Eclipsing the Patriarchy Within

Transformative Portal Opens
July 12th/13th

As we move into the Paradigm Shift, the July 12/13 Partial Solar Eclipse and Friday the 13th offer a potent opportunity to unhook ourselves from internalized patriarchal patterns, beliefs, and voices.

I have actually been watching this coming for months, though I wasn’t consciously aware of how many I-beams of support would be coming in for this astro-energy event! The Akashic Records Keepers even called it a fore-illumination (not a fore-shadowing) of a massive paradigm shifting event when Saturn and Pluto meet at 22 degrees of Capricorn in January of 2020.

(Why? This Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer is directly opposite transformational Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn.)

Use the energy from this potent line-up to start bringing the hidden patriarchal patterns that have been holding you back up into the Light so that you can see them and start untangling their energy from yours.

Here’s a short channeling I did on the topic if you’d like more of an introduction. And it includes a short energy-refreshing exercise to help us all get through the challenges of eclipse season. Listen below, and download it if you like!

What Can I Expect on the Call?

This is a Divine Feminine Transformation Portal, so we are keeping this pretty fluid (flow is a feminine energy, of course).

That said, you can expect:

  • Compelling Q + A session with live callers
  • A Right-Brain Activation by Nedjma (stunningly beautiful)
  • A channeling from the Akashic Records of the topic of eclipsing your internalized patriarchal programming; you won’t want to miss the Final Message of the Keepers about the electro-magnetic fields of the heart and what’s possible in a post-patriarchal world!
  • An intention-setting exercise, as this eclipse will echo powerfully through not only the next 6 months/year, but until January of 2020 and beyond
  • Suggestions of crystals to work with during this Eclipse Season
  • A new way of looking at the Masculine + Feminine based on Tarot suits (we didn’t get to this because we were in that flow state, but will share in follow-up emails)
  • And much more!

Who is this call for?


In other words, both men and women are encouraged to attend this call.

This Eclipse/Friday the 13th Portal can best be considered a fore-taste of energy to come, both in terms of things shifting as well as regards the rise of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine TOGETHER as the old Patriarchal Order falls.

Yes, we are ushering in the New Paradigm this week, at least in a bite-sized quantity. (Elizabeth is excited to experience the future, even if for only a few days.)

Don’t worry that you’ve missed the live call ON Friday the 13th. It was recorded, and you’ll be sent straight to the page where you can listen and download as soon as you complete your registration. The energy is most potent before Saturday evening on the 14th, but truly, people can benefit by listening whenever they happen to discover this page.

The truth is that energy isn’t bound by space or time, so you may notice that even if you knew nothing about this on the actual Friday the 13th of July, 2018, you will have experienced the energetic imprint of it then anyway. (Cool, right? We love the paradox of space + time appearing to be both so “real” and separate, while in fact all moments and all spaces are present to each other!)

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the power of the Friday the 13th portal, as well as this whopper of a combo, with Pluto standing opposite to this eclipse and Mars itself (representing the Masculine) being eclipsed later this month. Register for this FREE call, then check out these links for some background on Friday the 13th + Power as well as this Eclipse portal.


Here’s just a little of what I said about Friday the 13th, but which I don’t want you to miss out on in case you don’t click the link:

“To me, this is the promise of Friday the 13th. It’s a day of Love. Beauty. Connection. Fulfillment. Abundance. Enhanced Intuition. Flowers blossoming. Birds singing. Sunshine. Joy. Magick. I hope you’ll join me in honoring it as it is meant to be celebrated.”

At that Friday the 13th (back in April), I was organizing a ritual with a different UK colleague. It was for women only. What is clear to me NOW is that Friday the 13th not only needs to be celebrated as a day of Magick + Manifestation, but also as a holiday fully available to everyone, no matter their gender or identification.

This is a free call and we want everyone to feel welcome to participate no matter their financial status. However, if you find at the end of the event (or at any time in the future) that you yourself were transformed by it, you can decide to support this work by sending us some cash via PayPal.

In this way we are all participating in a gift economy. You can decide what it was worth to you afterwards. (In the spirit of the 13 holiday, we recommend $13 or numbers that add up to 13, like 49 or 58/85 (particularly potent because 5 and 8 are the numbers of Venus as well as part of the Fibonacci Sequence: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 …)

Register below at no cost!

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Your Guides:

Nedjma is a dream-shaman and visionary who helps awakening entrepreneurs upgrade onto the new Earth prosperity grid. Her unique approach to vibrational marketing blends together higher-realm STELLAR activation codes and age-old tantric inner alchemy.

Elizabeth is a potent “Voice of the Beyond” and container for alchemical transformation. She connects entrepreneurs and others who are called to change the world to their Legendary Selves (the divine facet holding the thread of purpose) so that they can fully own their sacred gifts and feel secure stepping out onto the global stage. In addition, she offers easy yet profound business (re-)alignment.

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