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Beloved, I am honored to offer you my Earth Magick Essentials guide, which is like an entire crystals program in a small, easy-to-use reference. You’ll even receive metaphysical properties for crystals that you won’t see anywhere else, that have emerged for me over my journey with these magickal stones which began in early 2009.

I developed this guide over the summer of 2015 as a support to my occasional crystal-pulling parties and crystal blessings.

With this special tool, you’ll be able to analyze in depth any crystal readings or blessings I or anyone else does for you. Heck, you could even set up your own bowl–I tell you how inside.

In this document, properties and meanings along with element association and chakra alignment are included for the 28 different varieties of stones in my bowl. You’ll get a detailed outline of how to interpret your own results, plus 8 pages of meanings laid out in easy-to-read tables.

This is an image of the actual bowl I set up back in early 2009 and have been pulling crystal oracles from over since. As you’ll read in the Earth Magick Essentials guide, I originally set it up as a means of returning to a place of energetic and emotional balance when I was being blamed for all sorts of woes I knew nothing about.

Are you asking yourself these questions? I would be:

Q: What’s in this guide, anyway?

Answer: This is a pretty comprehensive document, containing 14 pages of information. It includes:

  • a step-by step, no-fail process to read your stones, including how to determine the heart of the message, elemental considerations, chakra associations, and much more
  • a detailed sample interpretation so that you’ll know you’re on the right track
  • instructions on how to set up your own crystal bowl if you so desire, including what I might choose to do differently if I were to set one up today, vs. in 2009, the proper size of stones, how much to expect to pay, and more
  • properties and meanings, elements, and chakra associations of the nearly 30 different stones in my bowl that might come up for you, all laid out in table form for ease of reference
  • the story of my journey with crystals and why I believe that crystals are the very foundation of all of my spiritual work

Here’s a quick peek at the content:

This is a snapshot of part of one of the 8 pages of information about crystals laid out in easy-to-read tables. Nearly 30 stones are listed in alphabetical order to quick searchability.

Q: Can you tell me more about why this is a good investment?
Answer: Oh, there are many reasons. Read on:
• For one thing, if you’re on this page reading about Earth Magick Essentials, you are being called by these powerful Love Emissaries. Stones and Crystals have remarkable agency for so-called inanimate objects! (The very word “inanimate” means “having no soul or life force.” which I don’t believe at all.) In my experience, crystals operate according to their own will, and I believe that they freely give of their healing gifts
• Even if you feel you know quite a bit about crystals already, the copious information contained here will help you to understand in greater depth the messages sent to you by the Crystal Realm. If you really want to know what the crystals are telling you, a small one-time investment in a guide that you can use for years to come is worth it
• If you’re used to people telling you what crystal messages mean, this guide puts the power of meaning-making into your own hands. I’m teaching you to fish, rather than merely handing you one. And, as you get more comfortable interpreting the messages from the Crystal Realm, you’re also giving your intuition a nice workout!
• Use it over and over, every time crystals come into your awareness. It’s available for download when you step through the purchase gateway below. I only ask that you not sell it (all rights reserved) or share it with others; if you love it that much, please simply share the link to this page
• Finally, this guide was created specifically for my Crystal Oracle bowl! Every bit of information in it pertains to the Crystal Pulls/Oracles/Blessings I offer

Q: Fair enough. How much is it then?

Answer: This practical resource is now just $17. That’s a great rate for all the benefit you’ll get both in terms of learning and in terms of inspiration. You’ll use it for years to come, I promise.

Q: Do I have to wait for you to send it to me?

Answer: Absolutely not; it’s delivered digitally as soon as you make your purchase.

Q: So, where do I get my hands on this guide?

Answer: Right here:

Get your Earth Magick Essentials Guide right here to tap into Messages from the Crystal Kingdom. A pdf will be delivered immediately upon payment, so you could be brushing up on your crystal lore 90 seconds from now!

Buy Now: $17

And if you’re NEW to my world of crystals and not yet sure you want to invest, you can sign up for a free mini-guide here. It will help you to interpret your pull, but in a surface-level way only. You can always come back here later if the full-on guide is calling your name.



Your Guide for this Journey:

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, PhD.

I spent most of my life training to be (and then being) a professor of French + Women’s Studies. I was good at what I did: I had lived in France a lot as a child so speak fluently, I was chair of my department at 35, a top elected position in my international professional organization, lots of awards, blah blah blah.

Then, I connected to my Akashic Records (the most massive personal-growth accelerator I know alongside life-threatening illness or injury, and a whole lot less traumatizing). Within months, things were shifting behind the scenes to get me out of a tenured position. I had been raised “in the harem” according to the chair of my graduate department when she first introduced me (both my parents had also been French professors) so it was going to take a lot for me to leave the only life I had ever known, especially one that I couldn’t be fired from.

Well, it did take a lot, and when things started getting energetically gross, that’s when crystals arrived as my teachers! Within a year I had quit that guaranteed salary for life job and become certified as a crystal healer and trained in Akashic Records channeling.


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  2. Hi Elizabeth, you wouldn’t remember me but I chatted with you on Skype for about 20 minutes about a year and a half ago I’d say. I remember you being very helpful and warm. So I decide to join you in your celebration on the Blue Moon. You’re email was undeniably well written and it pulled me in. (like a wave being drawn in by a big moon:)

    1. Post

      Hi, Mo! Of COURSE I remember you! Artist-musician who’s lived in all sorts of places around the world (Oz and Ireland? Scotland?) who’s now (?–then, anyway) in Austin, TX. I seem to recall we were talking about a potential home studio in your back yard, but that part’s a bit sketchy… What I do recall was enjoying your fire and spirit! It made my afternoon. {grin} I’m so glad you’ll be joining the Crystal Pulling Party on Friday–fun! And thanks for the comment about drawing you in like the Moon draws a wave–that’s a lovely image that ‘ll carry with me with a big smile for many a year, I’m sure. Do keep in touch, Love!

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  4. Hi Elizabeth! I’m looking for the link to leave my ‘Crystal Pulling’ request, is this it? I feel like I’m going around the mulberry bush!! Are you allowed just one pull, I have 2 issues right now?! [Personal information edited out] Anyway, that’s the situation, I hope this IS the right link !! Thank you!! P.S. If it’s not the right link, please let me know how to find the right one for the next opportunity

    1. Post

      Linda, it’s always my pleasure to pull for people. For your privacy, I edited out much of the personal information from your request. (Hope you don’t mind.) As a general rule, I keep these pulling parties to one question only, though you can come back at the end if you’ve successfully invited 3 more people

      I hope that these situations have somewhat resolved themselves since when I pulled for you about them. Good news: there’s another party today and tomorrow!

      xo Elizabeth

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      Awesome, Silver! I’d love to hear (perhaps in a more private forum if you prefer) about what’s being born from that inner focus. It’s the perfect time to do it of course, while so many planets are retrograding. xoxo –Elizabeth

  5. I do plan on buying your book. The Canadian dollar is be pummelled by the USD at the moment, so I’m waiting until it improves a wee bit. I am excited to get my hands on it in the future though as there isn’t a whole lot of books out there.

    1. Post

      Sandra, I appreciate your support and look forward to when you feel it’s right for you to buy. I know you’ll LOVE the expanded content and different (and DEEPER) ways to interpret your crystal pulls. Enjoy! xo

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