Crystal Readings with Elizabeth

What Kind of Energetic Support Do You Require Right Now?

The crystalline realm will not only give you the answer but it will also provide that support.

Crystal healing is an Atlantean technology which operates by harmonic resonance.

Human bodies are made up primarily of water, and because water in its solid form is crystalline (you don’t even need a microscope to see this–snowflakes are evidence enough), we humans are full of liquid crystal. As such, we easily enter into harmonic resonance with other crystals, influencing each other.

When you ask for a crystal reading, you are requesting not only information but also that gift of support from the crystalline realm.

When you purchase a Crystal Reading, Elizabeth will contact you to find 10 mutually-agreeable minutes to pull your stones and interpret them for you. In this age of COVID, I am not using a scheduler, as it is not fluid enough. Please include your cell phone number where I will contact you for your pull.

My bowl contains about 4 thousand stones. Generally speaking there are 26 varieties, all constantly cleared and charged by large hunks of Selenite.

However, this is a magickal bowl. Many unusual things emerge from its depths: I have had rings emerge, bits of luminous ribbon, scraps of paper with whole or partial words, insect wings, small nuts, and more. Not to mention many varieties of crystal which are not “supposed” to be there but which are required to give the querents the answers and energies they require.

What are appropriate occasions for purchasing a crystal reading?

Any time is a good time to ask for support, of course; it is a clear reminder that you are unconditionally loved and supported. Here are some suggestions:

  • when you’re trying to make an important decision in your life or business, yet are too close to the issue for easy clarity
  • to anchor or amplify an intention or desire, adding the magnetic force of the stones
  • when you wish to show yourself a little love; consider it a massage for your heart + auric field
  • to honor important dates: births, anniversaries, New or Full Moons, cross-quarter holy days (including Solstices and Equinoxes), significant endings and beginnings such as graduations, rites of passage, etc.
  • to ritually seal a deal or to draw more support for manifesting from the subtle realms
  • when you’d like to raise a friend’s spirits and show that you’re thinking of her/him/them

How does it work?

Click through on the Buy Now box below; this will take you to a payment gateway. Once you’ve filled out the needed information, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see how to connect with me, though I will also be connecting with you as soon as I am able. Include a mobile number where I can text you re: last-minute openings.

If purchasing as a gift: use the name, email, and phone number of the recipient (you may use your own address if you don’t know theirs) and include a note with your name and any gift message you’d like to include. There is a gift image on the other side of the payment portal that you can send to your Beloved if you wish.

I’m looking forward to pulling crystals for you!

Own Your Magick,