Election Results Confirmation

You’re all set!!

The live call is available for listening below. I have to say that I was surprised by the level of turmoil I was feeling in the Records, and it shows in the first 20 minutes or so of the recording.

I felt like I was being dragged in all directions, and couldn’t settle into comfortable energy until later on. It was less tilt-a-whirl and more popcorn-popper for me. I’d love to hear how you experienced it.

That said, once the Keepers and I had settled in (I stopped judging and resisting it, and simply surrendered) and especially as they were talking about next steps, there was a lot of brilliance that came through. Sharing stories, taking action starting TODAY, deliberately seeking out people unlike yourself to open up your heart–these were among many fascinating suggestions. They also gave a long list of practices to ground yourself to yourself (I learned something new and profound/ly simple here).

Other ah-ha’s for me included the notion of holding any judgment of yourself or others in your heart meant that you were “adding cement to the wall of hatred” (wow!) and the ways in which “splintering” can happen and why that’s not a great idea, plus becoming translucent.

There were quite a few possible future scenarios offered, a glimmer of hope around women entering government in greater numbers, and a bright hope around working closely with children and young people (mostly born since 2000).

With no further ado, here is the player:

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Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing how these answers, landed for you!

Own Your Magick,

P.S.: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water while and after listening to this recording! And you have the option of using the high-frequency energies that occupy you after listening to do creative work OR if you need to drive someplace, please get grounded! (More grounded than you think you need to be…)