Eclipse Season Integration Transmission

Receive a Personal Message from your Akashic Records
about Navigating Current Shifts

Eclipses bring what was under the surface or hidden from view to light. If you would like some illumination about what areas of your life received the most impact–and how best to process the shifts which are currently underway from this summer’s powerful set of portals (they will reverberate through your life for the next 6 months at least)–I invite you to order an Eclipse Season Integration Transmission.

I think we can all agree that this eclipse season has been intense.

Intensity is fun when it is at a place and time of our choosing (think: roller coasters or extreme sports) but it can be less fun when it hits us out of nowhere in a place we weren’t ready for change. Sometimes that throws us off balance for a little while.

To help you to regain your balance and quickly bring more understanding and compassion to any situation, I’m offering a super-easy Integration Transmission. Let this message from your Akashic Records Keepers help you to discover and process the shifts that this eclipse season has brought.

***As I begin to receive transmissions for people, there is SO much Light and positivity! In my human-ness, I’ve been feeling (and maybe you have as well) that this is a hard time to be alive. The truth that is coming through is that this limited-duration “hard time” is just shifting frequencies that are bringing people up to a much higher vibration and to a place where they can see and accept their gifts better!

For $25, choose one area where you would like information from your Records regarding these shifts: Relationships, Money, Business, or Self.

*If you want transmissions for multiple areas, come back here to purchase more. The multiples have been super-juicy so far!!

I will treat requests in the order in which they come, so please give me a few business days to complete your reading, write it out, and send to you. Expect a 2-3 paragraph written transmission emailed to you within about 5 business days of your request.



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  • Your Akashic Records are your Soul Archive. Everything related to you–events, thoughts, decisions, actions, relationships, emotions, etc.–from this lifetime and past lifetimes are located here and can be consulted. There are even drafts for the future
  • I can only enter someone’s Records with that person’s explicit permission, and I can only see those things that my clients give me permission to see
  • Your order constitutes your permission/agreement to have me open your Akashic Records to look ONLY for the answer to “What are the most important shifts from this Eclipse Season in the area of [your choice of relationships, business, money, or self] that I am currently processing, and what are the best ways for me to integrate and navigate them?”
  • This special offer relates only to the shifts and energetic upgrades that have occurred for you during eclipse season; specify an area of interest (relationships, business, money, or self) and let the Keepers do the rest
  • If you are looking for answers to specific questions, please reach out so that we can discuss your options
  • In order to access your Records, I will need your first AND last names. Pick the names that you use daily, not formal ones that only your parents used when you were a kid in trouble. Unless you are someone like Madonna or Cher, whom the world knows only under a single name, I’ll need both
  • If you want to offer one as a gift, we will need to arrange permission separately
  • I’ll be doing these mini-transmissions in the order in which they are received; please allow me a few days to complete all requests
  • Your emailed reply will contain a short (2-3 paragraph) answer to the above listed question, as well as 1 or 2 actions to take

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. + Oracle.
Eight years ago I was powerfully called to leave my successful academic career (tenured, award-winning professor of French Literature and Women’s Studies, well-known scholar in my field, chair of my department at age 35 and holding a top position in my international professional organization) in order to help usher in the New Paradigm.

Was leaving a guaranteed salary for life in the middle of the Great Recession scary? Nope. I knew that I had to leave, and that I would be fully supported.

Since packing my academic regalia away, I have put on the robes of Oracle, Mythic Midwife, and Slayer of Limiting Beliefs.

I help Love-Team Champions to undo all the ways in which they have clipped their own MASSIVE wings, and to tear down all the stifling boxes they’ve built around their greatness just to get along and be loved by the muggles.

It’s time to stand up and be counted. To make THE difference in the world.

And I’m here to help birth the authentic, LEGENDARY you–the one that stands 12 storeys high and shines brighter than 1000 suns–into the world.

It’s what I was born to do. Were you born to BE that? If so, let’s talk. In the meantime, we can get into your Records for a quickie message, which will no doubt be full of juicy revelations for you.

Let’s do all that we can to make the world a better, more just, tolerant, and love-filled place.

Own your magick!