Equinox 2222

You’re all set for the Equinox Ritual and Crystal Pull

The exact balance point for the Equinox this month is 9:05 pm Eastern in the US on September 22, 2022.

All those 2’s!! Themselves embodying the balance.

This call began at 8 and moved beyond the ritual into crystal pulling at pretty much the exact Equinox. Five stones came for the collective (see below), and a handful of people requested personal pulls, from which all can benefit. SCROLL DOWN to listen and download at the player.

Thank you for your participation. The more we all lean into the infinite Love field of crystals (and WE ARE crystals), the more quickly we can shift the out-picturing of the world away from war, scarcity, division, and manipulation, and toward an ancient future of peace, abundance, empathy, and unity.

May we all find our perfect balance this season.

Do you know some people who might love this? Please send them to the registration page so that they can receive the replay as well. Here is the copy-and-share link:


Here is the replay; listen right on this page by clicking the white arrow on the left:

Feel free to download and listen as often as it serves you (I think I’ll return to the decision-clarifying scales again and again), and if you loved this call and want to share it with friends, please send them to the link just above.

I would love to hear back from you about the things you left behind to cross the threshold into the new season, and about any decisions you made with the help of the scales.

From left to right:

Snowflake Obsidian, Eagle’s Eye (didn’t realize when photographing that the blue parts were all face down), Labradorite, Amazonite, and Dragon’s Eye.

As promised, here is the link to Crystal Communion, my just-started journey to being a shape-shifter and hastener of a new era of Love, connection, and unity on Planet Earth.

Please reply to any of my emails if you have questions about this offering or would like to speak on any topic. I love to bring delight to gatherings by offering crystal pulls (virtually, except if you’re in the Atlanta area) to individuals in the group, and of course to channel Akashic Records.