Divine Feminine Friday the 13th Full Moon Ritual-in-a-Box

Ultra-Rare High Feminine Holy Day combining the Astral Force of the Full Moon and the Venusian Friday the 13th happening in September.

We won’t see this combination again for 30 YEARS!!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the our world today is so stunningly off-kilter (deliberately-set wildfires consuming the lungs of our planet, oceans choked with plastic, fascist governments turning refugee families fleeing unthinkable violence away at borders to name just a few) in large part due to the erasure of the Feminine.

Our Patriarchal culture and Church leaders burned up to 9 million (9 million!!) female Wisdom-Keepers starting in the 15th century in Europe and decimated the indigenous cultures of the Americas, Pacific Islands, and Africa who honored the Feminine Ways as well.

The death toll and cultural losses are incalculable.

We cannot undo the past, but we are here to build a new future! You are reading this now, so you can know that you play a part in this movement to restore Mother Nature and the Feminine-Masculine balance in each human and indeed all life forms to their sacred, revered positions.

The Good News is that we are now living through the death throes of the Patriarchy (whew!)

So instead of despairing, the thing to do is to gather together and amplify the Divine Feminine energies when they show up to assist us in finding our way back to our own Truth, our own Wisdom that our society asked us to put away in a box.

It may not sound like much, but gathering–physically or virtually–to call more Divine Feminine (and her consort the Sacred Masculine) onto Planet Earth generates potent ripples of change.

When we work to restore the Feminine to her rightful place, balancing the Sacred Masculine, we are actively causing an acceleration of the crumbling of the the Patriarchal prejudices, thought patterns, and institutions around us. As we claim our own power, we move the planet forward into its new paradigm.

In essence, we are being invited to CREATE the NEW EARTH this Friday.

The invitation comes directly from an unprecedented astral alignment of the Full Moon in Virgo next to Virgo’s ruler Neptune, opposite the Sun in the sign of the Priestess, all in an energizing relationship with Jupiter, planet of expansion.

Together, we can do this!

At my house in Atlanta, GA I will be hosting people for an “Opening the Portals” activation under the Full Moon on this most potent night, but wherever you are in the world, you can join me in honoring the Divine Feminine and her consort the Sacred Masculine to create the new order of Synarchy by setting up an altar and performing ritual under that Full Moon in Pisces, sign of Oneness and Bliss.

If you are in the lower 48 and you order prior to noon ET on Tuesday 10 September 2019, you can receive the Ritual-In-a-Box.

“Contents” of this box are both material and virtual. All the virtual contents are described below in the Creating Synarchy Now package.

The actual box you will receive in the mail on or before Friday 13 September 2019 will include the following:

  • Anointing oils in a dropper bottle blended by me especially for the astral alignment event; these oils hold the energy of Sacred Masculine as well as Divine Feminine and will help you to open your heart, your spirit, and your third eye to welcome in the Synarchy, and shift your personal vibration to a higher frequency of consecration for your ritual; each bottle contains 13 small crystals activating the oils
  • A small mister-bottle of Rose Water also containing crystals (this Rose Water has been sitting for over a year with actual Rose Quartz and Citrine in the bottle, infusing it with Love and Joy and the power to transmute negativity on contact
  • An unhemmed altar cloth, blessed by me and my Akashic Guides, to make any flat surface a consecrated altar space; place your other sacred items on here for ritual charging before, during or after the Full Moon
  • A golden candle to light during your Full Moon ritual
  • 2 sticks of incense to burn, also during the ritual; if you don’t have a holder, stand it straight up in a saucer with a ball of ticky-tacky or balance it in a tall narrow glass (a champagne flute works well) and make sure that you have a plate under it to catch the hot embers–we don’t want any altar fires!
  • Five potent crystals from my personal collection to place on your altar or hold during your ritual: Moonstone (the stone of the Divine Feminine), Rose Quartz (THE stone to be using in the world these days–opens the heart, releases fear, engages compassion), Selenite (named for the Moon Goddess Selene; this is Tangible White Light, clearing and charging everything it touches and never needing clearing or charging itself. I pulled these from “Glitter Mountain” in Utah this summer, so these are even more special than Selenite in general), Blue Kyanite (to create bridges between Masculine and Feminine, “us and them,” human and spirit; this is also a powerful stone for channeling, so don’t be surprised if you get messages coming through; this stone also aligns chakras and seals your aura on contact and never needs clearing) and Shiva Lingam (a powerful stone for grounding and sacred contemplation but also for healing the perceived duality of masculine vs. feminine into an interesting and useful polarity within a single and whole unit; known as the “penis of Shiva” this Sacred stone of India represents both the penis and the Cosmic Egg, source of all creation). You can also use these stones on subsequent Fridays, Full Moons, or whenever you like
  • Tazo Passion tea, made with Red Hibiscus, to fan your Feminine flames no matter your gender—2 teabags
  • A hand-written note from me with a “whispered one-liner” from the Goddess (so I’m told)

If your body is saying “YES!” to this, you can Buy it Now for $175 including shipping. You should receive an email confirmation along with a payment confirmation.

If you miss this deadline or are located outside of the Continental US:

you can join me with the Creating Synarchy Now package which includes the following:

  • A live channeling from the Akashic Records of this unique Friday the 13th with a Pisces Full Moon. Ask any questions you like about creating the New Paradigm Earth, about the Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, or Patriarchy, or anything else generally relative to this topic. No personal Records will be opened, but you WILL  be touching the Divine Matrix/Godhead for over an hour, so be aware that you must drink plenty of water and ground yourself well before driving. This call will occur live on 12 September (exact time and details revealed upon registration) and if you can’t make it, please submit one or two questions to be asked + answered in abstentia. A link to the replay will be provided so that everyone can download it to all their devices and listen as many times as desired; this information will be in effect for at least a year, probably longer
  • Powerful Activations of Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine so that you can operate more seamlessly from this potent place  in all your dealings, to be downloaded and listened to as often as needed
  • A channeled ritual for the Full Moon night of Friday the 13th that you can choose to play and follow or alter as your inner wisdom indicates
  • Suggestions for your altar on this High Feminine Holy Day; you are encouraged to also add the items shipped in the ritual-in-a-box outlined above as possible
  • Inclusion in a Creating Synarchy Now FB group where I will demonstrate anointing yourself with my specially-blended oils or your own, and where you can ask questions; moderated by me (optional)
  • A short 1:1 call with me during the week of the 15th to integrate this powerful astral alignment event (date and time to be determined based on our mutual availability)


Your investment for the Creating Synarchy Now package: just $85 BUY NOW

(N.B.: This Creating Synarchy Now package is included in the Opening Portals and Ritual-in-a-Box, so if you’ve purchased one of those, you’re already all set!)

Thank you again for joining me in rich ceremony for the peaceful evolution of our planet. It means so very much to me! Thanks for sharing this page as well.

May our Winged Hearts Fly Free!