Crystal Love!

Elizabeth LOVES crystals and crystal energy. You, too? We’re gonna get along great, then!

What’s your favorite? As an Aquarius, I’ve associated with Amethyst’s divine energy all my life (check out the Brazilian geode pieces below), but I’m a huge fan of a bunch of others. Selenite is one of my favorites, Citrine, too. Blue stones such as Kyanite (which I wear every day to clear my aura and balance me out), Celestite (some of the best comes from an area near where I grew up in Ohio!) and Blue Calcite are favorites as well.

Then there are the pink stones, which I go gaga for. A Rose Quartz ring which I still wear every day was my conversion piece: it taught me that crystal energy was the real deal when it took my marriage from the brink of divorce to “we’re cool” in a matter of weeks! Rhodochrosite is a master teacher and tops in healing childhood emotional traumas. And the ultra-rare Pink Petalite simply has to be felt to be believed: the pure Pink Ray of unconditional Love. Divine Mother, Kwan Yin and Archangel Chamuel (Elizabeth’s Special Guide in the Records, along with St. Germain), all rolled into one angelic pink stone!

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Some Amethyst Geodes that caught Elizabeth's eye at the 2011 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show