Dragons v the Patriarchy

Dragons vs the Patriarchy
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Monday 30 October, 4 pm ET

I’ve been talking a lot about dragons, lately. Not for nothing, either.

They came to me, as someone with access to a large pool of light-workers who are on a mission to save the world from itself.

Because that’s what they’re here to do, too!

*Let me say at the outset what Patriarchy is from my lensing.*
Patriarchy is a system, outside and above any individual or group. It’s a pyramid scheme, in which we’re told we benefit, but which is just a scam with those at the top profiting and everyone else being suckers. (Sorry.)

I’m not bashing men, because men are just as wounded by Patriarchy as women, just in different ways. Women are wounded through social and political oppression. Men are wounded when they are told they can’t have emotions or deeply connect with their kids, or when they become cannon fodder for other people’s wars.

Under Patriarchy, everyone experiences false separation and division: mind from heart, self from others, human from divine.

It’s time to start questioning the air we breathe and the water we drink, because that’s also where we get the information about the way things are and (ostensibly) how they’re supposed to be.

The Dragons are here to set us straight. The are masters of Alignment.

Why Dragons versus the Patriarchy?

For thousands of years, dragons lived on Earth with men + women. They symbolized power, royalty, and access to an otherworldliness that most humans couldn’t touch.

Dragons were sacred.

They were not only powerful guides and guardians, but they were keepers of ancient magick and wisdom to which on occasion people needed access. A secret weapon.

Sure, they occasionally grazed on sheep or goats, but that was considered a normal consequence of living with dragons, much like the constant possibility of being run into is simply part of being a motorist. It was just part of the trade-off of having such powerful creatures around; something might get burned up or eaten.

In the East, dragons have maintained their sacred and ancient association with rulers and right use of power. However, in the West, with the rise of Christianity, dragons started to be portrayed differently.

You see, dragons had been a part of the magickal landscape and the abundance of the Goddess in agrarian Western Europe: new harvests every years, babies born to humans and animals, the beautiful gift of the cycle of death-and-rebirth, not to mention faeries, unicorns, elves, and more. Collectivities made sure that no one was left out of the abundance, because that would be the beginning of the end of the blessings of the Goddess.

Through the celtic isles, kings and princes tattooed dragons on their wrists, as reminders of the ancient powers that sustained them; as reminders of the magick they could call on in times of need. Even King Arthur and his magick-fearing father Uther bore the name Pendragon, and a dragon flew on their banners and was emblazoned on their shields.

And then things changed. Dragons started to be vilified.

With Christianity and the rigid hierarchies of Patriarchy that in-formed it sweeping the land, dragons quickly went from being sacred to being seen as MONSTERS. Wise women were re-cast as witches, and priestesses became demons.

Anything remotely magickal was a threat to the new Order and had to be exterminated.

Anything that wouldn’t bow to the control of the newly-established order where a few had everything and the many starved and died had to go.

True, the Romans who had dominated much of this land through their vast empire had been highly Patriarchal, but that was different: the Patrician sons of Rome were outsiders, conquerors, the enemy. It wasn’t until the Church of Rome cut down the Sacred Groves to build stone churches that Patriarchy came home to roost.

(There is SO much more to say about this, so I’ll go quickly. In brief, the Church cunningly placed its biggest holidays right over the traditional festivals, so that people didn’t feel too much interruption in their wheel of the year; it co-opted local goddesses, downgrading them to saints, and built churches in the name of “Our Lady,” to lure the locals. But that lady was the chaste and virginal mother of Jesus, with gifts only for those who rejected the Old Religion or could pay to atone for their “sins,” not the succulent and bountiful Mother Goddess of innumerable generations, offering abundance to all, no matter how rich or poor. But it wasn’t only the religion that was changed: the most subtle and egregious thing that happened was that people started to look at themselves as SEPARATE from others, above or below them, and also separate from the Land, their Mother [Goddess].)

This new religion with its Sky God–who was so far out of reach to the common person that one had to pay a priest for intercession–was establishing hierarchies and stratification within the hearts and minds of the people.

No longer was the Mother’s principle of “what is done for one is done for all” at the heart of motivation. Now it was “every man for himself.”

In the place of community and magick, separation and lack settled in. And the dragons decided to leave. Not just because the christian knights made quests out of slaying them, but because there was no more room in the world for their magick. They simply pulled back to a different dimension.

As I was doing research for this call in the Records, I discovered that the story of the princess held captive in the tower by the evil dragon was pure BS.

I was astounded to find out that in fact, the Dragons were protecting these young women from their fathers (and the knights in his service) who generally wanted to marry them off to a stranger or enemy to seal an alliance or broker peace.

Why go to the Dragon? When a young woman couldn’t find any help from those who were nominally supposed to “protect” her but really cared nothing for her desires or wellbeing, where else was she to turn? The tower wasn’t meant to imprison her, but to guarantee her freedom: to make it harder for the knight to capture her and carry her back to the life she had escaped.

What if the “damsel in distress” was seeking protection FROM the Dragon against the knight, rather than the other way around?

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D.

I used to be a scholar, professor of French and Women’s Studies, and even chair of my department until I was called to quit my guaranteed-salary-for-life career at the beginning of 2010.

Since then I’ve been working to empower the Divine Feminine in both men and women, and helping highly conscious entrepreneurs to overcome blocks and align their businesses with their soul purpose through their Akashic Records.

In November of 2016, days before the US Presidential Election, I was called to a new line of work: assisting entrepreneurial Lightworkers and change agents to step into the Legendary Self each one was born to be. This Mythic Self work happens via Akashic Records, energy work, and emotional transmutation.

The world is clamoring for leaders who fray their own paths, led by their hearts, holding the Light aloft so that those following can see where to go. If you are called by the idea of Being Mythic or operating as your Legendary Self, please reach out. I am also happy to channel personal Records for anyone desiring to know how to amplify their greatest gifts and soul purpose.

Incidentally, I was raised by two French Medievalists, so dragons have been a part of my life since before I could walk. Life is funny sometimes…

Own Your Magick,