Crystal LOVE Program (Level Two of Three)

New Class in the CrystalCRUSH series–starting soon!


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Take your CRYSTAL WISDOM + POWER to the next level!

I’m so excited to get the ball rolling on our SECOND in a series of 3 classes–CrystalLOVE!

If you enjoyed CrystalCRUSH, you’re going to LOVE CrystalLOVE. It has all the yummy goodness of CrystalCRUSH, but we’re working with higher-vibration stones, including quite a few “angel” stones. These will really get your soulful juices flowing.

The format for LOVE is the same as CRUSH:

  • 6 90-minute class meetings (in a new video format: WebinarJam!) on 6 consecutive Tuesdays: 10 November to 15 December 2015
  • Class #4  on 1 December will be our live Oracle Message Call on Crystal Energies (no video)
  • 25 emails with stone properties and other information
  • Fun + Active Facebook group where you can get support from me and your fellow LOVERS
  • Private Laser Session with me for one-on-one support
  • NEW: Extra project to present/listen to (no written materials to hand in) if you’re considering going for certification; these presentations are open to all CrystalLOVE participants


Plus, this is the level where you can set your intention for eventual certification (after the final level–CrystalFIRE–plus assessments). If you’re looking to get certified as a Crystal Sage with me, there is an extra project to complete during LOVE. Early in January 2016, we will hold an extra meeting (or two if needed) for oral presentations on a topic of your choice: please consult with me at the start of class if you haven’t already.

There is a Crystal Kit available to those who opt for the VIP level of CrystalLOVE which includes most but not all of the stones. If you opt for the VIP level, you’ll receive the stones marked with photos and an asterisk below, shipped for free to US addresses, plus an extra group video call and recording. The stones alone provided in the Crystal Kit cost me about $130-$150, so with the addition of my time for assembling your kit including deep examination of your Tibetan Quartz through my jeweler’s loupe, just the Kit itself is worth about $450. With the bonus group call that brings the value of the VIP level to about $500, but I am only asking for $225.

This may well be the only time that I ever offer a Crystal Kit for CrystalLOVE.

Here are the stones we’ll be working with in CrystalLOVE.

Some of them are QUITE expensive, so even if you’re getting a kit, they won’t be included. Stones that ARE included in the Crystal Kit are marked with *:

Apophyllite–consider buying this amazing pyramidal stone on your own

BronziteBronzite *




Celestite–You’ll want to decide if this gorgeous blue sparkly upper-chakra stone is one for your collection

CharoiteCharoite *




ChrysocollaChrysocolla *




Danburite–One of my personal favorites–use it to work more closely with SPIRIT

DumortieriteDumortierite *




My GarnetGarnet * (These are so big and round that the light–and the red color–doesn’t shine through!)




Hawk's EyeHawk’s Eye *




HiddeniteHiddenite *




HowliteHowlite *




LepidoliteLepidolite *




Moldavite–You’ll want to experience this one AND choose whether or not to bring it into your life as it is a stone of massive transformation!

Ocean JasperOcean Jasper *




Orange CalciteOrange Calcite *




Petrified WoodPetrified Wood *




Pink Petalite Chip BeadPink Petalite *




RhodochrositeRhodochrosite *




Ruby ZoisiteRuby Zoisite *




Seraphinite–This healing stone is one you’ll want to acquire for yourself

Shiva LinghamShiva Lingham *




ShungiteShungite *




Sugilite–Decide if you want this one, as it’s very rare, expensive, and not included in the Kit

Super 7–Ditto what I said for Sugilite; also there are a few “newer” forms that are similar but packed with more minerals–Royal 8 and Aurilite 23

Tibetan Quartz *


So that’s 7 stones you’ll want to acquire on your own IF you’re interested in having a complete kit. Expect to pay between $10 and ?? for each of the others, depending on how big/fancy you want to go (shop around–gem shows are going to be your best bet, but some local or online outlets will have them for sure).

Apophyllite in particular are stones that get passed down from generation to generation in India as precious family heirlooms.

Moldavite is extremely rare and is considered by some to be the stone of the Holy Grail–what’s known for sure about it is that it’s the result of a meteor striking the Moldau Valley about 14 million years ago; it’s probably a combination of Earth + ET material, and it’s VERY powerful, though it looks and feels (until you get the “Moldavite Flush,” that is!) just like melted green plastic! This is actually the stone that made me decide NOT to include everything in the Kit: it’s so powerful at eliminating those parts of your life that aren’t aligned with your highest purpose that every person needs to CHOOSE whether or not she/he wants to bring it in!


For the stones that are included in the kit, most would cost you between $5 and $20 to acquire if you opt out of the VIP.

If you got my Crystal Kit last time, you KNOW how amazing it is to receive a FAMILY of crystals that are already working together as a collective.



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