal life
      • Your intuition is telling you to say yes
      • You know quite a bit about crystals and want to deepen your knowledge, experience, or connection
      • You’re looking to connect with a community of crystal lovers
      • You want to know more about how to use the healing powers of crystals to balance your chakras and remove energetic blocks
      • You want Elizabeth’s assistance in picking out the perfect crystals to support you in your current situation
      • You’ve been feeling drawn to certain crystals and want to know why
      • You want to deepen your connection to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine or Intuition and have the feeling crystals might be the perfect gateway for you
      • You found yourself on this page and didn’t even know you had a crystal crush, but here you are, feeling called
      • You want to be the best possible person you can be, and learning an easy, fun, inexpensive and non-toxic way to do that appeals to your good sense


If 2 or more of these were true for you, you might just hate yourself if you don’t say yes to your Crystal Crush.


If there’s a divine imperative for you to have this information, your Higher Self will surely arrange it, but this might just be the easiest, fastest, most effective, fun + graceful way to get the job done. Do him/her, and yourself, a favor by setting up a brief interview to see if it’s right for your specific situation.


This program is NOT for you if:

Yeah… if you read all this way down the page, it really IS for you

      • Unless you:
  • Don’t trust the Universe to have your back
  • Need to have everything always be about you
  • Think you don’t deserve the best things in life, including opportunities
  • Don’t really want help; because the crystals will give it


If that’s you, thanks for reading; maybe our paths will cross again.


Investment for the Basic 6-week Intensive (not including the Crystal Kit, which is only available with VIP):

Regular Price: $500 Paid in full


2 payments of $260 billed 21 days apart

(You’ll have to get on the phone with me for the multi-pay)




The retail value of this program is over $1200, so don’t miss out if this is calling to you and you meet the requirements.


Investment for the VIP 6-week Intensive including Crystal Kit and 1:1 Kick-Start Session


Regular Price: $700 Paid in full

or multi-pay

2 payments of $360 billed 21 days apart (option expires 1 June)

(You’ll have to get on the phone with me for the multi-pay)


The retail value of this program is over $1700, so don’t miss out if this is calling to you and you meet the requirements.

Here’s to exploring our Crystal Crush together!

Blowing Kisses to You + Your Brilliance,