Equinox Legendary Self Retreat

Re-Create Your Self at the Autumnal Equinox with Elizabeth

You are invited to join Elizabeth Locey for a special Fall Equinox Retreat in the North Georgia Mountains.
Thursday September 21 through Sunday September 24

Join forces with Nature

EMANCIPATE Your Divine Child

Unearth + Amplify the Hidden You

Know Yourself as a Thread in the Cosmic Tapestry

Be Inspired by Nature’s Endless Wonder (this is the view from the deck of our retreat cabin–yummy, huh?)

Catalyze Your Transformation

Why Come to this Equinox Retreat?

  • Connector.

    Rediscover who you Really ARE

    This is the ultimate point of the Equinox retreat. Through the facilitated play, journaling, dressing up in costumes, and visualization, as well as small-group and individual sessions with Elizabeth, a full picture of who you were BORN to be emerges

  • Connector.

    Step through a Portal

    Elizabeth is an interdimensional portal: when people get close, they evolve at light-speed. The Mountain is a portal: sacred land to the Cherokee. Equinox is a portal of transition in the Wheel of the Year. Transformation is inevitable

  • Connector.

    Move Forward on your Legendary Path

    In small group and individual sessions as well as in play and creative projects, your next steps will be revealed

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    Embody your Divine Child

    It was as children that we chose to hide our Legendary natures, in order to be loved and included. At the retreat, we use play (cosplay, puppets, coloring, fingerpaints, bubble wands and more) to coax the Legendary You back out into the open

  • Connector.

    Tell your Legendary Story

    On the final full day of the retreat, everyone is invited to present her Legendary Story: who she is on the Mythic Plane, and what magick she’ll be creating next in the world

  • Connector.

    Integrate all the shifts of Summer

    Equinoxes are times of transition. This is the perfect moment to step out of your daily routine to meditate, rest, and process all of the ways in which you’ve upleveled recently

  • Connector.

    Commune with Nature

    Our retreat will take place on majestic, crystalline mountains. Communicate with the nature spirits and use the beauty and power of the natural setting enhance the transformation

  • Connector.

    Deepen into Connection with other Legendary Leaders

    Even though you’ll have plenty of alone time to. create and integrate, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with others who are on a mission to make the world a better place

Feel the power of sacred land

Tell your Mythic Story

Bring color and focus to your life

Pull crystals from my magick bag

Here’s what’s included:

  • Food and snacks for Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning (make us aware of food sensitivities please!)
  • Three nights of shared accommodation in a North Georgia cabin with Elizabeth and the other Legendary Explorers joining you, including bedding, etc.
  • a 1:1 meeting with Elizabeth on Saturday
  • 2 group sessions in which your genius sits in a circle with everyone’s genius and pure brilliance is created (one spotlight session per day)
  • 2 group calls: one pre- and one post-retreat
  • a carful of toys, costumes (masks, wigs, wings, and more), and art supplies to inspire your most creative play: puppets, silly putty, frisbees, sidewalk chalk, bubble wands, paddle toys, glitter, clay, coloring books, and more
  • Daily rituals, including special Equinox Ritual for giving thanks for what you’ve harvested + setting intentions for the rest of the year
  • Crystal pulls daily
  • Lots of free time for integration, journaling, exploring the woods, and deepening with your companions
  • Transformation that feels subtle but is in fact massive
  • Breathtaking views
  • Special surprises


Here’s what’s not included:

  • Airfare and transportation to the retreat site (we recommend sharing rides with others in the group)
  • Akashic Records work with Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Locey, PhD. I’m on a mission to help Lightworkers step into their own power and publicly own their great gifts. When you stop editing yourself and apologizing for your gifts (do you charge too little or hang back rather than taking the spotlight you so richly deserve?) the world is a better, more balanced and evolved place. If this is you, come play with me in the mountains.

My WHY for this retreat? Simple:


It’s been one helluva summer. Things are moving so quickly that it’s hard to keep track. It seems like everything is on fire!

Now, I’m doing as much as I can behind the scenes to shift the way consciousness is done on this planet by helping those who came here this time to stand up for Justice, Peace, Prosperity, and Right Use of Power, but sometimes you just need to



Hit the Pause Button.


For 3 days, set aside the needs of the world so that your own needs can be met and exceeded.

In order to keep doing our so-needed work in the world, we need to occasionally take a few breaths. Re-source with Nature. Listen to the wisdom of the trees and the sacred land, the whisperings of the wind.

At the High Holy Day of Equinox, call yourself back into balance. Laugh. Play. Free yourself from the judging eyes of the outside world, and simply live in flow.

This is also a chance–while the rest of the world is still on pause for you–to use the combined genius of Elizabeth and the group to re-shape the contours of your life or business.

Go to the retreat one way, and emerge changed. Evolved. Expanded. The new, more grounded, more magickal you. With new allies, new friends, new perspectives. A fresh sense of what’s possible AND how to do it.

We all need soul nourishment. Right now especially.

If you are experiencing Outrage Fatigue, I hope that–whether or not you decide to join me for this mythic reset-button–you take time away from the onslaught that the events of the world keep bringing to our doors (or inboxes) so that you are replenished enough to keep giving of your special essence to the world.

Want to know more? Is your heart saying “yes, please, yes, please!” right now? Then reach out to Nadia here for details on how to join us.

Wishing you the very best of transitions during this intense time. –Elizabeth