CTSE Channeling Delivered

You’re All Set!

Find the Recording Below.

Thank you for your interest in this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. With no further ado, I invite you to listen in just below.

If you got something (take-aways, powerful emotions, etc.) from listening in, please do two things: email me back with your insights (I always love to hear!) and share the registration link (not this page, but where you opted in) with your friends. I’m posting below in an easy-to-share format:


Thank you! I look forward to hearing your reactions to what you heard. Feel free to share the above link on social media, and tag me, too.

Own Your Magick + Your Wings!

P.S.: As much as I love channeling topics such as this to help people move through tricky energetic periods, what I love even more is to connect people to their OWN Akashic Records. It’s about plugging people in to the materiality of their own Power, the potency of what they were born to do.

If this sounds intriguing (or scary, or causes a physical reaction in your body like a flush or butterflies or an accelerated heart rate), please reach out to set up a time to talk; there should be an email from me waiting in your inbox right now.. This is a vetting call–so that you can see if you like my energy and I can see if I like yours; getting into someone’s Records with them is an incredibly intimate act after all. On this call we can explore options and I’ll let you know what I think is the best route for you.

I look forward to our chat!